What are the biggest unanswered questions left after Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker?

There are a lot of questions that will always seem to linger at the back of our heads after watching our favorite films. When it comes to the best Star Wars movies, then the likeliness of this happening is more imminent. Since the days of the Original Star Wars Trilogy, OG fans have been left hanging for some time until the subsequent trilogy came out to feed curious minds. After the recent conclusion of the nine-film Skywalker saga, this is still the case. Yes, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker has been nothing less of amazing but director J.J. Abrams' conclusion sure still leaves a lot of unanswered questions after watching Star Wars Episode 9. Even though the story and fates of Rey, Kylo Ren, Emperor Palpatine, and the whole galaxy have been seemingly decided through the film, fans would still not back out of some lightsaber-saving debate.

While we may ask for more from the whole Star Wars franchise, this might be the end of it all - or so we may be told. Whatever we felt after watching the film, we will surely hope for more sequels and saga from the Star Wars Universe. On this page, though, we can talk about the biggest unanswered questions left after Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. If you're having a movie withdrawal syndrome, then you can still check on other Star Wars spin-offs or books to help you cope up. We hope the galaxy soon enlightens us with all our unanswered questions and may the force be with us all!

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    Why Luke and Leia did not reveal Rey's fate

    If there was someone who would understand having a father belonging to the Dark Side, it should be Luke Skywalker. But instead of sitting down with Rey to discuss her fate, such does not happen, leaving room for a lot of chaos around the galaxy. This truth is still one of the reasons we have questions left after watching Episode 9.

    • Cindy LuWritten on January 9, 2020
      "This has really got me thinking after watching the film. There must be something we still don't know after The Rise of Skywalker"
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    How did Emperor Palpatine come back?

    Before all of the fuzz about Emperor Palpatine coming back in Episode 9 (which turned out to be for real), we were all aware of him falling from the Death Star via 'The Return of the Jedi'. This is what makes his return to the Galaxy very confusing. A lot of theories regarding cloning and whatnot may be thrown around but there wasn't a clear cut answer to how he really was able to come back.

    • Dylan HudsonWritten on January 9, 2020
      "I was thinking about this even before watching the film. Maybe he was cloned or something??"
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    Where did the Final Order really come from?

    The need for Kylo Ren to kill Rey becomes more imminent because of his apparent inheritance of the Final Order. But, it is worth asking where all of the ships and troopers comprising the dark army actually came from. A lot of inconsistencies are exposed due to the origin of the Final Order's origins and for how long it has been standing idle.

    • Omar ArteagaWritten on January 9, 2020
      "Has it been on hold for like 30 years? The time disparity is just too long LOL"


Did you know that tons of new Star Wars small-screen content are coming soon? Yes, The Rise of Skywalker may signal the end of a Star Wars era but it did leave a lot of room for unanswered questions. Unlike the open-ended storylines of previous Star Wars books and films, the end of Episode 9 creates the end of a well-beloved franchise. But that is in the movies, at least. As we know, The Rise of Skywalker proved to be a huge box office success. It might as well reach the billion-dollar mark. This might add motivation to an already uber-inspired creative team. Yes, The Mandalorian from Disney + was phenomenal and Baby Yoda sat atop the pop culture throne as of lately. This is far from the end though as coming soon to your favorite streaming services is 'The Clone War' series. As another spin-off to the loaded Star Wars galactical stories, it is lined-up together with another series centered around Obi-Wan Kenobi and Cassian Andor. These things, along with Kylo Ren #2 comics can fill the gap in the hearts of millions of Star Wars fans before the next movie is hopefully released.

The Rise of Skywalker left us with lots of big questions that deserved to be answered. Hopefully, the subsequent Star Wars content would be able to answer some, if not most of them. In the meantime, there is time to watch 'The Mandalorian'. It dominates the Star Wars brand's popularity as well as critics' opinion. With its second season due very soon, the visibility of the favorite franchise seems to get even stronger. If all the upcoming Star Wars content can embrace the status quo, we will surely see more Jedis and Storm Troopers in the future.

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    What is Palpatine's bloodline all about?

    Who exactly was Palpatine's better half or how did he deal with having a son (Rey's father)? What does he have to do with Rey's mom? Those are answer-worthy queries for all Star Wars fans. A lot of dynamics regarding the Dark Emperor's bloodline still causes a lot of unanswered questions left after Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. 

    • Teresa CarlsonWritten on January 9, 2020
      "I was just dying to know who Rey's father is and finally.. but then this question pops in your head"
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    What happened with Luke's death?

    We all know that 'The Last Jedi' has its own parallelisms with 'The Rise of Skywalker'. However, it is very evident in the latest Star Wars flick how Luke's sacrifice and death in The Last Jedi lack the honor it deserves. What exactly has the Jedi's loss come about? This is a question that remains unanswered after Episode 9.

    • Francisco del ÁngelWritten on January 9, 2020
      "I agree. Was Luke's death all in vain? maybe his death was overshadowed by the Final Order idk"
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    Where is Ben Solo?

    Kylo Ren's change of heart to be back as Ben Solo is probably one of the things Star Wars fans have really prayed for. It finally happens in Episode 9 but after falling off to a near-death, Ben seems nowhere to be found until the end. Probably, he would stay in limbo until only God knows when.

    • Linda ZhongWritten on January 9, 2020
      "I hope we get to see Kylo Ren again if there is another chance past Episode 9 :("
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    What's between Lando and Jannah?

    The connection between Lando and Jannah has been an interesting debate for Star Wars fans. Based on discussions, there is seemingly a connection between the two. Is Jannah Lando's daughter? When Lando suggests that they find out where Jannah came from actually, there is some air for curiosity and we all deserve to be treated to an explanation.

    • Linda ZhengWritten on January 9, 2020
      "Fan theories suggest Jannah is Lando's daughter and why not? LOL"
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    Does Finn belong to a certain Force?

    Throughout the whole time that we were fascinated by Finn's piloting skills (since The Force Awakens), we still couldn't really understand if he is in fact in touch with the Force. Remember when Rey and Finn got stuck in a sandpit? Finn seems to almost spill his Force-sensitivity but as usual, such leaves us with an unanswered question.

    • Bella ZhangWritten on January 9, 2020
      "I was kinda certain he knew about the Force in that sandpit scene actually"

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