What are the best YouTube to audio converters?

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    MP3Converter.tv is a website to convert various YouTube videos to MP3 audio file formats. This is especially ideal for extracting just the audio of your favorite song. All the user has to do is to paste the YouTube URL before downloading.

    Online Tools


    Amr El
    Written on November 16, 2018
    "Search for your favorite songs from multiple online sources, youtube to mp3 converter and download them in the best quality for free. You can download music from music-hosting sites including SoundCloud, YourListen, Kugou, Goear, Jamendo, Last.Fm, PromoDJ"
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    #2Gihosoft TubeGet

    Gihosoft TubeGet

    Gihosoft counts with this free YouTube downloader that allows you to save on your computer any video or audio you want for YouTube. It also allows you to download videos from Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, etc. 


    Windows, Mac


    Gavin Cooper
    Written on November 17, 2017
    "Gihosoft TubeGet is a software application built specifically for helping users to download YouTube clips and save them in their original format. Besides, it also has an option for extracting the audio stream to save it to MP3. Thanks to its intuitive layout, it suits rookies and professionals alike."
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    #3Airy YouTube Downloader

    Airy YouTube Downloader
    Airy will help you save YouTube videos on your computer so that you can always watch it even if there is no Internet available. Airy is aimed to download videos from YouTube to in the simplest way possible. 

    Windows, Mac

    $19.95- Varies by plan

    Frank Stone
    Written on January 13, 2018
    "Airy YouTube Downloader is amazing. Not only can you save your favorite YouTube videos, you can also extract the audio and just listen to the soundtrack without even watching the video. Fantastic product!! "
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    h2Converter is a website that allows you to download any video you want from YouTube. You just have to copypaste the URL and decide if you want the whole video or just the MP3 audio. 

    Online Tools


    Christina Munoz
    Written on September 5, 2018
    "I like that this converter has no bugs or annoying ads like others that's why I pretty much trust it to convert youtube videos to mp3 format. I've downloaded many songs from youtube thanks to this!"
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    #5Online Video Converter

    Online Video Converter

    OnlineVideoConverter.com is a free to use online media converter that allows a user to convert any video link or file to various formats without installing any software on their computer. It supports videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and more.

    Online Tools


    Kyle Silva
    Written on February 21, 2017
    "My favorite youtuber afro senju forwarded me to some extremely hot beats. Unfortunately this artist doesn't sell their music anywhere. Fortunately, online video converter works just fine for me to rip the music from the youtube link and let's me play it on my phone. The quality is pretty good regardless of the compression on youtube's end."
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    #6YouTube MP3

    YouTube MP3
    Download your favorite YouTube videos as mp3 files without registration. All you have to do is to paste the URL of the YouTube video you want to convert to MP3 and in a few minutes, you will have it on your computer. 



    James Armstrong
    Written on April 23, 2017
    "This is a great little web app for making mp3 audio files out of your favorite youtube videos. Cut to the chase and end up with a little audio file you can listen to later or send to others for fun. Excellent! I used to do this the hard way with recording software, but now all I have to do is enter the youtube url in the form and download the resulting audio file. Easy peasy!"
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    #7DownTube Free Video Downloader

    DownTube Free Video Downloader

    Downtube Free Video Downloader helps users listen to music and watch high-quality videos offline. Simply click on the video, choose video quality and download it. Downloaded videos are also sharable. 




    James Ryan
    Written on February 15, 2017
    "I was looking for an easier way to listen to songs and Ted talks on youtube. I listen to this when I'm on the subway, so it's a pain to try and fumble with youtube on my phone, especially when I don't have any service in the subway. DownTube lets me download videos to my phone. The only thing I wish it had was a way to just download the audio. "
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    #8YouTube MP3 Converter

    YouTube MP3 Converter

    YouTube MP3 Converter is an online tool which allows you to download music from YouTube in MP3 format. You only have to paste the video URL and the site will generate an MP3 file with the song. 

    Online Tools


    Sergey Kireyev
    Written on April 10, 2018
    "great site with multiple sources for mp3 download, works fast, has secure https connection, and is nicely designed"
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    #9YouTube MP3 org

    YouTube MP3 org

    This free-to-use website will allow you to easily download any YouTube video and convert it into a mp3 file, so you can enjoy your favorite songs anywhere. 

