What are the craziest Studio Ghibli theories that will have you second guessing?

Do you think Studio Ghibli's creators were able to predict the success of the majority of their films? Their films have a certain impact on audiences of different ages. You can tell that Studio Ghibli's films have a massive appeal when fans start coming up with theories. Whether they are completely true, false, or open to interpretation, they are still interesting to note. Some theories are debunked completely by Studio Ghibli themselves whereas others are unknown. The only theory turned truth would be about the villagers in Princess Mononoke. Still, there are crazy Studio Ghibli theories that are definitely not safe for younger audiences. They involve explicit concepts that only a mature audience can discuss. Although not all theories are necessary for a mature viewer. There are some Studio Ghibli theories that are straightforward. Even a young kid can understand the theory and be amazed by it all in the same light. If you're a fan of Studio Ghibli films, these theories are worth looking into. You might find yourself watching these films with a fresh perspective. Yes, the Studio Ghibli movies are magical, but with magic comes dark corners and unique backstories. Get ready for a wild ride!

If you want to see how these theories play out in the films, you can also check out this list of best Studio Ghibli movies! You might've overlooked these mind-blowing theories when you first watched the films. Let us know which Studio Ghibli theory made you wonder if it's actually true or not!

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    The bathhouse might be a brothel

    Spirited Away is one of Studio Ghibli's most famous films. That's why it comes as no surprise that theories about the movie would spring up. An interesting theory is a possibility of Yubaba's bathhouse actually being a brother. The signage in front of the bathhouse reads "Yu" which means hot water. Seems rather tame? Well, women in prostitution used to conduct their deeds in a bathhouse. Get this, the women in charge of the bathhouse were also called Yubaba. Coincidence? You might find other parts in this movie that fits that narrative.

    • Amber WebbWritten on December 30, 2019
      "OKAY!!! i actually never thought about this and i've watched spirited away more times than my fingers can count and it makes sense! everything about the bathhouse screams a brothel!!!!"
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    Totoro is a Shinigami

    On the surface, Totoro in My Neighbor Totoro seems like a huge but friendly creature. Although some fans speculate that Totoro is actually a Shinigami or a God of Death. This is because the film's story is akin to a Japanese murder case called The Sayama Incident. Back in 1963, a young girl got kidnapped and the girl's younger sister committed suicide after the former's body was retrieved. Although My Neighbor Totoro ends on a much happier note, people still believed in this theory. There was even a point that Studio Ghibli had to deny the theory saying it wasn't true at all.

    • He ShenWritten on December 30, 2019
      "I can't wrap my head around this Studio Ghibli theory, I think it was just a coincidence really but it is still fascinating!"
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    Princess Mononoke Villagers with Leprosy

    In the Studio Ghibli film Princess Mononoke, there is a place known as Irontown. Irontown is considered a safe place for residents after they get sick. Since the villagers are covered in bandages, it is believed that they have Leprosy. Out of all the theories on this list, this one was actually confirmed by Hayao Miyazaki himself. Miyazaki visited a hospital and interacted with Leprosy patients. From there, he drew inspiration for what the Irontown villagers were experiencing.

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    A Crossover between Ponyo and Kiki's Delivery Service

    This Studio Ghibli theory is more straightforward than the other theories here. A Redditor spotted and concurred that Ponyo and Sosuke and Mr. and Mrs. Osono are the same people. The theory elaborates that Ponyo and Sosuke stay as friends, grow up together and get married. Thus they open a bakery together as Mr. and Mrs. Osono. Even though Kiki's Delivery service was made years before Ponyo you can't deny the uncanny resemblance!

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    All Studio Ghibli films are linked together

    This might seem obvious since these films came from the same production studio. Although it is still fascinating to know that you can see famous characters in other films. It's like easter eggs for Studio Ghibli fans. A notable crossover would be a book about Totoro that is on a shelf in the film “Whisper of the Heart,” among many others. If you've got eagle eyes you can spot them yourself!

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Best What are the craziest Studio Ghibli theories that will have you second guessing
1The bathhouse might be a brothelOther 19 Paid
2Totoro is a ShinigamiOther 18 Paid
3Princess Mononoke Villagers with LeprosyOther 8 Paid
4A Crossover between Ponyo and Kiki's Delivery ServiceOther 3 Paid
5All Studio Ghibli films are linked togetherOther 1 Paid

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