What are the biggest clues revealed in the Stranger Things Season 4 teaser?

Stranger Things season three left us with a lot of unanswered questions. What's gonna happen now that Joyce Byers along with her sons and Eleven are moving out of Hawkins? Since the Russians were in season three, would they still be the main villains? Why was there an American in the Russian prison? Most importantly, what happened to Hopper? Well, we won't have to worry about that for much longer. Ready your best Stranger Things Season 4 theories 'cause the teaser is finally here! Titled "From Russia with love," the trailer opens in the icy wasteland of Russia. There lies a labor camp with prisoners all chained up and forced to work on what looks like a railway. As the camera pans to a certain individual, that person takes off his snow cap. Guess who that person is? It's none other than Jim Hopper himself! But how is he still alive? The last time we saw him was in the Russian lab under Star Court Mall. If memory serves us right, he heroically sacrificed his life to stop the big bad Russians. In the statement that came with the video, the creators confirmed Hopper is alive. But he's imprisoned in the snowy wasteland of Kamchatka. Meanwhile, a new horror is brewing back in Hawkins. According to producers, it looks like the Stranger Things Season 4 Netflix show is going to be the biggest one yet. There's still no announcement about the Stranger Things Season 4 date of release. But be sure to be on the lookout. In the meantime, here's a list of the biggest takeaways from the fourth season teaser. Check it out and see the things that you might have missed! 

  1. 1Hopper is alive and well


    The biggest reveal of the season four trailer is that Jim Hopper is very much alive but he's not exactly well. He's chained up along with some prisoners in some snowy part in Russia. The last time we saw Hopper was in Hawkins during season 3. He was in the secret lab under the Star Court Mall. That's where he heroically destroyed the machine that served as the gateway for the creatures of the Upside Down to enter our reality. Even if he was presumed dead right after, it turns out he's still alive. The only question is, how?

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  1. 2Welcome to Mother Russia


    "From Russia with love," are the exact words written by the Duffer Brothers that came with the release of the fourth season trailer. Not just words, it also happens to be a nod to the 1963 Sean Connery Bond movie of the same name If you remember, season 3 ended in a post-credits scene that showed a Russian prison. Judging by the trailer, it looks like the series will pick up where it left off which is none other than Mother Russia.

  2. 3How did Hopper end up in Russia?


    Since the release of the fourth season teaser, it's raised a lot of questions. One thing that's on everybody's mind is how did Hopper even get there in the first place? Well it appears that even in the post-credits scene in season 3, there were already hints that he was alive. During the scene, it showed a remote prison somewhere in Russia. Two guards were on patrol to pick up one of the prisoners where it was said that there was an American among them. That prisoner was most likely hopper. But how did Hopper end up there? We have to find out.

  1. 4Jaqen H'ghar crosses over from Game of Thrones


    With a new season comes a new set of cast members. The Stranger Things series has been consistent in bringing in new characters every season. There have been no official casting news yet for this upcoming season but if your a fan of Game of Thrones then you might recognize one of the new characters. Tom Wlaschiha, who played "Faceless Man" Jaqen H'ghar in Game of Thrones is set to play the role of a Russian soldier in this series. He's one of the more obvious cast reveals in the short teaser.

  2. 5Chain gang on train tracks


    Along with the reveal that Jim Hopper is still alive, the trailer also shows him working on a Russian chain gang somewhere in the desolate frozen wasteland of the Soviet Union. It seems like the prisoner's are being forced to work on train tracks as could be seen in the teaser. As we know so far from the phrase "From Russia with love" is that it's a nod to the 1963 Sean Connery Bond movie. Oddly enough, that film takes place on the Orient Express, a long distance passenger train. We can assume that with the railroad construction that's happening, trains could serve a purpose this season.


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