    Online Tools


    Tang Zeng
    Written on September 5, 2018
    "I've seen many of my friends use this converter for the kpop music videos we watch and I tried it myself so far so good! Even tho there are some copyright restrictions with more famous songs i can download all my fave's music on youtube!"
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    #10GreenMP3 YouTube Converter

    GreenMP3 YouTube Converter

    GreenMP3 YouTube Converter is an online tool where users can paste a YouTube link which the site automatically converts to an MP3 format. Users can also download the video format of the link.

    Online Tools


    James Rhode
    Written on August 3, 2018
    "Greenmp3 is a popular free youtube to mp3 service that is optimized to use on mobile phones. Here, you can download songs or convert every new & old song which you search on the web or YouTube. Get instant mp3 song download with just a click on greenmp3 latest youtube downloader tool that offer song easy download facility in any format or language. You do not require any registration or sign up to use its services."
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    Convert2mp3.net will download and convert for free your favorite videos from YouTube, Dailymotion and Clipfish to MP3, MP4 and other formats. 

    Online Tools


    Mark Martin
    Written on March 25, 2017
    "I feel this is exactly what I need to download my favorite cat videos from Youtube. I am never able to watch cat videos whenever I want so I need a website that downloads them from videohosting websites and this is the perfect solution for that. "
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    #12Freemake Video Converter

    Freemake Video Converter

    Freemake Video Converter converts video between 500+ formats and gadgets. Convert to MP4, MP3, AVI, WMV, MKV, iPhone, Android. Convert YouTube to anything. It also includes cutting, subtitles and video embedment.




    Abhinav Kapur
    Written on January 7, 2017
    "I think Freemake Video Converter is a fantastic solution for YouTube to audio conversion. I love that Freemake is free to download. It's a plus to see millions of people have downloaded this program which implies success. I'm surprised that they can make this program free considering it's versatility. It offers a huge range of audio conversion from different popular video media sources. I like the benefit of being able to convert files into many different audio formats and qualities. It's also a huge plus that it provides services to upload/embed links to YouTube, websites and works in all common devices. This is an all in one solution and I would definitely use this as a source for Video to Audio file conversion!"
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    #134 Ways to Convert YouTube to MP3

    4 Ways to Convert YouTube to MP3

    How to Convert YouTube to MP3 is a wikiHow article that teaches users to download YouTube to MP3 content. According to the article, you can convert a YouTube video to an MP3 file in 4 ways.



    Brandon Mills
    Written on March 3, 2017
    "There are several great methods listed here to convert a YouTube video over to a MP3 so you can either transfer the file to another device or to burn the file to a CD. Of all the methods, of course the option available on some YouTube videos is the best and cleanest option. One thing to keep in mind is that many videos are copyrighted, so this may not be an option. If this is the case, the next best option is to use one of the browser extensions. These make it easy to use (in the browser!) and seemless. Finally, there is the option of downloading optional software. This of course does open up the risk of malware on your PC."
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    MyMP3 is the highly recommended YouTube to MP3 converter for iPhone. It can convert any videos including YouTube to MP3 format. 



    Free- with in-app purchases

    Jacob Turner
    Written on February 5, 2017
    "This app is a good app it does need some improvements like rearrange music and create more playlists. I do like that you can change the title and the artist. "
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    #15Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

    Free YouTube to MP3 Converter
    Get a desktop application for real hi-fi enthusiasts. Convert YouTube to MP3 with extreme and insane quality presets.

    Windows, Mac


    José Guadalupe León
    Written on January 12, 2017
    "This product is great when you want that obscure live track from your favorite artist. Download this app for free then download free music that you love, listen to it on all your devices; what could be better? Except that you can also find a playlist you like and download in bulk. Now what could be better? That' s what I thought."
  13. 15

    #16aTube Catcher

    aTube Catcher
    aTube Catcher is a powerful tool that not only lets you download videos from YouTube, Myspace, Dailymotion, Metacafe but convert the downloaded video to play on all regular portable devices.

    Windows, Mac


    Jordan Morrison
    Written on January 28, 2017
    "This seems like a good way to really condense your library of videos if you know how to use it properly. For those that are just casual video watchers, it probably won't do much good. I don't know how much I would really use something like this, but the interface seems easy enough to use. "
  14. 15

    #17[TUTORIAL] How to Convert Videos From YouTube to AMV Files: Audio & Video Files

    [TUTORIAL] How to Convert Videos From YouTube to AMV Files: Audio & Video Files
    Converting videos from YouTube to AMV files will allow you to save a streaming file to your hard drive.


