What are the best yuri anime?

Society is changing, and it's about time we acknowledge and celebrate it. Today, we see more and more people are coming to terms with their true selves, especially when it comes to their gender identity. While there is still a lot to go in the quest for full acceptance, we cannot deny the fact that representation in media has furthered this conversation. One of the best examples on our screens is yuri anime.

What is yuri? Alright, for those who are wondering, yuri is a Japanese term that refers to a genre with lesbian relationships. For some, yuri anime is merely just a term to search on adult sites. Well, they're not wrong in that, because it does contain a lot of sexy and titillating anime lesbian kiss. Trust us, it's more than enough to give them what they need. But for those who are actually craving for some romance and intimacy between lesbian anime girls, searching for the best yuri anime is the way to go. And yes, we got you covered! Whether you're just looking for some girl x girl action or you want to explore complex relationships, this yuri anime list is for you! Are you a fan of Citrus? Do you like Strawberry Panic? Read about these titles here!

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    #1Bloom Into You

    Bloom Into You

    Bloom Into You is a Japanese yuri anime television series adaptation by Troyca released in 2018. It centers on the friendship of high school students Yuu Koito and Touko Nanami who bond together over their similarities. 

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    Citrus is a 12-episode yuri anime television series based on the Japanese yuri manga series by Saburouta. It centers on Yuzu who transfers to an all-girls school after her mother remarries and then later starts a love affair with her stepsister. 

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    Virginia Coleman
    Written on September 12, 2019
    "First of all the very first yuri anime that i watched was Citrus. I can tell that Bloom Into You is nothing like Citrus as this focuses on a complex relationship. "
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    #3Strawberry Panic

    Strawberry Panic

    Strawberry Panic is an anime series based on a yuri manga series of the same name. It centers on a group of teenage girls who are attending three affiliated all-girl schools on Astraea Hill wherein lesbian relationships occur.

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    Ernesto Velázquez
    Written on August 20, 2019
    "This is my all-time favoruite lesbian anime series. I have to admit that it might not offer a big deal of a substance but with the love and the developing relationships among the characters it has provided me a good entertainment. "


Did you know that the word "yuri" has a different usage in the West than in Japan? But, its core meaning remains the same, only the type of content is different. In the West, "yuri" is a genre of lesbian fiction with explicit sexual scenes. In Japan, the term refers to a fiction containing sexual relationship, romance, emotional connection, platonic love, and more between women. Basically, it isn't limited to pornography. But in the West, a fiction wherein girls share a platonic love is called shoujo-ai, which means girls love. Luckily, the West is now adapting to the original usage of "yuri," while shoujo-ai is losing its significance.

Interestingly, "yuri" was a genre made for women. The first "yuri" works were published in magazines aimed at women. Although it was made for the female audience, men who like "yuri" have grown more in Japan along the years. At first, the sudden interest of male customers was a problem but they got recognized once they grew more. This resulted in yuri magazines to stop trying to be female-only. Moreover, the yuri audience either male or female doesn't even care who the main audience of the genre. Furthermore, Strawberry Panic, Simoun, and Maria-sama ga Miteru were the shows which piqued people's interest in yuri in the TV anime world. Unfortunately, it's rare for yuri anime to end up financially successful. This is also the same case with many harem, slice-of-life, and shounen anime

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    #4Sakura Trick

    Sakura Trick

    Sakura Trick is a yuri anime adaptation of the Japanese four-panel manga series written and illustrated by Tachi. It follows the story of inseparable friends Haruka Takayama and Yu Sonoda whose relationship deepens after they kissed.  

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    $7.99- Varies by plan

    Brenda Bennett
    Written on August 20, 2019
    "If you are looking for the best yuri anime, then this is what you are looking for! This is a great example of what yuri should be. In fact, this is what it is in real life. I really love how this is pretty realistic, well except the first episode lol. "
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    #5Destiny of the Shrine Maiden

    Destiny of the Shrine Maiden

    Destiny of the Shrine Maiden, also known as Kannazuki no Miko, is a yuri anime series released in 2004. It centers on Himemiya Chikane and Kurusegawa Himeko who take on the roles of shrine maidens of the moon and sun. 

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    $4.99- 1 month

    Ankita Mehra
    Written on September 12, 2019
    "Honestly Destiny of the Shrine Maiden starts off kind of bland but it gets better the more you watch it. I got frustrated with the love triangle too but then we all know who ended up together because come on this is yuri eh. "
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    #6Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

    Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

    Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid (Kobayashi-san Chi no Meidoragon) is a Japanese anime television series based on the manga of the same name. It centers on office worker Kobayashi who employs a dragon to serve her as a maid. 

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    $7.99- 1 month

    Wang Luo
    Written on September 12, 2019
    "This anime has very strong hints of the yuri genre but you wont get the kissing and holding hands that you crave for tho. But despite that this is very fun to watch. "
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    YuruYuri is an anime television adapation of a yuri anime series of the same name. It revolves around the daily lives of the Amusement Club, along with the school's student council. Currently, the manga series is on hiatus. 

