What are the best websites to watch Gandii Baat web series online?

Indian entertainment proves its worth as one of the best in the world from time to time. Aside from top-grossing Bollywood flicks, there are some not-so-spoken of Hindi creations that have captured the eye of audiences everywhere. One of the relatively new releases that have reached icon-status within a year's time is the 2018 Indian web series 'Gandii Baat'. Literally translating to 'dirty talk' in English, the Sachin Mohite directed in-demand series is now on its 4th season after a very successful string of releases. Watching Gandii Baat online free is becoming a huge item for search queries among Hindi speakers as the intrigue of the show's theme continues to incite curiosity out of people. For starters. this is not your typical love story or cheesy binge-watchable series. Every episode of Gandii Baat presents a separate story centered around the theme of eroticism and sensuality from the deepest parts of rural India. With its unusual blend of taboo, crazy, yet progressive stories, one will find another level of entertainment with this series. There is no question that something like this would spark the interest of TV viewers looking for something new to spice up their viewing experience.

Though it may not be for everyone, a lot of audiences watch Gandi Baat online free in a variety of ways, aside from the standard Zee5 platform. If you are out here to find the best resources for Gandii Baat episode 1 watch online, then we have some reliable sources for you. In this list, we have the best websites to watch Gandii Baat web series online

  1. 1JioCinema


    JioCinema is an online video streaming platform for watching movies and tv shows in HQ. Users will get access to Hindi and English content. They can also download and watch offline the latest films, episodes and video clips.

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  1. 2Airtel TV


    Airtel TV is a free application for devices with an Android operating system. Users can watch live TV in more than 10 languages and enjoy more than 6000 movies and TV shows. Airtel TV offers Bollywood, regional & international content.

  2. 3ALTBalaji


    Are you fond of streaming web series and movies? If so, then this video-on-demand app, ALTBalaji, will suit your taste well. Working just like Netflix, it allows users to simultaneously binge-watch their favorite Indian movies and TV shows on up to 5 different devices when they avail of the premium subscription. Offline watching is also made possible through its unlimited download feature.

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India is known to be a vast country with a progressive way of thinking that constantly evolves with the passage of time. Indians have always prided themselves for having wide social, cultural and sexual variations. Despite this, there are still a lot of taboos that remain prevalent in its society. But for anyone who has lived in the country for so long, the fear of breaking these social prohibitions is always part of everyday life. This is especially true when it comes to the subject of sexuality. While it is true that the country's concept of sexuality has evolved throughout time and has been massively influenced by different religions and rulers, there are still remnants of time-guarded beliefs that Indians still consider as taboos. And that's why Sachin Mohite created Gandii Baat web series that features erotic-themed stories from the rural areas of India. There may have been several Indian TV shows and movies that focused on such a topic, but this one seems to be a series that's downright bold and brazen.

If you're one of those who have tried to stream Gandii Baat online, then you know that the show has already sparked off a lot of debates left and right about Indian culture. On the other hand, if Gandii Baat isn't your cup of tea, then you might as well watch Bigg Boss, wherein the contestants live together in a house isolated from the outside world. This Indian reality television game show has also shared a fair share of controversies and debates despite being one of the most favorite reality shows ever made in Indian television history. In fact, it is probably the only reality show in India which is packed of thrill, controversies, and emotions. If those two shows aren't your taste then you can check out this list of Indian dramas online instead. 

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  • #1
    July 4, 2019
    "One time I was watching gandi baat web series online via jiocinema. ANd it has this hardcore scene that I don't want to explain anymore. It is so intense especially the source offers HD quality, then suddenly my son was already behind me. So lesson lerned. Do not watch this movie while your child is still awake. Make sure that they are already asleep so you can fully enjoy this."
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  • #2
    July 4, 2019
    "Airtel TV is totally one of the best websites to watch Gandii Baat online. And not only that, Airtel TV also offers content from Hotstar. So it's like this website is a mix of ALTBalaji and Hotstar. A really great deal of a website!"
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    Airtel TV
  • #3
    July 4, 2019
    "Where else can you find a great website to watch the gandi baat web series other than its home website? I suggest that you guys should also subscribe to altbalaji because you can also find other great shows in here. 👍"
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1JioCinemaStreaming Services -11 Free
2Airtel TVApps -11 Free
3ALTBalajiStreaming Services -12 Free

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