    Christopher Campbell
    Written on February 8, 2017
    "I found this video very useful for converting Youtube to mp4 . . . but the video does NOT show at all how to convert Youtube to AMV despite the misleading title. Sigh. I probably would have enjoyed this video more had I not gone in with false expectations. Just fix the title, please!"
  15. 14

    #18Any Video Converter Ultimate

    Any Video Converter Ultimate
    Convert videos, remove iTunes DRM, convert Apple music to mp3 and more. Any Video Converter Ultimate is the premium version (free version also available) of a multifunction video converter.

    Windows, Mac

    $59.95- Varies by plan

    Grace Collins
    Written on December 29, 2017
    "I run a travel channel on Youtube where a share my travels throughout Southeast Asia, Europe, and South America and not only do I provide travel tips, tricks and hacks with your typical vlogging type videos but I also love shooting beautiful, cinematic videos that really show my audience what I see from my point of view and just like any great cinematic film one of the things that can make or break a scene is the soundtrack. Cinematography and music are like a wine pairing, you have to hit the right notes for it all to come together nicely. I take picking out the music I envision for my videos very seriously but I also don't have tons of cash to buy the rights to the top soundtracks out there, so I usually go to the same platform I showcase my own work, which is Youtube. Youtube is where you can find tons of artist who is willing to trade their original tunes for credit. One of the ways I convert the youtube music into file formats that I can work within my editing software, formats like MP3 is by using a software called "Any Video Converter Ultimate", which not only allows me to convert my Youtube video but it also allows me to convert almost any music and video file and many different formats and its simple, quick and easy enough that a novice or a professional can use and holds and keeps the quilty of the file through conversion. One of the best-converting software of this year, thus far. "
  16. 13

    #19YouTubeMP3 Converter

    YouTubeMP3 Converter

    YouTubeMP3 Converter is a YouTube to MP3 converter that works online. You simply have to paste the YouTube link on the box, click on the magnifying glass, and then decide if you want to listen to or download the MP3 file to your device. 

    Online Tools
    Misho Petkovic
    Written on December 21, 2017
    "Web service to instant download audio in high quality mp3 format for any publicly available YouTube™ video. You can: - Search videos directly on site - Download mp3 by pasting YouTube URL - Do Search-less & Paste-less Download - Download the whole Playlist - Auto select Bitrate - Select a custom Bitrate - Trim the Length of audio"
  17. 12

    #20Free Studio DVDVideoSoft

    Free Studio DVDVideoSoft
    Free Studio is a complete multimedia package developed by DVDVideoSoft. All of its free apps are organized in 5 sections for an easy access: Downloaders, Uploaders, Converters, Recorders and Editors.



    Samantha Rios
    Written on May 20, 2017
    "With so much music being put on Youtube, it's sometimes easier to find a video than finding an audio stream. When this happens, I want to download the audio from a Youtube video and maybe put it on my phone. There are a lot of tools to do this but lots of them don't work. I looked at Free Studio DVDVideoSoft to see if it would do the trick. It's a free program that does what I need and more, so I was super satisfied and look forward to exploring more features. "
  18. 11



    PlaylistConverter is a free online tool that enables users to convert their playlists. It can convert playlists from Spotify, Deezer, YouTube, SoundCloud, raw text to Spotify and file formats in M3U, PLS, and CSV.

    Online Tools


    Kyle Ward
    Written on February 3, 2018
    "PlaylistConverter will do a fabulous job of converting your YouTube audio to MP3s, or other file formats. I have really enjoyed the convenience of this product."
  19. 9



    With TubeOffline, a user can download videos from Youtube, SoundCloud, Facebook, Coke & Popcorn, Project Free, Movie4k, Putlocker, Xvideos & many more. This online converter and downloader is free to use.

    Online Tools


    Brandon Lawrence
    Written on November 29, 2017
    "If you're in need of a Youtube audio converter, Tube Offline can do it for you in a snap. Just enter the URL and sit back. It save to MP3 and other file formats."
  20. 9

    #23MacX Video Converter Pro

    MacX Video Converter Pro

    MacX Video Converter Pro is a software exclusively designed for Mac that allows you to do almost everything with a video format: converting, compressing, editing. A huge gallery of features is available. 



