What are the biggest moments of Baby Yoda so far in the Mandalorian?

The Child truly is a remarkable creature. Baby Yoda, as the internet calls him, is a mysterious child born of a rare species. He is an individual that is strong with the force despite the unknown mysteries about his origin. One thing's for sure, since his appearance in The Mandalorian, he's been nothing short of a fan-favorite. The series reached the end of its premiere season. The season finale had Baby Yoda in a tight ad delicate situation. Our green here was snatched by a couple of Scout Troopers who planned t deliver him to Moff Gideon. It's a good ting that IG-11 was there to save the day. The finale also revealed a lot of new details. We learned a thing or two about Mando's backstory and that his real name was Din Djarin. Cara Dune also happened to come from a very famous planet, Alderaan. Another was that Gideon appeared to own a legendary weapon forged by a Mandalorian Jedi known as the "darksaber." Even with all that, a lot of the questions about Baby Yoda still remain unanswered. Baby Yoda and Mando's adventures will resume in the second season of Star Wars' first live-action series. But fans will have to wait quite some time before they can see Baby Yoda onscreen yet again. We understand that you just can't get enough of Baby Yoda. Trust us when we say that we do too. So we've come up with a list of Baby Yoda's biggest moments in the Mandalorian right here.

  1. 1Stealing the Mandalorian's gearstick knob


    Fans loved Baby Yoda the moment he appeared on the show but it wasn't until this scene that fans fell in love with him even more. Baby Yoda unscrewed the Mandalorian's gearstick knob to play with. This moment is quite meaningful because it what ends up saving the Child's life. After Mando turns him over to the Client, he returns to his ship only to see that his knob was missing. Then and there, he realized that he cares about his little green companion so he decides to turn back and save his friend.

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  1. 2"Do the magic hand thing"


    The Mandalorian is set a few years after Return of the Jedi. A post-war world that's reeling from a long-time rule of tyranny by an evil empire. A couple of decades later in The Force Awakens, the Force seemed like a mythical legend. That's probably underworld personalities like Greef Karga can't even tell the Force when they see it. Instead, he calls it "the magic hand thing." Who would have guessed that 30 years makes that much of a difference and that the way of the Jedi is pretty much unknown?

  2. 3Getting confused and Force-choking Cara Dune


    This moment is probably considered as the Child's darkest moment in the series. Mando and Cara Dune are in the middle of an arm-wrestling match. As the Child lays eyes upon the unfamiliar scene, he gets confused thinking that Cara is attacking his newfound father figure. That's when baby Yoda begins to Force-choke her just like how Darth Vader used to choke his Imperial officers for their insubordination. 

  1. 4Using the force to stop a mudhorn


    If you've watched the series then you know how small baby Yoda is compared to a raging mudhorn. But despite his size, he's still a gifted force user. When Mando entered a cave, he was suddenly attacked by a mudhorn which sent him flying. The Mandalorian had a hard time taking down the animal because it kept ravaging towards him. That's when the Child intervened and used the Force to stop the mudhorn in mid-air. 

  2. 5Eating soup while watching Mando fight Cara Dune


    In Chapter 4: Sanctuary, the Mandalorian and the Child arrive at an intergalactic soup restaurant. Mando sees Cara Dune sitting at a corner table and immediately becomes suspicious of her. He decides to follow her out into the back and gets into a fight with her. The fight was to see who was the stronger mercenary among the two. As the two went on with their skirmish, they see the Child is casually eating soup while watching both of them.

  3. 6"Are you hiding from us?"


    The Mandalorian's fifth installment features Peli Motto, a ship mechanic who helped out Mando on Tatooine. Motto instantly took a liking to baby Yoda and picked him to give him a cuddle every chance she got. During the episodes final moments, the Child was almost abducted by an individual named Calican. He managed to hide just in the knick of time. Motto found him hiding with her tech and uttered the words, "Are you hiding from us?"

  4. 7Force-healing Greef Karga


    Force-healing was basically unheard of until the seventh episode of the Mandalorian. Greef Karga suffered a major wound during a battle. All of a sudden, the Child boldly steps forward to heal him completely using the force. But this isn't the first time that he tried to force-heal. In a previous episode, the Child also tried to use force-healing but he was put back in his floating crib before he could do it.

  5. 8Getting punched by and saved from a Scout Trooper


    During the Mandalorian's Season 1 finale, something unthinkable happens. Someone actually hurt fan-favorite baby Yoda. When Kuiil failed to protect him, the Child was abducted by a bunch of Scout Troopers on speeders. As the Child attempt to peep out of the bag where the Scout Troopers were holding him, one of the troopers punched him in the face. Poor Baby Yoda! It was later revealed that Jason Sudeikis played the Scout Trooper who committed the heinous act. Bad Jason!

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It's been well over two months since Star Wars fans have been blessed by the presence of a green little tyke. Since then, we just haven't been the same. It's already reached the point where it's become the stuff of legend. During the final moments of The Mandalorian season premiere, the hero finally finds the person that he was looking for. It turns out to be the cutest and most adorable creature in the whole galaxy. Aside from being the cutest thing imaginable, he's also the same species of the great Jedi Master Yoda from the original Star Wars trilogy. It's none other than Baby Yoda! Or at least that's what people call him. Baby Yoda has become a pop culture fixation since he first appeared on the show. Calling him "Baby Yoda" even though he's referred to as "The Child" in the series just feels right. But did you know that Baby Yoda's real name isn't actually Baby Yoda?

At the Golden Globes, creator Jon Favreau and director Taika Waititi were asked about everybody's favorite green tyke. To which they replied, "he's not named Baby Yoda!" Taika added that the Child does have a name and he knows what it is. But, he said he'll wait for Favreau to give it away. Jon also dropped some things about Baby Yoda in Mandalorian explained. Since the show takes place after Return of the Jedi, there's no way that Baby Yoda on Mandalorian is Yoda himself. At that time, Yoda was already a Force Ghost. But Jon didn't end there, he continued to tease us fans by giving a hint about Baby Yoda's real name. He said, "It's the easiest, shortest, most hashtable way to identify that character, which is identified in the episode as "The Child." So who is Baby Yoda Mandalorian? You're gonna have to watch the series and find out!

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