What are the best woman yelling at cat memes?

A lot of things go viral on the internet for different reasons. It could be a heart-warming video about a community helping each other. It could be a story of a soldier coming back home to surprise his family. It could also be an inspirational story about a person that overcame whatever life threw at him. But, there's one thing that's even more viral than everything mentioned. It's none other than the "Woman Yelling at Cat" meme. This meme has taken the internet by storm. It's not a new meme by any means but it recently got brought to the limelight thanks to Twitter. Now everybody's riding the wave of the emotional woman and the snide cat. Knowing the internet, the memes are gonna keep on coming 'till the hype dies. But you might be wondering, how did the meme exactly start? The "Yelling Woman" dates back to 8 years ago in an episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Taylor Armstrong was crying and lashing out at one Dedra DD Whit during a beach house fight. The other half of the meme features Smudge the Cat. He started his rise to stardom when his owner posted a picture of him on Tumblr. The "Cat at Table" meme became a huge thing so his owner made Smudge his very one Instagram account. To date, it has almost 1.1 million followers. The meme was actually created by a Twitter user by the name of @MISSINGEGIRL. She put the two images, the "Yelling Woman" and the "Confused Cat" meme, side-by-side in a tweet. The tweet became viral getting over 78,000 retweets and 275,000 likes in 3 months. Now, the meme is everywhere, and we mean, EVERYWHERE. Can't get enough of it? We got you covered! These are the best woman yelling at cat memes!

  1. 1Dat Sign Tho


    Seriously, what is up with these signs? Whoever made that design should seriously reconsider what they're doing. Come on, how could you have not seen this coming? It's stuff like these that have serious meme potential so it's bound to end up somewhere. Fashion? Art? It doesn't matter. 'Cause it's "Fashion Fart" now, baby!

Keep Binging

Keep Binging

  1. 2What kind of Tart?


    Smudge the cat is really making a killing with these license plates! The power of words knows no bounds. Just when you thought you had this cool and meaningful license plate which meant "A Nu (New) Start," you thought wrong. 'Cause Smudge the cat sees it as "Anus Tart."

  2. 3Ride or Die


    Looks like it's another one of those license plates. Smudge really has a knack for interpreting these things. What's cool is that it could actually mean "Nutritional Doctor" and people would never have even noticed. It's just too vague. Good thing Smudge the cat sees it in a way that'll make everybody laugh.

  1. 4I thought it meant "Nicest"


    This meme proves that license plate abbreviations can mean a lot of things. It really looks like it meant "Nicest Mom" if you weren't paying attention to the Pennsylvania state license plate. Turns out it was really North Carolina State Mom. But it looks like Smudge the cat thinks it means something else.

  2. 5"To give" or "Not to give"


    People gotta really start paying attention to how they make their signs. Seriously, this was pretty hard to understand at first. It can't be that hard to make a sign. Just make sure that the words are in the proper order to avoid confusion. But don't worry, 'cause Smudge the cat is here to enlighten us on what the sign actually means!

  3. 6People are dying, Kim!


    This scene was when Kim Kardashian had a meltdown after she lost one of her earrings while swimming in the ocean. What made this scene even funnier is when one of her sister's reasoned with her that people are dying. This meant that she shouldn't get too worked up about losing her earing. Seeing this scene be converted into this meme format is truly glorious and extremely funny!

  4. 7Girls really hate spiders, don't they?


    Do you know that one friend who screams whenever they see a bug or an insect? In this case, it happens to be a girl. Almost everybody has that one friend who's like that. Well, this meme is the perfect representation of that very scene. Just picture your friend seeing a spider and being totally freaked out. Now, think about how the spider would look like reacting to your friend. 

  5. 8Triggered Vapers Incoming


    Oh no, here we go. For sure, a lot of vapers are gonna get triggered by this meme and we can't blame them. But to all you vapers out there, you gotta give Smudge the cat some props because it is really funny. Don't worry, this meme doesn't lump up all vapers. It's just all in good fun!


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2What kind of Tart?Other 11 Paid
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7Girls really hate spiders, don't they?Other 2 Paid
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