What are the best The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt armors?

Tired of getting chunky damage in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt? Worry no more! Our team has gathered some of the best armors in the action role-playing game that can help alleviate your defensive problems. You can also add a solution if you think that we've missed out something.

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    Grandmaster Legendary Feline armor

    Grandmaster Legendary Feline armor offers 48% resistance against elemental damage. This is the best witcher 3 armor since it also gives an additional 34% Attack Power.
    • Chao LiuWritten on March 8, 2019
      "this my fave armor in the game, light, and that rear attack bonus is a great way to kill, if your playstyle suits it. I mean I dont like hacking and slashing, and I am more of a bob and weave so if you like heavy metal padding, I dont suggest this one but for the sneaky types this is perfect."
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    Grandmaster Legendary Wolven armor

    Grandmaster Legendary Wolven armor is a unique armor because it doesn't need the mastercrafted versions. The only thing that a player should do to get this is to download the expansion.

    • Rodrigo MontielWritten on March 8, 2019
      "my mate told me this is premium DLC stuff. It looks cool and the hood on this is a great defensive item, he said he did not change it even though he got better armor and gauntlet and stuiff"
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    Manticore armor

    Manticore armor is rewarded to the player after a treasure hunt mission in the game. This item also gives the players 10 maximum toxicity, making it the best witcher armor.

    • Liu CaoWritten on June 26, 2019
      "This is probably the best witcher armor that you can get since the only thing that you need to do here is to complete the treasure hunt quest and get this armor. It's just like playing online RPGs :D"


Did you know that the beard of Geralt, the game's protagonist, does not stop growing? As he moves from one location to another and as time passes, his beard continues to grow. It also has states which also indicates its length. As said in Eurogamer's interview with CD Projekt, "the longest is really long but it's not Gandalf-long". Although there is a way that players can stop it. By downloading the free downloadable content of the open world action RPG, players have a way to customize Geralt's look. They only need to find a barber in the game that will enable apply all the changes to the character.

There's no doubt that the surprising budget for The Witcher 3 paid off. In case you didn't know, the grand total of the cost for this game was around 306 million Polish z?oty, or roughly $81 million United States Dollars. It is double the amount of the budget for its predecessor, The Witcher 2. And with the number of DLC available, the choices of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt armors has also seen an increase. The additional contents have been well-received as the game has recently passed the 20 million lifetime sales mark. Because of the success earned by CD Projekt from the game, the team is developing another role-playing video game entitled Cyberpunk 2077. It gained so much hype especially because of its gameplay videos around the internet. Would this game also break a record like The Witcher 3?

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    Warrior's leather jacket

    Unlike the other items on this list, this stands out because this is a jacket. It looks like the Kaer Morhen armor; the only difference is the color scheme and its defensive boost.

    • Vibhore RathoreWritten on June 26, 2019
      "I like this armor so much because it reminds me of the kaer morhen armor which was worn by Geralt when you start a new game."
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    Grandmaster Legendary Griffin armor

    Grandmaster Legendary Griffin armor is the only one that gives sign intensity and resistance to bludgeoning damage. If you're looking for The Witcher 3 best armor, then this is the one.

    • Sophia LiWritten on March 8, 2019
      "I discarded this one as soon as I got the chance becusae even tho it is a great equipment it kinda slowed Geralt down. I dont like the feeling of using it against some ofthe faster monsters in the field."
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    Viper armor

    Viper armor is a medium armor first seen in the Hearts of Stone DLC of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It can be crafted and can be acquired in the Open Sesame! quest. It has three slots and gives additional resistance to some types of damage.

    • Lin HaoWritten on June 26, 2019
      "I don't know why this is near the bottom of this list but IMHO this is the best The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt armors because of the stats that it gives. This is the reason why I got the Hearts of Stone DLC on my game."
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    Grandmaster Legendary Ursine armor

    The Grandmaster Legendary Ursine armor is only available if you have the Blood and Wine DLC. It's the final level of the Bear School gear set which gives you 509 total points of protection and has a fur neck lining atop a grey chest piece.

    • Joyce BeckWritten on June 26, 2019
      "Bear School gear set is the coolest looking school gear set ever! "

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Best What are the best The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt armors
1Grandmaster Legendary Feline armorGame Elements 14 Paid
2Grandmaster Legendary Wolven armorGame Elements 11 Paid
3Manticore armorGame Elements 1 Paid
4Warrior's leather jacketGame Elements 0 Paid
5Grandmaster Legendary Griffin armorGame Elements 0 Paid
6Viper armorGame Elements -1 Paid
7Grandmaster Legendary Ursine armorGame Elements -1 Paid

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