What are the best websites to watch Sonic the Hedgehog movie online?

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We all know that Sonic is crazy fast, but who would have thought that the speed would translate into your favorite VOD platforms? Barely a month after its theatrical release, the box-office monster film is already up for grabs online. After long back and forth sessions with post-production and a number of unexpected theater closures, there's no need to worry. Fans who have followed the iconic blue creature can now witness his blazing speed and undeniable cuteness via online purchase much earlier than expected. Whether this is just a response to the coronavirus outbreak or simply because Ben Schwartz's voice plus Jim Carrey is just too irresistible, who cares now? Just take a peek below to see where you can watch Sonic The Hedgehog online and get ready for some out-of-this-world high-octane adventure. Enjoy!

  1. 1Vudu


    After you've streamed your scheduled movies, you can also buy Sonic The Hedgehog from Vudu. The VOD streaming service allows you to grab the 2020 movie fresh of its online release.

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Keep Binging

  1. 2FandangoNOW


    FandangoNOW brings the phenomenal Sonic The Hedgehog film right into your subscriptions. The service allows you to watch the world's favorite hedgehog in HD and 4K whenever you want to.

  2. 3iTunes


    iOS users don't need to wait any longer as iTunes adds the hit 2020 film Sonic The Hedgehog into its wide catalog. Now, you'll get to watch the film on any of your iOS devices at a reasonable price.

  1. 4Google Play Movies & TV


    Google Play Movies & TV won't be late to catch Sonic hit various video-on-demand services. Android device users can now buy the movie and watch it as it has already been available in the platform. 

  2. Free Trial

    5Amazon Prime Video


    Sonic The Hedgehog comes to the forefront of VOD platforms, including Amazon Prime Video. You can subscribe to this premier streaming service and watch Sonic as he saves the world from the evil genius Dr. Robotnik.

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Did you know that the release of 'Sonic the Hedgehog' movie was delayed because of its fans? We are in the age of ever-active review sites for movies and mainstream opinion rules the world. This showed clearly as the movie's director, Jeff Fowler, admitted to it. He stated that the movie's showing date was affected by the online response from fans upon seeing Sonic's supposed-to-be look in the film. The film was initially scheduled for release as early as 2018. However, after a test poster was released in December of that year, the movie team decided to delay its release. The decision was mostly because of negative reviews and displeasure of the fans who saw how Sonic looked like. Fans cited the movie 'Detective Pikachu' to explain their displeasure. Apparently, for that film, the added fur and skin textures to the Pokémon characters were seen as a big no-no. As a result, the film release was delayed several times in order to perfect the look of our favorite blue hedgehog.

Though generally, hedgehogs are known to be brownish spiny mammals. Sonic the Hedgehog surely does not look anything like the real animal. In fact, he was made to be blue and super cute. However, fans cited how much human-like he looked during the first test footage screening. Of course, different versions of characters' looks may emerge from different timelines. The creative freedom of artists can also be cited. The Sonic from the Sega Genesis video game may look totally different in people's minds. Still, fans today often demand that their grievances be heard by multimedia outlets, and in this case, the movie's creators. But is the Sonic the Hedgehog movie redesign worth it? Will this flick just add up to the roster of typical movies based on video games? Only fans can answer that as of the moment. 

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