What are the best Windows Apps?

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    #1Microsoft Word

    Microsoft Word

    Microsoft word is one of the most famous text processors all around the world. Well known by the users, it allows all kind of basic features involving text and images for quick and clean reports. It also permits PDF editing. 


    Web, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac


    Ann Oliver
    Written on November 19, 2017
    "When it comes to word processors, nothing can come close to Microsoft Word. It has long been the industry standard for editing and creating documents and the awards and the usage share are a proof of that. Other word processing apps are all either clones or way inferior than Microsoft's offering."
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    #2VLC Media Player

    VLC Media Player

    VLC Media Player is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player that plays a wide range of media formats such as mkv, mp4, and flv among others. It supports the playback of discs, devices, and network streaming protocols. 


    Android, Windows, Mac, iOS


    Alan Burton
    Written on November 17, 2017
    "VLC media player is the most stable web player period. Nothing compares to the stability and the many options that the VLC player has, it play's audio streams, video streams and it even plays network streams without a hiccup. VLC supports various codecs and it also plays your burnt DVD's."
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    #3Adobe Acrobat Reader

    Adobe Acrobat Reader

    Adobe Acrobat Reader is the most popular tool to manage PDF files. You can read it, make notes, highlight text and add sticky notes. 


    Mac, Android, iOS, Windows

    $12.99- Varies by plan

    Kyle Berry
    Written on November 3, 2017
    "There are a lot of really useful apps available for Windows, so no matter what your needs are, you will probably find something that is useful to you. Adobe Acrobat Reader is one of the most useful apps, as it lets you read and manage PDF files. However, if you are someone who does not frequently need to view or edit PDF files, you are better off looking elsewhere."
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    #4Microsoft Excel

    Microsoft Excel
    Microsoft Excel lets you create, view, edit and share your files in and quick and easy way. Work anywhere and customize your spreadsheet making notes, highlighting portions or writing math equations.

    Android, iOS


    Rebecca Ross
    Written on November 2, 2017
    "Microsoft Excel will always be one of the best apps for Windows. I use it for many tasks, and I appreciate the fact that it is used almost universally by Windows users. I love Microsoft Excel."
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    #5Photoshop CS6

    Photoshop CS6

    Photoshop CS6, added new creative design tools and provided a redesigned interface with a focus on enhanced performance. This program is compatible with a computer, laptop, smartphone, and tablet devices.



    $29.99- Varies by plan

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    #6Microsoft OneDrive

    Microsoft OneDrive
    Microsoft OneDrive is a file hosting service where you easily store, share and backup your files such as documents, photos, and other files from anywhere, on any device or computer. 

    Web, Android, iOS, Windows

    Free- Varies by plan

    Johnny Stanley
    Written on November 29, 2017
    "OneDrive definitely my go-to in order to save my files and photos, and sharing them to people. Starting it up and learning how to use the program was very simple, and it's something that people who are not technologically gifted can learn at ease as well. I am very impressed and will continue using them!"
  4. 43

    #7Adobe Photoshop Elements

    Adobe Photoshop Elements

    Adobe Photoshop Elements is a photo editing software which can automatically organize your photos and make them look stunning with its intelligent photo editing options. It now also has enhanced guided edits. 


    Windows, Mac


    Ethan Roberts
    Written on November 18, 2017
    "This is pretty much the top dog in the photo editing category for many years, and for good reason. There is definitely a steep learning curve to master this software. But if you put in the time, you can make legit professional-level presentations."
  5. 40

    #8Windows Movie Maker

    Windows Movie Maker
    With Windows Movie Maker, you can quickly turn your photos and videos into polished movies. Add special effects, transitions, sound, and captions to help tell your story. Share the movie with friends and family.



    Shreya Yadav
    Written on November 11, 2017
    "When I told my 65 year old mother about this app, she knew she had to try it out. Three days later she came back to me showing me a short 30 second clip she made from hand-drawn animations. I was so proud and impressed."
  6. 36

    #9Microsoft PowerPoint

    Microsoft PowerPoint
    Microsoft Powerpoint is a powerful app to create, view and edit great presentations on your computer or directly from your device.