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    Justin Keller
    Written on August 20, 2019
    "All i can say about this yuri anime is that it is a big bundle of laughs. The charcaters are all great and as the story progress on they all grew on me. Definitely worth your time to watch this. "
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    #8Netsuzou Trap

    Netsuzou Trap

    Netsuzou Trap, also known as NTR: Netsuzou Trap, is a yuri shojo anime television series adaptation by Creators in Pack released in 2017. This centers on Yuma and Hotaru's interwoven lives with their boyfriends. 

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    $7.99- 1 month

    Richard Griffin
    Written on September 12, 2019
    "If you are looking for more graphic yuri anime out there then this is what you should be watching but disclaimer though because it doesn't have a full-on hentai. But this is actually pretty sad as it has a surprisingly emotional complex story involving abuse. "
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    #9Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

    Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

    Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid is a Japanese yuri anime TV series released in 2015. It centers on a virgin girl named Mamori who compete in an island using her special powers which can only be activated through her sexual activity with other girls.

    TV Shows

    $5.99- 1 month

    Victoria Andrade
    Written on September 12, 2019
    "This is definitely on my top list of yuri anime. However, i think that its plot and overall fan service might not be everyone's cup of tea as there are too many kisses and much naughtiness. XD"
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    #10Maria-sama ga Miteru

    Maria-sama ga Miteru

    Maria-sama ga Miteru, also known as Maria Watches Over Us, but often shortened to Marimite, is a yuri anime series which focuses on the student council members of Lillian Girls Academy in Tokyo particularly Sachiko and Yumi. 

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    May Ren
    Written on August 20, 2019
    "Maria-sama ga Miteru is the anime which turned me into a yuri anime fan (I know you there aren't that many yuri fans out there). This anime has a fabulous storyline and characterization. Although the anime shows that all the girls are in love with one another but there's really only one real lesbian in the entire story. "
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    #11Aoi Hana (Sweet Blue Flowers)

    Aoi Hana (Sweet Blue Flowers)

    Aoi Hana, also known as Sweet Blue Flowers, is an anime television based on the Japanese yuri manga series of the same name created by Shimura Takako. The story revolves around childhood friends Manjoume Fumi and Okudaira Akira.

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    Lin Hao
    Written on August 20, 2019
    "If you are looking for some Yuri in your lives then I am highly recommending that you watch Aoi Hana. You can never go wrong with this Yuri!"
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    #12Candy Boy

    Candy Boy

    Candy Boy is produced by Anime International Company and directed by Takafumi Hoshikawa. The story is about twin sisters in their second year in Tokyo High School and a freshman Sakuya Kamiyama who has feelings with Kanade. 

    TV Shows

    Heather May
    Written on August 20, 2019
    "First of all I have only watched two Yuri anime which are Strawberry Panic and this is the second one. I dont even know what to say about this anime. LOL But this blows everything else out of the water when it comes to realism. "
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    #13The Girl in Twilight

    The Girl in Twilight

    The Girl in Twilight (Akanesasu Shojo) is a Japanese isekai anime series released in 2018 by the Animax channel. It follows the adventures of high school student Asuka Tsuchimiya and her friends after opening a door to a parallel world. 

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    $5.99- Varies by plan

    Lawrence Alvarado
    Written on September 12, 2019
    "Silly and adorable! IMO the story might not be the best but the characters are great and it is so fun to watch. "
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    #14Love To-LIE-Angle

    Love To-LIE-Angle

    Love To-LIE-Angle, also known as Tachibanakan Triangle, is a yuri anime adaptation TV series. It centers on Natsuno Hanabi who returns home for the first time in six years to attend high school where she ends up in a run-down apartment. 

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    $7.99- 1 month

    Andrea Murray
    Written on September 12, 2019
    "Okay Love To-LIE-Angle is not good and not even bad but i still think it is kind of cute. I feel like there is a lot missing here because it was too short eh. "
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    Kämpfer is a 12-episode anime series adapation of the Japanese light novel series of the same name. This centers on a guy named Natsuru who has a huge crush on Kaede. He was chosen to be a Kämpfer and was transformed into a girl. 

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    $5.99- Varies by plan

    Written on March 7, 2019
    "Its not yuri but you can tell that its yuri"
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    Kanamemo tells a story of Kana Nakamachi whose grandmother recently died. Fearing that her parents will sell her, she ran away from home. She then met Yuma and just like her, becomes a newspaper delivery girl. Every girl around her tosses themselves at her.  

    TV Shows

    $7.99- 1 month

    Angela Martin
    Written on August 20, 2019
    "Kanamemo is a combination of yuri, slice of life, comedy with a little bit of a warm and fuzzy feels anime. So if you like those genres then you should check this out. "


Best What are the best yuri anime
1Bloom Into YouTV Shows 55 Paid
2CitrusTV Shows 55 Paid
3Strawberry PanicTV Shows 31 Paid
4Sakura TrickTV Shows 30 Paid
5Destiny of the Shrine MaidenTV Shows 22 Paid
6Miss Kobayashi's Dragon MaidTV Shows 21 Paid
7YuruYuriTV Shows 18 Paid
8Netsuzou TrapTV Shows 16 Paid
9Valkyrie Drive: MermaidTV Shows 16 Paid
10Maria-sama ga MiteruTV Shows 14 Paid

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