What are the most anticipated DC movies that could be adapted from the comic books?

Warner Bros. is working hard on producing a lot of DC Comics films that are both live-action and animation. Most of the live-action DC films are part of the ongoing DC Extended Universe (DCEU). DC's main competitor, Marvel Studios, has built up their cinematic universe since 2008. Most of which have become very popular movies not just in the US but the entire globe. That's why Warner Bros. and DC have been doing everything that they possibly can to build a franchise that exists on a similar level. Warner Bros. officially kicked off a DC Extended Universe with Man of Steel in 2013. After that, "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" served as a sequel to Man of Steel. The DC movies list is eventually rounded up with Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, and Justice League. After changing up a few things, Warner Bros. and DC have pieced together an enthusiastic slate of movies some of which are already in the works. According to recent updates, it looks like several upcoming DC films are going to be standalone projects. Just take for example Todd Phillips' Joker origin movie starring Joaquin Phoenix. Walter Hamada is in charge of overseeing DC films alongside VP of DC production, Chantal Nong. Upon reading this, there are more than two dozen DC Comics-based movies in various stages of development. Among the DC movies coming out soon, we know that fans are equally excited about all the films. Still, we made sure to make a list of the top picks of what we think will be the most anticipated ones right here.

  1. 1The New Gods


    DC is cooking up a blockbuster project that's specifically an adaptation of Jack Kirby's "The New Gods." The film will introduce audiences to the worlds of Apokolips and New Genesis. Both of which are two alien worlds that have been at war for a very long time. Favorites like Mister Miracle, Big Barda, Orion, Granny Goodness, and of course Darkseid could all be included in this mega-hit crossover. Director Ava Duvernay and comic book writer Tom King are set to work together in writing the film's script but we still don't know when we'll get to see the finished result.

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Keep Binging

  1. 2Green Lantern Corps


    Following the Green Lantern movie that was released in 2011, it looks like Warner Bros. and DC Comics are rebooting the story of the famed intergalactic peace keeping force. Only this time they're gonna do things a little differently. Instead of just focusing on a single Emerald Knight, they're going to be making a team movie about the Green Lantern Corps. A lot fans were surprised when Green Lantern wasn't included in the original Justice League lineup. With this potentially upcoming film, it becomes a little clearer why.

  2. 3Plastic Man


    It seems that DC has definitely passed the whole "dark and gritty phase," of the franchise. Especially since the release of Shazam, fans can expect them to make even more funnier and quirkier superhero movies. An example of this is the in-development Plastic Man film. He's undoubtedly one of the silliest characters in the DC Universe. That's why it's almost impossible not to imagine the film anything but straight-up comedy. Still, the project is still in its early stages but it's already in the works.

  1. 4Black Adam


    Black Adam is a supervillain that is the ancient Egyptian predecessor of Captain Marvel who was given powers by Shazam but survived into the modern era to challenge the hero and his family. He has the same powers as Captain Marvel along with his immortality.

  2. 5Batgirl


    Every DC Universe fan is excited about the highly anticipated appearance of Batgirl in a DCEU film. Just like how Wonder Woman was introduced in Batman V Superman, Barbara Gordon could make her debut in Birds of Prey. Hey, maybe she could even get her own solo movie. I mean, one can dream. Ideally, she could make her grand entrance during the final battle against Black Mask. Assuming that the movie has an epic scene such as that.


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