    Android, iOS, Windows


    Laura Rice
    Written on October 20, 2017
    "I love windows powerpoint because I can make great presentations. Now that it is in a app I can get the information the phone which makes it so convenient and user friendly."
  7. 34

    #10Adobe Premiere Pro CC

    Adobe Premiere Pro CC

    Adobe Premiere Pro is one of Adobe's flagship products. It is a set of video editing packages that supports high-resolution videos with the integration of After Effects and Photoshop geared towards professional editing.



    $20.99- Varies by plan

    George Han
    Written on October 29, 2017
    "A great program by a great company. I use Adobe Premiere constantly while editing videos for my webpage and for family members who request it. The Creative Cloud solves the problem of having to buy an expensive product. Adobe Premiere CC is one of the best windows apps for editing videos that I've used."
  8. 32

    #11Adobe Lightroom CC

    Adobe Lightroom CC
    Adobe Lightroom CC is designed for professional photographers for managing and editing large quantities of photographs. With this software, you spend less time in front of the computer and more time behind the lens. 

    Web, iOS, Android, Windows, Android

    Free- Varies by plan

    Lisa Nichols
    Written on October 23, 2017
    "This app is designed for iPad, and is only available for Apple products. It is a photo editor with capabilities for saving to Adobe Creative Cloud. The only unique function of this app is the ability for advanced edits, including a tone curve for adjusting color, exposure, tone and contrast. There is an in-app purchase that will unlock the premium features."
  9. 31

    #12Windows Media Player

    Windows Media Player

    Windows Media Player is a media player developed by Microsoft for playing videos, movies, images or audio. Also, it has a lot of other functionalities like copying music to compact discs, synchronizing content with a digital audio player, etc. It's the most popular and recognizable media player by Windows, but it's also available for other operative systems like MacOS. 




    Elizabeth Jordan
    Written on October 18, 2017
    "If you are looking for a Windows App to play all kinds of media, including music, movies, and even viewing slideshows and pictures, then Windows Media Play is an excellent all-around choice. It plays most types of video files--although not all of them, so if you tend to use more niche/specialized types of video it might not work--and easily plays music, movies and more. It is very easy to use and is definitely the best Windows app for playing media. However, if you're using Windows Media Player 12, you'll need to do some workarounds to add the ability to watch DVDs. This is a bit of a chore and I wish it was automatically included in the program. The program can also burn music to CDs and sync with certain types of audio/mp3 players, but it's not compatible with certain popular mp3 players like iPhones, so this may be a problem if you tend to use Apple products."
  10. 29

    #13Microsoft Office

    Microsoft Office

    Microsoft Office is the office suit from Microsoft used by Windows and Mac and is aimed mainly to desktop PCs and Macs. It includes text editors, spreadsheets, presentations, wordarts, and many other features.


    Windows, Mac

    $149- Varies by plan

    Brandon Carpenter
    Written on April 13, 2018
    "Microsoft Office is a staple to have for both work and school. It includes everything you need to edit word documents, make presentations, and more. I can't imagine working without it."
  11. 25

    #14Adobe Audition

    Adobe Audition

    With the Adobe Audition CC software you can mix, edit, and create audio content with a very comprehensive and easy to learn toolset that includes multitrack, waveform, and spectral display. It is also designed to speed up video production.


    Windows, Mac

    $20.99- Varies by plan

    José Antonio Villanueva
    Written on October 19, 2017
    "One of my favorite software apps on Windows is Adobe Audition. I have always loved creating audio and video content and Adobe Audition provides all the tools necessary to create topnotch content. I think that the best thing about Adobe Audition is all the tutorials and workshop available from Adobe which help you learn how to be more proficient with this app."
  12. 24

    #15Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

    Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

    Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is an application and web service for creating, editing, signing, printing, manipulating, organizing and tracking PDF files. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is available as a component of several Adobe Creative Cloud compilations.


