What are the best websites to watch KonoSuba Movie: Legend of Crimson online?

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Upon its debit, otakus all over have raved about 'Konosuba: God's Blessing on this Wonderful World!'. Now that the franchises' second season has ended, what a better time to have a feature film to stir up the emotions of its fans. With the release of the Konosuba Movie: Legend of Crimson, anime fans can once again follow Kazuma inside his new adventure while showcasing comedic moments which will surely make fans crave for more. And though the franchise has been on a short hiatus before coming out with new material, its following seems to not have withered away. While the Crimson movie may be criticized because of using jokes that might seem a bit too far and having humor that is sort of harmful, this might be good for fans. Given that cinema offers fewer restrictions than TV, we can expect this film to be a full-blown funfair with tons of ridiculousness that true fans of the franchise can truly enjoy.

As KonoSuba Movie: Legend of Crimson finally hits Japan theaters throughout October and November 2019, we're sure otakus out there are freaking out to make plans to catch it as soon as possible! Who wouldn't be? Die-hards have probably waited long enough for their favorite Japanese animated TV series to get a shot at the big screens and eventually enjoy some Konosuba movie streaming. Okay, to people outside the country, you have no reason to fret. You could still see in the comfort of your own homes! Here are the best websites to watch KonoSuba Movie online! When you're done, you might also wanna check out this list of the best fantasy anime right now! Who knows? One of them may just get its own movie like KonoSuba!

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    If you miss watching KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World!, then look no further as one of the world's premier anime streaming site Crunchyroll has got its movie adaptation for you! Subscribe now or get your free trial to watch KonoSuba movie Legend of Crimson online. Better yet, check out their other anime shows as well!

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Did you know that Konosuba: Legend of Crimson has caught the ire of a Gamespot reviewer? Amidst all the commendations and praises pouring in for this new animated film, there lie accusations of harmful transphobia against it from the popular gaming website. Yup, you guessed it right. This specifically has something to do with Sylvia. As many of you might already know, Sylvia was a chimera and a Demon King general who took the mantle of Monster Enhancement Division's director. They served as the main villain in this film. (FYI, we're going to refer to the character through the plural personal pronouns because they are neither male nor female.) According to Gamespot Associate News Editor Jordan Ramée, the humor and dialogues surrounding Sylvia tend to put the transgender community in a bad light.

Okay, as much as we hate to be the bearer of spoilers for those who are yet to watch KonoSuba Movie: Legend of Crimson, we'd have to give provide you with some context. Read at your own risk. In the film, Kazuma Sato instantly gets attracted to Sylvia for their sexy body and seductive behavior, so much so that he voluntarily agrees to become the trojan horse of his friends. When Sylvia abducts him, he learns that they possess both male and female features, such as the male genitalia and a busty chest. It was at this moment that Kazuma comically panicked and begged his friends to defeat Sylvia as soon as possible. It was at this scene that Ramée got riled up about the message of the film. What do you think? Well, if you're quite unsure about your opinion, we have resources to learn more about the community here.

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