What are the biggest reveals about Emperor Palpatine in the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker novelization?

The aftermath of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker's release gave fans more questions than it did answers. Much of the conversation involved things that we didn't get to see during the film. The only way we'll ever find out about them is through supplemental material. Lucky for us, author Rae Carson's novelization 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker- Expanded Edition is set to release. It's a pretty big deal for Star Wars fans. There's a whole lot of story content that left untold and this novel holds the key to all the answers. Just like how the return of Emperor Palpatine in Rise of Skywalker was vaguely explained in the film. Now, we've gotten our hands on some of the biggest reveals about Emperor Palpatine in the novelization. After serving as the main villain for the first six movies, we didn't get to see him in both 'The Force Awakens' and 'The Last Jedi.' Then all of a sudden, it was revealed in The Rise of Skywalker that he had been pulling the strings from behind the scenes in the sequel trilogy. Talk about Emperor Palpatine's 'Unlimited Power' that spans through decades. Even without a clear setup, fans were hyped about the idea and were completely on board. Looks like they made sure to include all the juicy details in this novelization. Want to know all the biggest secrets that were revealed about Emperor Palpatine in Episode 9? Check out this list and see them for yourself!

  1. 1Palpatine tried to create a Force Dyad with Anakin


    If you haven't noticed it yet, one of the more popular plot points during the sequel trilogy was Rey and Kylo Ren's strong connection. At some point, they were even able to communicate through the use of the force. It was later revealed that a rare "Force Dyad" was in play. It's when two Force-sensitive individuals share a unique Force bond that connects their minds across space and time. He tried to create that type of connection with Anakin as the Sith had been trying to artificially formulate one for years.

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  1. 2Rey's father is a failed Palpatine clone


    Once they figured out that the Palpatine Clone in 'Rise of Skywalker' wasn't suitable for the real Emperor, the Sith Eternal started engineering a new body for their master. One of the attempts was a not-so identical clone that couldn't harness Sidious's power. Nevertheless, that clone was allowed to travel the universe and he eventually became Rey's father. We still don't know who he is but maybe they'll look to explore this angle in future.

  2. 3How Emperor Palpatine survived in Return of the Jedi


    As it turns out, Emperor Palpatine had already sensed the "flickering light" in Darth Vader long ago. That's why he has been preparing for his eventual death for years. When Anakin threw him into the Death Star's shaft, he thrust his consciousness far, far away into the body of his clone, Exegol. Unfortunately for him, the transfer was imperfect 'cause the clone body that he used wasn't ideal for his power. Looking back, this adds a whole new meaning to the ending of the sequels. When everyone thought they'd already won, the biggest threat was already planning his next move.

  1. 4Palpatine created Snoke to test Kylo Ren


    We all thought Supreme Leader Snoke to be this new big baddie of the sequel trilogy kind of like how Palpatine was. That's why it was so confusing for fans to see them get rid of him in The Last Jedi that easily. They could've at least given a little bit more detail before they killed him off. Well, it turns out that Emperor Palpatine was the one who made Snoke and there were even multiple Snoke bodies in development. The book takes it even further by saying that Palpatine made Snoke specifically for Kylo Ren to see if he was truly worthy of becoming his successor.

  2. 5The Palpatine in Rise of Skywalker is a clone


    The one thing that's probably on everyone's mind when they saw Rise of Skywalker was how Emperor Palpatine was still alive? We last saw him plummeting to his death down the Death Star shaft in Return of the Jedi and it even exploded. Well, as the Emperor has it, the dark side is a path to many unnatural abilities. A big revelation in the novelization was that The Rise of Skywalker's Palpatine is a clone of the emperor. Palpatine's real body was destroyed and that clone houses his actual spirit. He knew the clone had a limited shelf life that's why he wanted to transfer his essence to a new body - either Rey or Kylo Ren's.


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