    Windows, Mac

    $14.99- 1 year. Free trial available

    Christina Mendoza
    Written on October 19, 2017
    "Adobe Acrobat is one of the Adobe products that isn't that bad. It's the best way to be able to make a form in to a pdf so that you can mark in it, like a signature, and send it back to the recipient. Not having a scanner or a printer or a fax machine, and preferring to deal with everything electronically, I've used this product several times over the years to do just that. I don't particularly like Adobe products in general, but this is a good one to have. "
  13. 22

    #16Adobe Illustrator CC

    Adobe Illustrator CC

    Adobe Illustrator is a vector-based graphics editor software developed by Adobe Inc. This can be used to create different designs with its drawing tools. It is compatible with both Mac and Windows computers.


    Windows, Mac

    $20.99- Varies by plan

    Felipe Aguirre
    Written on October 24, 2017
    "Adobe Illustrator CC is one of the best windows apps you can get if you are a graphics editor. This program has a ton of features that makes it very easy to make your ideas come to life. This program comes with a cloud service making it very easy to save your creations."
  14. 18

    #17Adobe Character Animator CC

    Adobe Character Animator CC
    With Adobe Character Animator CC (still in Beta) you can create animations for the characters you have created on Photoshop CC or Illustrator CC. With its facial and track recognition, using a cam and a microphone, you can use your face to animate the expressions of the character you are bringing to life.


    Windows, Mac

    $20.99- Varies by plan

    Isidro Martínez
    Written on October 19, 2017
    "this app basically combines live motion capture with a recording system to create and control characters drawn on Photoshop or Illustrator. It is a fun and interesting app but certainly not a necessity or one of the best Windows Apps. Indeed Photoshop, Dropbox, Twitter and Steam are all likely to be used more"
  15. 14

    #18Adobe Spark

    Adobe Spark

    Adobe Spark lets you create impactful social graphics, web stories and animated videos its free graphic design app.

    Online Tools

    $9.99- Varies by plan

    Divya Tata
    Written on November 10, 2017
    "Multimedia has become increasingly important on social media. I like to create beautiful content and inspiring media for my followers and the Adobe Spark app lets me do that. In minutes I can add text to a photo and speciality graphics to create an inspirational quote or funny meme. There is also a a way to create a video story with music which is fun. "
  16. 11

    #19AIR iPhone

    AIR iPhone

    Air iPhone is an application that runs in Adobe Air and that allows developers to replicate the iPhone graphical interface to run tests before compiling an app. Very helpful for everyone that likes to run tests before launching an app for iPhone.




    Jose Jordan
    Written on November 10, 2017
    "I've downloaded Air Iphone for Windows and found it to be one of the best windows apps that I have ever used. It's very comprehensive and does everything that I could want it to do!"
  17. 10



    Divvy is a manager of screen windows for Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows computers which features windows resize, maximizing screen size, and customizable keyboard shortcuts. This software was developed by Mizage, LLC.




    Ann Shaw
    Written on November 13, 2017
    "Divvy is a really innovative app that I haven't seen anywhere else. It's honestly changed my productivity level so much and I'm able to get things done more efficiently. I also don't feel as stressed because I'm not clicking back and forth from tab to tab a million times. It's really one of the best Windows apps I have!"
  18. 9

    #21Microsoft Security Essentials

    Microsoft Security Essentials
    Microsoft Security Essential is a basic standalone free antivirus for Windows.



    May Huang
    Written on November 1, 2017
    "If you are looking for the best Windows applications, the Microsoft Security Essentials app is essentially the best one there is. It does exactly what it says, which is a basic free antivirus application for Windows. When I am looking for a good antivirus program, I keep Microsoft Security Essentials until I find something suitable to replace it, but it is always very good to have. "
  19. 5

    #22Microsoft Edge

    Microsoft Edge

    Microsoft Edge is a browser built for Windows 10, Windows Mobile and Xbox One. Edge is faster, safer & gives you longer battery life. Stream 4K & take notes on web pages. 


