Where to watch Messiah online?

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Have you heard of the 2020 Messiah Netflix series? It has made rounds for its trailer which premiered on YouTube on December 3, 2019. But what exactly is Messiah and what is it all about? It is an upcoming American drama and thriller web TV series. Created by Michael Petroni, the show will have ten episodes for its premiere season. The Messiah Netflix graced the new year when it arrived on Netflix on January 1, 2020. The show follows a C.I.A. officer on a mission to investigate a man doing acts of public disturbance. These acts are cause him to receive international attention as well as a cult of followers. The C.I.A. officer must go on a high-risk mission to solve one question. Is the alleged man truly an ethereal entity? Or is he only a deceitful man who uses such acts to con people?

The Messiah Netflix trailer has ignited some controversies shortly after its release online. The issue was hottest on social media platform Twitter, where its users share their opinion towards the released trailer. Most of them have shared their predictions of the plot of the upcoming series. The controversy went to a point where both Messiah and Netflix's official accounts blocked one Twitter user. The reason for blocking? The user allegedly spoiled the ending plot twist where the main character is an anti-Christ deceiving the public. This is despite the official trailer's intent to portray and imply that the main character is Jesus Christ. Do you want to know how the story has gone? The long wait is finally over! You can now watch the Messiah Netflix series

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    Messiah is a 2020 thriller/drama series created by Michael Petroni for Netflix. it follows the story of a charismatic figure who is believed to be a prophet by his followers. It stars Belgian actor Mehdi Dehbi and American actress Michelle Monaghan.

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Did you know that the Messiah Netflix trailer received criticisms upon its release? Prior to the release of this 10-part television series,  people already thought that the show was a flop. With all the Islamic references in the trailer, many, especially the Muslim community, have already guessed what the plot twist would be. Twitter user @Sultaan_Mo1 wrote, "I'm getting Dajjal vibes" while quote-tweeting the Messiah trailer. Additionally, the user told in another tweet "I bet he'll 'accidentally' lose an eye." For those who didn't get the reference, Dajjal is a figure in Islamic theology who is known to be blind in one eye. The tweet gained thousands of likes and retweets and seemed to have reached another level. In another tweet, @Sultaan_Mo1 uploaded screenshots showing that Netflix and Messiah's account blocked the user. Netflix denied the claim saying "There's no truth to this story we have not blocked fans."

But who in the world is Dajjal? If you have no time to read the books about Muslim history or install Quran reader apps for Android, then let us help you all. In Arabic, Dajjal translates as "deceiver." But in Islamic eschatology, the word, or name, means more. It is the name of an evil false prophet, Al-Masih Ad-Dajjal. It is said that he will come to the world and pull all people into following Shaytan, or Satan. It is also believed that Al-Masih Ad-Dajjal will be defeated by Imam Mahdi, also known as Christ. According to the Islamic holy book Hadith, Dajjal has curly hair, has one eye, and has the word "kafir" written on his forehead. It is an Arabic word that directly translates as "unbeliever". With all the issues surrounding the Netflix Messiah TV series, will it still be a hit? Find out here as Netflix has got us all covered for the weekend of binge-watching the shows 10 episodes! Watch Messiah online today!

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