What are the biggest questions you want answered in Castlevania season 3?

Netflix has been doing everything to buff their original anime collection. In their bold attempt, one of the works they’ve picked up for production is the animation adapted from a video game by Konami. Do you have any idea what this anime is? I’m sure you do because if not, then you wouldn’t be here on this page. Anyway, yes, what I’m talking about is Castlevania. The series premiered in the streaming site last 2017 and because of it’s good reception, it’s been greenlighted for a third season already. Is it really good? Of course, it is! It’s actually about Count Dracula and his all-out war against the people of Wallachia. They’ve wronged him by burning his wife at the stake after accusing her of practicing witchcraft. I know, the vampire count is pitiful and his wife didn’t deserve her untimely death. However, the poor innocent citizens of Wallachia are as pitiful as well. Standing head-on against Count Dracula is Trevor Belmont, an outcast monster hunter, together with the Magician Sypha Belnades and Alucard, Dracula’s dhampir son.

A lot has happened since its premiere and now, fans following the series are eager to see how things unfold in Castlevania season 3. Everyone has their own questions and is seeking answers. How will the story proceed? What adventures await the heroes? Is Shaft finally gracing the show? Just as I said, there are so many questions. Keep reading to know what are the biggest questions we want to be answered in Castlevania season 3.

  1. 1What awaits Hector?


    Carmilla has made Hector her slave. Being a skilled Forgemaster, Hector is exploited by Carmilla and she enjoys betaing him. We’re very antsy to know what happens to this guy in season 3.

Keep Binging

Keep Binging

  1. 2Will Dracula be resurrected?


    Isaac was always been favored by Dracula despite being human. Their relationship is so strong that the vampire even made sure to get Isaac to safety in times of trouble. Being his faithful servant with Forge skills, Isaac might be able to resurrect him. 

  2. 3Is Shaft joining the series?


    Dracula is dead. If Isaac can’t resurrect him, then we need another character to do it. A good candidate perfect to do this is the dark priest Shaft. He has appeared in the video game so we wonder if we’ll be seeing him soon.

  1. 4Will Trevor and Sypha be able to track her family?


    After the end of Castlevania season 2, we know that Trevor and Sypha are looking for her family. However, they are nomadic in nature and are called the Speakers. This makes the search difficult. So will they be able to find the Speakers?

  2. 5What kind of place is Styria?


    After her failing the coup she organized, Carmilla and her troops are stranded in Styria. Unfortunately, we know nothing about this place except that it is Carmilla’s home. Will we be able to finally see more of it in Castlevania season 3?


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This list is about What are the biggest questions you want answered in Castlevania season 3
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