What are the best websites to watch Panipat full movie online?

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Bollywood fans should all celebrate as Indian cinema is alive and kicking even at year's end! There is no better way to end 2019 than with a visually-stunning, high-budget action war film entitled 'Panipat'. With this film putting on-screen credentials to a real battle that plays a big part in Indian history, there is a lot of things to be anticipated for. Will it lean on accurate historical truths or will it simply dwell on its endearing and extravagant cinema-worthy visuals? A modern depiction of a battle that took place in 1761 would be very interesting to watch and that is what makes everyone more excited to see the full 'Panipat' movie. Will director Ashutosh Gowariker's filmmaking genius as seen in films like 'Lagaan' actually transfer to this new venture which has that much expectations and reviews from critics.

Its cast itself looks amazing on paper alone with top-notch Indian actors on top of the bill. Lead stars Arjun Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt, and Kriti Sanon are expected to make moviegoers believe that there is more to this film than good publicity and high-end visual effects. Though this is a historical film, you can not expect this to be boring and old-fashioned just by looking at its trailer. Yes, Indian movies are on top of its game as it has always been and this movie will contribute to that as soon as its release. Check this list for the best websites to watch Panipat full movie online. After watching, you can look for more films on these best sites to stream Bollywood movies! If you can't get enough of Arjun Kapoor's phenomenal acting, you can also check out these best Arjun Kapoor movies of all time! Enjoy!

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Did you know that 'Panipat' is an actual place in India? The 2019 action war film of the same title is actually a depiction of true events that occurred long ago. It was in the mid-1700s that the 'Third Battle of Panipat' happened. It was a bloody and long battle between the powerful Marathas of India and the King of Afghanistan who plans to take over the whole country. Being a big part of India's history, there is a lot of weight put on the film just as how historical films are usually treated. But can movie fans really expect that much reality to be put on the big screen a hundred percent of the time? How much artistic freedom should be catered to moviemaking? Did director Ashutosh Gowariker do enough to make the movie critically-acclaimed and be included in the list of the best Bollywood movies? Based on early fan's reviews of the Panipat movie trailer, there is not a lot of consensus as it was met with mixed opinions.

A positive to look forward too for the film, though, is its headliner. It is nonother than seasoned Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor who admitted that his role for 'Panipat' was one of his toughest ones to date. Despite being one of the best Indian actors, going bald was one thing that made him feel really challenged about the role. He also needed to lose a lot of weight to fulfill the prerequisites of the appearance of a Maratha warrior. Kapoor admits though that his look for the film made him really fulfilled and made him believe that he was a real warrior. The actor has changed his look even out of his comfort zone to fit cinema's standards. Also, there are probably certain things about the film that would have to be changed far from history. But will such affect the movie's overall appeal? Fans have embraced Arjun Kapoor and his changing looks and they might just do the same for the film. 

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