What are the most awesome My Hero Academia cosplays?

The hit new anime series 'My Hero Academia' is taking the world by storm! Now on its fourth season, the anime has had strong viewership and fans are enjoying every bit of it. But we're not going to talk about the details of every episode of the series. Instead, we're going to talk about something else. If you're a fan of anime then you've probably heard of the term cosplay. Cosplay is a shortened form of two words, costume and play. It's where people dress up as their favorite anime characters and even act out their roles. It's become a huge part of anime culture throughout the years. Now, as fans of My Hero Academia, have you ever stopped to look at all the good My Hero Academia costumes and cosplays out there? There's a lot of them! Like a lot, a lot. That's great news for the franchise. It just goes to show that a lot of people are passionate about the anime and their favorite My Hero Academia heroes (and villains of course). But if we were to narrow it down, there are some cosplays out there that really stand out. A lot more than others and they're amazing. To be honest, some of them are so much like the ones in the anime that they could even be used for a live-action rendition of the anime. We've included the best of the best in this list of the most awesome My Hero Academia cosplays. Cosplay girls, cosplay babes, cosplay hotties, you name it! Check out this list and see for yourself!

  1. 1Ochaco 'Uravity' Uraraka


    For all you Uraraka fans out there, you can't deny that this cosplayer is drop-dead gorgeous! GhostieeMuffinnCosplay does a great job of imitating her entire character design. The costume is spot-on, her look is to die for, and that shot with the bubble at the exact moment is pure perfection! She rounds it up with her makeup and hair that just makes it even more beautiful. She definitely deserves to be on this list!

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  1. 2Katsuki Bakugo


    In the world of My Hero Academia, Bakugo is known for his explosive and aggressive nature and that goes without saying. This cosplay by artist 'simons.aliens' shows a calm, cool, and collected side of him. The hair is on point and his outfit showcases the latest version of Bakugo's costume. The only thing missing is those giant grenades that he wears as bracers and it would've as close to the original as possible. Still, he did a great job of capturing the look in this one. Props to him!

  2. 3Shota 'Eraser Head' Aizawa


    Prepare to get chills down your spine 'cause this Eraser Head can stare into your very soul. Taiwanese cosplayer Shu Masumi went over and beyond in bringing Aizawa's serious personality to life with his version of Class 1-A's homeroom teacher. The red contacts add a lot of flair to the character and he's pretty much got the goggles down to go along with his signature capturing bandages. This is the one time where we can all agree that this Eraser's too cool for school.

  1. 4Toru 'Invisible Girl' Hagakure


    One word: Wow! How did she even do that? If you've been a fan of My Hero Academia since the beginning, then you probably know about Class 1-A member, Hagakure, and here pretty neat quirk. You would think there's no way a real person could ever pull off cosplay of someone that's invisible, right? Well, Aicosplays just showed us! She managed to pull off one of the most interesting renditions of Toru that looks just like a floating school uniform. How did she even do that? It's way too awesome!

  2. 5All Might


    Of course, who can forget everyone's favorite pro hero, the best of the best, it's none other than All Might! HA-HA-HA-HA! Cosplayer 'leonchiro' really went all out with his costume. It's almost as if he came straight out of the manga! From the hair to his physique, and even his costume. It's almost uncanny and he really looks like All Might in the flash. All you villains better watch out, 'cause the number one pro hero is in town.

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