    Windows, Android, iOS


    Daniel Hughes
    Written on January 20, 2018
    "Edge is a descent browser and fairly fast. They've made lots of improvements and added a lot of features that I like, but it's not my primary browser. If it did a better job of working well with scripts, I would use it more often. For now, it's going to have to remain in the background of my other browser. "
  20. 4

    #23Microsoft Safety Scanner

    Microsoft Safety Scanner
    Microsoft Safety Scanner is a free downloadable security tool that provides on-demand scanning and helps remove viruses, spyware, and other malicious software. 



    Howard Allen
    Written on November 4, 2017
    "One of the most essential apps I would recommend for windows. A good anti-virus is one of the first things you should pick up when first getting a new computer or installing a fresh copy of windows. I've used this many times on friends and relatives computers and it's never let me down. Would recommend."
  21. 2

    #24Adobe Photoshop Sketch

    Adobe Photoshop Sketch

    Adobe Photoshop Sketch is an app for both Android and iOS devices. Users can paint and create works of art using Photoshop brushes and all the layers you can think of. Create realistic paintings and customize them by adjusting their size, color, and opacity, among many other settings.


    iOS, Android

    Free- with in-app purchases

    Barbara Lewis
    Written on November 1, 2017
    "Adobe Photoshop Sketch brings the magic of Photoshop to you iPhone! You can create your own works of art and edit them however you want. You can also share them easily through social media or email."
  22. 1



    Timely is a time tracking app specially developed for companies and enterprises to get an auto tracking of their workers. Its simple and clean interface allows you to focus on what really matters: the time tracking of your company. 


    Web, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac


    Stephanie Hunter
    Written on December 10, 2017
    "Timely is a nice, simple time tracking app I've used when I have a deadline. I haven't used it to track workers, but for personal time tracking it's pretty good and full featured. "
  23. 0



    Dictionary.com is an app and website that serves as an online source for English definitions, word origins, synonyms, audio pronunciations, slang phrases, and much more. It works both online and offline.


    Web, iOS, Android


    Brian Bradley
    Written on October 31, 2017
    "Dictionary app is great for students and adults that want to do a quick lookup to help with spelling, grammar and even has audio pronunciations!"
  24. 0


    Grocery Shopping List - Listonic is a smart shopping list for Android devices. If you're looking for an easier, smarter and more efficient shopping list, Listonic will help for sure. The app provides useful tips on grocery shopping and more.



    Paul Holland
    Written on October 29, 2017
    "Listonic has been a real life saver for me when it comes to food shopping while hungry! I ended up going to the local super market a few night's ago and had it search for smart snacks for me and ended up purchasing some very tasty snacks instead of the junk food that I originally intended to purchase. I was able to stick to my diet very easily thanks to this app and it also saved the other purchases that I made for future reference. "
  25. 0



    The app version of the famous software. You can call your friends wherever they are. Also, the app lets you create groups and send reactions, emoticons, and GIFs. It has domestic and international call features. 


    iOS, Android


    Samantha Sanders
    Written on November 3, 2017
    "Skype is one of the easiest and one of the best app to video call others "
  26. 0


    Outlook is the app that will help you manage all your emails and stay in touch with your friends. It also includes calendars and a system that always keeps the important messages on tops so you don't miss a thing. 


    Web, Android, iOS

    Free- Varies by plan

    Wayne Arnold
    Written on November 14, 2017
    "I use Outlook since more than 10 years, and I cannot imagine myself using another mail client. It's fast and easy to configure and use with any kind of mail provides, a really great product from Microsoft!"


Best What are the best Windows Apps
1Microsoft WordApps 57 Free
2VLC Media PlayerSoftware 53 Free
3Adobe Acrobat ReaderApps 52 Paid
4Microsoft ExcelApps 48 Free
5Photoshop CS6Software 45 Paid
6Microsoft OneDrive Software 45 Free
7Adobe Photoshop ElementsSoftware 43 Paid
8Windows Movie MakerSoftware 40 Free
9Microsoft PowerPointApps 36 Free
10Adobe Premiere Pro CCSoftware 34 Paid

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