What are the best widescreen computer monitors?

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    #1Acer R240HY bidx

    Acer R240HY bidx

    Acer R240HY bidx is a 23.8-inch widescreen monitor that supports VGA, DVI, and HDMI connectivity. This IPS monitor can be tilted and is designed with an energy-friendly feature. 


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    Hannah May
    Written on March 27, 2018
    "My boyfriend purchased me a Acer R240HY bidx monitor for my birthday. He knew that I really love widescreen monitors and this one is perfect for my needs! I am really thankful for this gift."
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    #2AOC i2367Fh

    AOC i2367Fh

    AOC i2367Fh is a 23-inch monitor with an attractive ultra-slim design. It's user-friendly and all-in-one with its incredible features. It's designed with a 1920 x 1080 widescreen full HD, 50,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and response time of 5ms. 


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    Bruce Douglas
    Written on March 29, 2018
    "This is a decent brand, and the features of this particular model of monitor seem great for this price. The design, with limited frame to get in the way, is really nice looking and should be well suited to buying multiple for a setup. The low price also makes buying multiple monitors possible as well."
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    #3Dell U2415

    Dell U2415

    Dell U2415 is a 24-inch LED monitor with an ultrasharp display. It has an adjustable brightness feature and a sleep mode technology. This widescreen monitor is also designed with an adjustable height.


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    Jordan Hayes
    Written on March 28, 2018
    "Provides excellent quality image with robust built quality. Has great features and settings for different environments. Can be adjusted to different angles and heights for professional tasks."
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    #4AOC e1659Fwu

    AOC e1659Fwu

    AOC e1659Fwu is a 16-inch monitor with 200 cd/m2 brightness, 16:9 aspect ratio, 1366 x 768 high definition resolution and 500:1 contrast ratio. It is USB-powered with USB 3.0 technology, and a foldable, flexi-stand for portrait or landscape view.


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    Christian Thomas
    Written on April 10, 2018
    "This looks like another stupid curved TV screen and you're really stupid if you can't I mean you could be nice enough for like like hey that's what one is so experience that is nice but just actually you know use of that that's pretty stupid."
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    #5HP Pavilion 22cwa

    HP Pavilion 22cwa

    This HP Pavilion 22cwa is a monitor with a 21.5-inch full HD screen with an aspect ratio of 16:9. It has 178° wide-viewing angle and 2 million pixels. It has a 7ms response time and ports for VGA, HDMI, and HDCP support.


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    Megan Brooks
    Written on April 1, 2018
    "I am always searching for the best widescreen computer monitors. The HP Pavilion 22cwa has been an excellent option. It has a 21.5 inch HD screen. There is also a 178 degree wide angle with 2 million pixels. It's very sharp and definitely stands out. Highly recommend."
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    #6AOC e2228swdn

    AOC e2228swdn

    AOC e2228swdn is a 22-inch Class LED-lit monitor with full HD 1080p, 5ms, 20M:1 DCR, VGA/DVI, VESA and narrow bezel. It features 16:9 aspect ratio with the color support of 16.7 million colors. It is also VESA mountable.


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    Joseph Perry
    Written on March 28, 2018
    "This is widescreen. Plenty of space to work on. Also has very vibrant colors."
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    #7ViewSonic VA2246MH-LED

    ViewSonic VA2246MH-LED
    The ViewSonic VA2246 is a PC monitor with a 21.5-inch full HF widescreen display. It has a 50M:1 mega dynamic contrast ratio and inputs for VGA and HDMI. It has the flicker-free tech and blue-light filter. 

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    Ronald Ellis
    Written on April 1, 2018
    "This is a low-priced monitor that will get the job done. It features a full widescreen display and has been reviewed favorably."
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    #8BenQ XL2720Z (27")

    BenQ XL2720Z (27")

    The BenQ XL2720Z is a 27-inch monitor especially created for gaming. It has Full HD resolution (1080 x 1920 pixels) and support for D-Sub, HDMI, DVI, and DisplayPort.



    Doris May
    Written on April 17, 2018
    "The BenQ XL2720Z is a great widescreen computer monitor. It is very useful for gamers. The resolution and contrast are beautiful. No issues with dead pixels."
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    #9LG 27UD88 (27")

    LG 27UD88 (27")

    The LG 27UD88 is a 27'' monitor that can be used whether for gaming or photo editing. Its enormous screen and elegant design provide you with an outstanding gaming performance.


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    Benjamin Richards
    Written on April 2, 2018
    "This definitely looks like it could be a real nice and presentable monitor, even though it's a bit pricey for me. The credentials all look good and one of my closes friends has this type of screen and it does look real nice. "
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    #10Acer S277HK

    Acer S277HK

    Acer S277HK is the world’s first to display 4K2K Ultra HD visuals on a frameless screen featuring super-fast HDMI 2.0 connection options, IPS1 screen technology, and DTS sound enhancement – for powerful audio-visuals.


