What are the creepiest Pokedex entries?

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For the most part, Pokemon are the cutest creatures you will ever encounter. Although this doesn't mean they don't carry immense power and skill with them. Despite their cute appearance, you have to be aware that some of them are way too creepy to be around children. The Pokedex lists any Pokemon you will stumble upon and on the rare occasion, you might be in for a grim surprise. On the surface, these Pokemon seem normal but once you get to know more about their nature, the creepier they get. By creepy, it can either be as simple as their appearance or can even go deeper into the story of their lives. The wild Pokemon have some dark backstories that are worth unraveling. You might wonder what's the name of the Pokemon who is the scary version of Pikachu. Well, you will see that and more on this list of creepiest entries on the Pokedex. Aside from that, you will catch them with skills that are somehow connected to their dark pasts. From those tree creatures who possess the spirits of dead children to one who wears their mother's skull as a mask. If you're an avid fan of Pokemon, you might have an idea who we're talking about. Brace yourself for these creatures who are charming yet scary all at the same time. The word creepy varies for everyone but the majority have to agree that these creatures will have your hair raising. Which creepy Pokemon on this list gave you goosebumps? Share your thoughts on the comments section below.

  1. 1Phantump


    Phantump is an old tree stump that takes the spirit of dead children who end up lost in the woods before passing away. They can even imitate the cries of children in a forest to make anyone who hears them disoriented. Although by doing this, Phantump doesn't want to harm anyone, they only want some good company. Despite that, you don't want to end up as a lost child whose spirit manifests as a stump.

Keep Binging

Keep Binging

  1. 2Drifloon


    Drifloon is a cute Pokemon on the surface however it has the ability to take anyone to the afterlife, especially if they aren't too heavy. What happens if you pop a Drifloon? Well, you can expect all the souls inside of it to come out with a piercing scream. You shouldn't leave young ones with a Drifloon because they can easily take them away.

  2. 3Cubone


    More than the Pokemon itself, what makes Cubone part of this list is mainly because of their tragic backstory. Cubone is described as a lonely Pokemon but this is because they lost their mother at a young age. Cubone's character design shows them wearing their mother's skull as a mask in honor of their mother's memory.

  1. 4Mimikyu


    Mimikyu is a ghost and fairy type pokemon that hides under a cloth somewhat resembling Pikachu. It is known for changing its outer form once attacked by an opponent. This fairy and ghost pokemon is known to be weakened by the sun. The Pokemon cannot be seen in its true form because if anyone does, they will be deceased on the spot.

  2. 5Parasect


    Once a lively bug-type Pokemon, Parasect is the grim evolution of Paras. Parasect is basically a zombie-like Pokemon since its actions are controlled by a fungus that completely takes over its body and mind. Without the control of its master, the Parasect remains to be an unmoving slave which is rather sad considering it used to be a happy little bug.


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