What are the best websites to watch Kakegurui online?

紘充 塚本

What do you get when you combine the thrill of high-stakes gambling and high school melodrama? You get the anime Kakeguri and if you haven't seen it yet, now is the perfect time to do so. The series features the common trope of the high-school environment. The characters take a different direction than usual. Instead of fighting or creating some form of a harem, the show focuses on gambling. Not just gambling, but the drama and competition that comes with it. Set in Hyakkaou Private Academy, it's home to the most wealthy students in Japan. In this school, students aren't graded on academics. They're ranked based on an intricate gambling system. This gambling academia has explored the dark territory of anime. At the same time, it plays addictive mind games with its viewers. Looking for sites on where to watch Kakegurui like out friend, 紘充 塚本? That won't be a problem. You can check out the best websites to watch the series right here! The best Kakegurui English sub websites are also included.

  1. Free Trial



    Kakegurui won't be an anime for everyone. For those that will get its premise and theme though, you'll have plenty to like about this show. We know we did. Start your Netflix up and start watching this unique anime now.

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  1. 2GoGoAnime


    Love poker? How about anime? Why not combine the two and give Kakegurui a try? We haven't seen an anime about gambling that was this thrilling and fast-paced. It's good. You can check an episode or two of the show over as GoGoAnime and the best part, it's completely free!

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Kakegurui protagonist Yumeko Jabami's surname has many meanings when translated. For one, Jabami's first kanji can mean snake or serpent or even a hard drinker. The second kanji, on the other hand, means either eat, drink, or to receive a blow. When merged together, the most likely translation of her surname is snake eater. This makes perfect sense as you continue to watch the episodes of Kakegurui and know it for yourself.

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    September 21, 2018
    "So glad to have most of the animes I want here in Netflix! Kakegurui is my newest hit! That gambling anime really had my eyes on the screen it's so lit!"
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    September 21, 2018
    "Since I can't afford Netflix I have to watch Compulsive Gambler here. I like the sub better than the dub. In sub, the feeling s are raw and intense."
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This list is about What are the best websites to watch Kakegurui online
1NetflixStreaming Services -82 Paid
2GoGoAnimeWebsites -141 Free

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