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    Marilyn Delgado
    Written on March 31, 2018
    "I purchased one of these monitors a few months ago. I love it. The picture is amazing. The colors are crisp and clear and looks fantastic overall. The sound is something I wish could be improved on. There's a built in speaker but the placement of it is middle-back so it can sound obstructed from time to time however if you have external speakers, you will be fine. I thought the price was right for this as well. Is it perfect? No but it works well, it looks good and it suited my needs just fine. "
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    #11BenQ GL2580H 24.5"

    BenQ GL2580H 24.5"

    BenQ GL2580H is a 24.5-inch widescreen LED monitor with full HD display and fast 2ms GTG response time. Its features also include an advanced eye care and cable management system. 


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    Helen Stevens
    Written on April 4, 2018
    "This has a gorgeous display and looks like it is fairly sturdy monitor. The ratings are great on it and HD is awesome. It's out of stock however so it might not really be a good solution at the moment."
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    #12Acer S220HQL Abd

    Acer S220HQL Abd

    Acer S220HQL Abd is a 21.5-Inch widescreen LCD monitor with 1920 x 1080 resolution which has an ultra-thin profile which can deliver high-quality moving images. It has a VGA and DVI port connectivity but is not VESA ready.


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    Ronald Cruz
    Written on April 5, 2018
    "Acer monitors are a sleeper pick due to their great price and amazing quality. I love this as it is a new addition as a second monitor. The picture is vibrant, clear and even. I love it and it rivals a retina display for sure."
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    #13Acer GN276HL

    Acer GN276HL

    Acer GN276HL is a 27-inch gaming 3D monitor with 1920 x 1080 widescreen resolution, 1ms response time, which also has an HDMI, DVI and VGA connectivity. 


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    Gary Lopez
    Written on April 19, 2018
    "This is a solid gaming monitor. It's a little on the pricey side, but I feel like it'll lost me long enough to make it worth it. It's bigger than my old one, and a lot clearer, plus it has 3D capability, which is great for me."
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    #14Acer G227HQL Abi

    Acer G227HQL Abi

    Acer G227HQL Abi is a 21.5-Inch LED-backlit widescreen display monitor with 1920 x 1080 resolution. This monitor has the Acer Adaptive Contrast Management to give stunning image colors. It has an MHL port1 connectivity. 


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    Kyle Obrien
    Written on March 26, 2018
    "This is a great widescreen computer monitor for the price. While I would not say it is the best that I have ever used, in terms of price it is a steal. If you are looking for a great deal I would highly recommend this monitor. I have been using it for four months and have had no problems with it. If you have additional cash to spare you might want to go a little more expensive. "
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    #15Lenovo 65C5KCC1US

    Lenovo 65C5KCC1US

    Lenovo 65C5KCC1US is a 21.5-inch FHD LED-lit widescreen monitor with Anti-Glare Display and 7ms response time. This also has a full 178-degree wide view screen and has a VGA and HDMI connectivity.


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    Jean Gardner
    Written on April 10, 2018
    "I needed multiple monitors for work, and at this price I was able to afford them. Excellent quality, I am now much more productive than I was before. I may get a third one at this price!"
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    #16Compaq LA2405x Monitor

    Compaq LA2405x Monitor

    Compaq Business LA2405x Monitor is a 24-inch, LED and LCD monitor with adjustable display angle. Resolution is up to 1920 x 1200 with 250 Nit for brightness, 1,000:1, and WUXGA.


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    Sun Zhou
    Written on April 17, 2018
    "I like the widescreen monitors, but they need to be really clear because they are up close to my face on my desk. My eyes hurt when monitors have blurry text or graphics. I like very high resolution. This one suited my needs pretty well for the price. I would like a very high end model that is super clear, but those cost as much as a tricked out gaming computer."
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    #17Acer Predator XB321HK

    Acer Predator XB321HK

    Acer Predator XB321HK is a 32-inch UHD widescreen monitor with 3840 x 2160 resolution IPS display and a 4ms response time. It includes 2x2 built-in speakers, USB 3.0 ports, HDMI and a display port.


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    Debra Salazar
    Written on March 22, 2018
    "I really liked this monitor. I loved the size of the display and the resolution. I was able to do all of my work and enjoy a movie or two on it."
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    #18Compaq S1922a Monitor

    Compaq S1922a Monitor

    Compaq S1922a Monitor is an LCD monitor sized 18.5 inches diagonal widescreen with 16:9 aspect ratio and 1366 x 768 resolution. Its panel features anti-glare and tilt adjustment. It also has VGA port, 1 DVI-D (with HDCP) port.


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    Nicole Barnett
    Written on April 12, 2018
    "Nice 18 inch screen, Size wise, the resolution is great, the picture is clear, I have watched movies on and the picture is really true and crisp. The monitor looks nice, not cheap looking, quality is there and the only con I can find is that you can not adjust the angle of the screen, it is in a fixed position I picked up a cheap riser to place the monitor on and it fixed that issue."
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    #19HP Compaq LA2006x Monitor

    HP Compaq LA2006x Monitor

    HP Compaq LA2006x Monitor is a 20-inch LED and LCD monitor with slider stand adjustable up to 130 mm height. Contrast ratio is 1000:1 (typical); 1,000,000:1 (dynamic). The response rate is 5ms.


