What are the most anticipated moments fans want to see in the inevitable Spider-Man and Venom crossover?

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Throughout the years, we have already witnessed the mind-blowing effect of MCU films in full capacity, or have we, really? On countless occasions, Marvel has been able to produce crossover films that served as a fulfillment to fans' dreams. A few decades back, would all the Avengers be able to assemble in one place together?, or can fans see the full Marvel cast in 'Civil War' all at once? A scene with the whole Marvel ensemble fighting Thanos has proven to be a huge hit, but can we say the same about that certain one-on-one rivalry that we are still waiting to see unfold?This is why fans can't seem to wait and see what happens when Venom finally meets Spider-Man in theaters. If you're still weary about the possibility of this happening, you might want to relax for now as Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has already hinted at a Holland-Hardy partnership in the not-so-distant future. With Spidey and his arch-nemesis already seemingly set-up for an on-screen showdown, it seems like we are only waiting for an official release date. Dive into this list to see some of the most anticipated moments fans want to see in the inevitable Spider-Man and Venom crossover. This time, we might see that one full-blown battle we've been waiting for.

  1. 1The team-up against Carnage


    It can be a bit confusing for non-fans to understand but at one point during the Amazing Spider-Man comics timeline, Venom and Peter Parker actually had to team up. Apparently, that symbiote was too strong that it had changed Cletus Kasady completely to become what we know as Carnage. With the first Venom film failing to fully showcase what a straight-up villainous battle would look like, the Spider-Man and Venom crossover can be the perfect stage to create an ultimate three-way handicap match. 

Keep Binging

Keep Binging

  1. 2Spider-Man's black suit


    For those unaware, Venom actually debuted in the Marvel comics as an alternate black suit for Spider-Man. Yes, if you have seen Spidey with a creepy costume, that must be it! That black suit actually happens to be the link between Venom and Peter Parker as the latter gets rid of it because of the suit's evil nature. Fans would surely want to see the real story behind this connection by way of the crossover film. Who knows, would Spider-Man actually grow to be that evil symbiote villain if he continued to fascinate himself with the black suit?

  2. 3More stories from the comics


    Fans probably have been feeling the disappointment for a long time already. However, it isn't too late to reincorporate more of the comics stories between Spider-Man and Venom in a movie setting. Due to Sony's licensing rights and other issues, the Venom film had to rely on creating a plot fully detached from anything about Peter Parker. With the issue resolved recently, we will probably get to see the deep origins of the Spider-Man and Venom feud in full display by way of the crossover movie, just like in the comics. That means more fights, more backstories, and more sequels, right?

  1. 4A more dangerous Venom


    Throughout the years, Venom wasn't really portrayed to be 'the ultimate villain'. Aside from the 2018 feature flick's attempt and the madness he displayed in the comics, what is it that really makes Eddie Brock's motives to fight Peter Parker clear? After all, a lot of fans even question if it is actually Brock or the symbiote's actions that take control most of the time. Aside from just featuring a dangerous and cool-looking villain, shouldn't the upcoming crossover film explore the core of why Venom hates Spider-Man that much?

  2. 5A clearer connection to the Marvel Universe


    While Spider-Man has been an honorary member of the Avengers through his appearances in the MCU movies, Venom seems to be isolated in his own supervillain universe. While this may serve some fans well, there is still an uproar from Marvel diehards to see an established link between Venom and the rest of the superhero-heavy line-up from the franchise. Could we possibly see Spidey and Venom with the likes of Captain America and Hulk in the background? Seems far-fetched for sure, but we'll never know, right?


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