    $29.95- Varies by plan

    Mona Lee
    Written on June 8, 2018
    "MacX Video Converter Pro integrates the YouTube video downloader and video converter in one program. The operations are pretty easy. Just copy and paste the YouTube video URL and preset MP3 as the output format. The software will then download the video and convert it to MP3 in a few minutes."
  21. 7



    yctmp3 is a online service that allows users to convert YouTube videos into high-quality MP3 and video files. The tool is free, requires no sign-up, and can be accessed through any platform.

    Online Tools


    web 69
    Written on August 2, 2018
    "very fast"
  22. 6

    #25YouTube Downloader

    YouTube Downloader
    With YouTube Downloader you can download YouTube videos into FLV, MP3, MP4, WMV, AVI, Flash or any other format, 100% for free and without restriction.

    Adam Black
    Written on September 24, 2017
    "This is a popular tool. I've met several people who use this to get music off of youtube. It is easy and most users should be able to figure out how to use this app. Users will be able to download music, or video or both off of youtube."
  23. 5

    #26Video to mp3

    Video to mp3
    Video to Mp3 is very easy to use with a visual timeline for edition. You can set start and end timestamp to only extract parts of your videos.



    Pablo Cortés
    Written on January 12, 2017
    "Although this app works wonders at easily extracting audio from videos and movies that I have downloaded and created myself to play as my ringtone, it is frustrating that I can not use it to convert audio from Youtube videos. The app would be amazing if it could convert Youtube videos to audio, until that occurs this is not my cup of tea."
  24. 2



    SConverter is an online tool for converting YouTube videos using its links to all MP3 quality formats. This free video converter tool supports multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. 

    Online Tools


    Youtube Downloader
    Written on September 27, 2018
    "Right now you can download YouTube videos as MP3 files of the best quality, This is the quickest way to convert Youtube video to mp3. Also you can cut, edit audio files if you want"
  25. 2



    Allavsoft is a powerful software for downloading and converting free videos in different kind of formats from various websites like Dailymotion, eHow. Yahoo Video, etc.


    Windows, Mac

    $29.99- Varies by plan

    Tonya Rabish
    Written on January 11, 2019
    "Allavsoft is highly recommended. It can directly download YouTube music or video to audio format like mp3, wma, wav, flac, m4a, aac etc. It also helps to download youtube video to video format like mp4, avi, wmv etc It support batch downloading and easy to use, what you need to do is copy and paste the youtube music or vieo url and set the output format and click download button"
  26. 1

    #29[TUTORIAL] How To Change YouTube Video To MP3 Audio

    [TUTORIAL] How To Change YouTube Video To MP3 Audio

    In this video tutorial, you can watch the steps to change your YouTube Video to MP3 audio file. 


    Santiago Peralta
    Written on January 26, 2017
    "There are lots of options for choosing YouTube to MP3 conversions, and if you are looking for something to help guide you along the way, this is a good video to use. It's short and easy to understand for anybody looking to make audio files out of YouTube videos."
  27. 1

    #30Youtube to mp3 tutorial

    Youtube to mp3 tutorial

    This video shows you a simple video tutorial to convert youtube videos to mp3 online (no software required). 


    Jonathan Larson
    Written on March 17, 2017
    "The video definitely showed clearly how to convert a Youtube video into an mp3 audio file. However, I am always amazed at the simple spelling mistakes in videos like these. For me, misspelling a word as simple as phone (hpone) results in videos like these losing their credibility."
  28. 0



    FbTube is a free and easy-to-use online tool which can download and convert Facebook and Youtube videos to MP3, MP4, AVI and other formats just copy and paste the link on the browser. 

    Online Tools


    Steven Taylor
    Written on November 23, 2018
    "FbTube is the superb tool for fantastic the audio from YouTube videos and converting it to MP3 format easy and quick. Just copy the URL of a video from your web browser or the address of a whole YouTube playlist and click ‘Paste URL'. Select 'Extract audio' and pick MP3, OGG or M4A, then click 'Extract' and the audio will be converted and saved to the destination of your choice."


Best What are the best YouTube to audio converters
1MP3Converter.tvOnline Tools 64 Free
2Gihosoft TubeGetSoftware 39 Free
3Airy YouTube DownloaderSoftware 38 Paid
4h2ConverterOnline Tools 36 Free
5Online Video ConverterOnline Tools 34 Free
6YouTube MP3Websites 32 Free
7DownTube Free Video DownloaderApps 29 Free
8YouTube MP3 ConverterOnline Tools 27 Free
9YouTube MP3 org Online Tools 26 Free
10GreenMP3 YouTube ConverterOnline Tools 24 Free

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