What are the best websites to watch Fantasy Island movie online?

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It's official! Our favorite 70's fantasy horror TV show by Gene Levitt is finally on its way to the big screen! Just a word of caution, it's not gonna be the same as the one we used to see before. This time, it's gonna make your heart stop for a few milliseconds. In this film adaptation, Mr. Roarke takes his guests to a beautiful island to show you them dreams really do come true. Now, you might think this is just another feel-good flick that includes some sort of magic that grants wishes. We hate to break it to you, but that's where you're wrong. On this island, there has to be a twist, and his guests are gonna have to solve it to survive. You know what they always say, things can't be too good to be true. And that's exactly what this film is about. So, do you think they can do it? Well, you're gonna have to find it out yourself! Check out some of the websites where you can watch Fantasy Island movie online below.

  1. Free Trial

    1Amazon Prime Video


    Horror movies come in many different forms and Fantasy Island revels in its hilarious absurdity rather than trying to give you a good scare. You can watch the movie now as part of your Prime membership on Amazon Prime Video.

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  1. 2Vudu


    Fantasy Island is a reboot of the 70s TV show and offers a violent if somewhat cheesy take on it. Grab a copy of your own now on Vudu, with up to 4K video resolutions to choose from.

  2. 3FandangoNOW


    It takes a while to get there but the movie remained fateful and true to its source material in the end. If you're looking for a website to watch it, give FandangoNOW a try.

  1. 4iTunes


    If you're a fan of Michael Pena, we actually thought he did a pretty good job of bringing the iconic Mr. Roarke character back to life on the big screen. Apple users, you guys can watch the movie now on iTunes.

  2. 5Microsoft Store


    The movie reboot of the classic Fantasy Island TV show is actually quite violent that it had a separate "unrated edition" released for it. This version is actually available now and if you're on Windows, you can get a copy of it on the Microsoft Store.

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Did you know that Gene Levitt's Fantasy Island started out as a joke? Okay, this might sound too outrageous to you, but we promise, we're not kidding (no pun intended). In fact, one of the producers, Aaron Spelling admitted this. For those who were too young to remember or those who want their memories refreshed, Fantasy Island is a fantasy horror show that aired every Saturday at 10 PM, right after Love Boat. It starred Ricardo Montalbán and Hervé Villechaize. Alright, you're probably wondering how the show came to fruition and eventually became a hit TV show in one of the best TV channels of all time. Well, here's what exactly went down at the network:

Spelling and his co-producer, Leonard Goldberg, were in a pitch meeting with the ABC executive Brandon Stoddard. Unfortunately, all of their ideas fell flat, much to Spelling's exasperation. This led to him blurting out a frustrated joke: "What do you want? An island that people can go to and all of their sexual fantasies will be realized?" Surprisingly, Stoddard loved it. Thus began the creation of one of the most popular series to grace our television screens in the 70s. Incredible, right? This just goes to show that sometimes we really do have to fail to succeed. Imagine if Spelling and Goldberg hadn't failed the first time he pitched a show. It probably wouldn't delight the palate of the audience then. And we probably wouldn't have a fantasy horror film to look forward to now. So, are you excited to watch Fantasy Island?

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