What are the most controversial incests in movies?

It's very uncommon to see incest in movies. Unlike themes like violence, crime, or horror which are prominent in films nowadays. Incest is a delicate topic that could either be explored or exploited by film creators. Consider the type of incest relationships: mother and son, father and daughter, brother and sister, Etc. All these pairings have been charged with being too exploitative. Whether it be emotional, offensive, evil, and provocative to a certain extent. Regardless of nature, these accusations are nothing but true. Incest movies are usually limited to low-budget flicks. Only a handful of actors agree to do these projects and the films never break into universal critical acclaim. Still, there have been some films that explore the emotional side of incestuous relationships. These examples showcase how people were provoked or pressured to form said relationships. As said before, incest is a touchy subject that's why it's not typically seen in mainstream cinema. They're mostly seen in independent films just because of the nature of the industry to incorporate gritter themes. These themes were meant to shed light on a world that isn't presented in Hollywood movies. You could say that its purpose is to give an eye-opening experience. Filmmakers also consider that shareholders aren't quick to jump on projects that feature taboo relationships. Still, as history has it there are quite a lot of movies that have had incest relationships included in them. So if you're curious which incest movie to watch, here's a list of the most controversial incests in movies!

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    Chris and Cathy

    The 1987 film Flowers in the Attic, which was an adaptation of V.C. Andrew's novel of the same name. Its story has two generations of incest, one with the parents and another with their children. A forbidden relationship was formed between siblings Chris and Cathy after months that they were locked in their grandmother's mansion. The two, along with their younger siblings Cory and Carrie are also a product of an incest relationship. Their mother, Carrie, married her uncle, who was her father's half-brother.

    • Vibhore MistryWritten on October 14, 2019
      "Flowers in the Attic is a great incest movie. It not only has one incest but two! It places just right on this list but if on any other circumstances, I can rank this number one. 💯"
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    Anthony and Barbara Daly Baekeland

    This on-screen intrafamilial relationship is actually based on true events. Savage Grace was based on the story of heiress and socialite Barbara Daly Baekeland and her son Anthony, and how she died in the hands of her son. Barbara seduced her son in an attempt to cure him of "gayness." But it was not just one night, which made Tony, who is schizophrenic, more and more anxious and depressed. After several tries, Tony successfully murdered his mother by stabbing.

    • Gary DanielsWritten on October 14, 2019
      "Wow, I never knew this is one of the few real incest movies! I just thought that this movie is too good to be true! Yet again, I was proven to be wrong."
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    Nina and Paul Deer

    The 2005 American thriller movie The Quiet might not have received positive reviews from its critics, but it has one of the most disturbing incests in a film. In the story, Dot, a deaf and mute teenager moves in with her godparents Paul and Olivia Deer and their daughter Nina. She soon discovers the family's deepest secrets, one being the unhealthy incestuous relationship between her godfather and godsister.

    • Dhruv JainWritten on October 14, 2019
      "I thought that the mute and deaf teen was the one involved. I actually got excited a bit because I have a thing for pretty mute teens. "
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    Hélène and Pierre

    Ma Mère exhibits an example of the Oedipus complex when a recently widowed Hélène took her son Pierre on vacation in the Spanish Canary Islands. The summer house became an instrument for them to become increasingly attracted to each other. Another messed up thing about this was that the French-Spanish-Austrian-Portuguese film was actually released in time for Mother's day.

    • Saúl MeléndezWritten on October 14, 2019
      "Ma Mère is actually a great movie to watch not only because it is one of the best movies about incest. I also think that the whole thought of the story is award-worthy."
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    Dae-Su Oh and Mi-Do

    This 2003 mystery film from Park Chan-wook probably had one of the greatest incest plot twists in movie history. After being locked up in a small room for no apparent reason, Dae-Su Oh hunts down the man who took his freedom away from him and forms a relationship with a female sushi chef Mi-do. It was unknown for Dae-Su until the end that the woman he was making love with was his daughter, thanks to his captor Woo-jin Lee who plotted all of this since the beginning.

    • Andy MaWritten on October 14, 2019
      " I don't know why this list of the most controversial movies with incest placed the Oldboy pairing at the bottom half. It just doesn't make sense. The twist of this movie's plot is so disturbing to watch that it became beautiful."
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    Divine and Crackers

    John Waters' 1972 exploitation comedy movie Pink Flamingo features one of the funniest incestuous relationships due to the level of its absurdity. Divine, a drag queen criminal on the run was challenged by another couple criminal to the title of "the filthiest person alive." Her response surely won the title, as she and her son Crackers went to the Marble's residence and licked and rubbed the furniture. The activity excited them so much to the point that Divine fellates her son. The film was banned in some countries.

    • Doris ChapmanWritten on October 14, 2019
      "This movie is so disgusting that it became hilarious. Although it is not an incest movie per se, I think the scene where Divine sucked the heck out of Crackers' dong is enough to consider this one. 😂"
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    Théo, Isabelle, and Matthew

    The twincest ménage à trois of Théo, Isabelle, and the American Matthew was the center of Bernardo Bertolucci's 2004 film The Dreamers. Although there was no direct and on-screen intercourse between Isabelle and Théo, a scene shows the latter pleasuring himself in front of his sister. On another scene, Théo watches his twin take off Matthew's clothes, and proceeds to cook his own food while watching the two get it on on the floor.

    • Huang DongWritten on October 14, 2019
      "Damn! I thought that when you are twins, you should love each other as siblings. I just think that this movie just went far beyond the line. If you want to watch movies about incest involving twins, I highly recommend The Dreamers! "
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    Lolita and Humbert

    The movie "Lolita" is considered as one of the crowning jewels of incest movies. It gained recognition through the steamy sexual relationship in the film that bordered with pedophilia. Humbert, a professor, marries a single mother named Charlotte just to get closer to her daughter Dolores ("Lo" is her nickname). When Charlotte was killed in a car accident, Humbert is left to take care of Lo or Lolita which further strengthens their incestuous relationship.

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    Brendon and Sissy

    Steve McQueen's "Shame" is a powerful drama that drills through the darkest corners of the human psyche. Michael Fassbender (Brendon) is a New York executive and sex addict that has constant sex with prostitutes. On top of that, he's also heavily addicted to masturbation. But, when his sister Sissy (Carey Mulligan) stays with him for a couple of days, he's forced to change his ways. The level of intimacy between the two is what gives off hints about their incestuous relationship.

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    Jack and Rose

    The intrafamilial relationship in The Ballad of Jack and Rose is not too wild compared to other films that tackle the sensitive subject. Jack lived with his daughter Rose on a secluded island and raised her alone after his wife left. Their isolated existence resulted in Rose growing up becoming infatuated with her father, loving him beyond the love a daughter has for her parent.

    • Eduardo CaballeroWritten on October 14, 2019
      "Instead of being disturbed, I find The Ballad of Jack and Rose to be more of a romantic movie. A love felt in the wrong place and the wrong time. I also don't think that t his movie should be on this list of the most controversial incest in movies."


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2Anthony and Barbara Daly BaekelandCharacters 13 Paid
3Nina and Paul DeerCharacters 7 Paid
4Hélène and PierreCharacters 3 Paid
5Dae-Su Oh and Mi-DoCharacters 2 Paid
6Divine and CrackersCharacters 1 Paid
7Théo, Isabelle, and MatthewCharacters 1 Paid
8Lolita and HumbertOther 0 Paid
9Brendon and SissyOther 0 Paid
10Jack and RoseCharacters -2 Paid

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