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    Donna Ruiz
    Written on April 8, 2018
    "HP Pavilion 21.5-Inch IPS LED HDMI VGA Monitor looks like a better monitor at a cheaper price point. It's in stock too. "
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    #20Lenovo Y27f 65BFGCC1US (27")

    Lenovo Y27f 65BFGCC1US (27")

    Lenovo Y27f 65BFGCC1US is a 27-inch curved widescreen gaming monitor with FreeSync technology with full HD 1920 x 1080 image resolution. It also has a built-in headphone hook, audio jack, LTS stand and VESA mount ready. 


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    Joe Tucker
    Written on April 19, 2018
    "I didn't expect to hate curved screens as much as I do. I've always regarded the Samsung curved televisions with some curiosity, but I haven't needed a new TV. When my old monitor crapped out, I bought this, and man does it ever suck. The viewing angles are bad, the color depth practically isn't there, and the glares! If one side catches a glare, it reflects it onto the other side. This is going back."
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    #21Acer H277H

    Acer H277H

    Acer H277H is a 27-inch IPS full HD widescreen display with 1920 x 1080 resolution which will deliver details clearly and vivid colors. This monitor has a VGA, DVI & HDMI connectivity to easily connect it to mobile devices. 


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    Howard Ortiz
    Written on March 23, 2018
    "When this monitor got delivered it came on a low boy with a "wide load" sign on it. This thing is wider than the hips of that syrup making, pancake loving Aunt Jemima!"
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    #22Compaq LE2002x Monitor

    Compaq LE2002x Monitor

    HP Compaq LE2002x Monitor is a light emitting diode (LED), 20-inch monitor ideal for computers or television with its thin film transistor (TFT) features, as well as stand DVI VGA LL763A Grade B.


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    George Collins
    Written on April 12, 2018
    "I needed a third monitor to help streamline my work flow, and I did not have a whole lot of room left on my workstation with my 2 27" monitors. This one squeezes in between them and has great resolution and color. It works for me, and the price was excellent. "
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    #23Targus ASF215W9USZ

    Targus ASF215W9USZ

    Targus ASF215W9USZ is a 21.5-inch widescreen monitor with 4Vu Privacy Screen to protect private information with constrained viewing angle. It also has glossy or matte sides to suit your viewing preferences. 


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    Rose Jacobs
    Written on March 26, 2018
    "This monitor has made using my computer for both personal and professional tasks much easier and more pleasant. The 21.5 in screen means I can fit multiple windows and programs without issue and the colors are bright and clear without causing strain. I love the ability to switch between matte and glossy for different situations. The constrained viewing angle also allows me to keep my privacy when necessary. Sleek and modern design as well!"
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    #24Acer G257HU

    Acer G257HU

    Acer G257HU is a 25-inch widescreen monitor with 2560 x 1440 resolution and DVI & HDMI inputs to connect it to your smartphone or tablet on Full HD display. This monitor also has a mercury-free white LED backlighting.


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    Ethan Cunningham
    Written on March 26, 2018
    "This is a great widescreen monitor! It looks nice and has all of the features I want in a monitor and I couldn't be happier."
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    #25BenQ XR3501 35"

    BenQ XR3501 35"

    BenQ XR3501 is a 35-inch curved ultrawide gaming monitor with 2560x1080 resolution and Black eQualizer. It also has a 20-level color vibrancy and smooth operator to enhance your experience while playing games. 


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    Frances Soto
    Written on April 13, 2018
    "I have experienced BenQ XR3501 35" and do not think that there is a better gaming screen out there. I recommend BenQ XR3501 35" as the best widescreen computer monitor. I know if you try BenQ XR3501 35" you will possess one."
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    #26HP Compaq LE2002x Monitor

    HP Compaq LE2002x Monitor

    HP Compaq LE2002x is a light emitting diode (LED) monitor ideal for computers or television with its thin film transistor (TFT) features, as well as stand DVI VGA LL763A Grade B.


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    Dhruv Balasubramanium
    Written on April 9, 2018
    "a good monitor for the price"


Best What are the best widescreen computer monitors
1Acer R240HY bidxElectronics 13 Paid
2AOC i2367FhElectronics 11 Paid
3Dell U2415Electronics 10 Paid
4AOC e1659FwuElectronics 8 Paid
5HP Pavilion 22cwaElectronics 7 Paid
6AOC e2228swdnElectronics 6 Paid
7ViewSonic VA2246MH-LEDElectronics 6 Paid
8BenQ XL2720Z (27")Electronics 4 Paid
9LG 27UD88 (27")Electronics 2 Paid
10Acer S277HKElectronics 1 Paid

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