What are the most fascinating facts about Blade Runner?

If you haven't heard of everybody's all-time favorite sci-fi noir, Blade Runner, then boy, where the hell have you been? Owing to its imaginative plot, insane visuals, action-packed scenes, and honest-to-goodness theme, the film helped usher in a new era of science fiction. Directed by Ridley Scott and starring Harrison Ford, the movie introduced us to Rick Deckard, a retired 'Blade Runner' who's bent on taking down all artificial humans called Replicants on Earth. Now, although it was released in 1982, Blade Runner is still cited as one of the best of its genre. It's also had a major influence on all the films that came after it. Not just that! Blade Runner has grown into a cult classic that it's been widely used in many ads back in the day.

With that kind of success, you have to wonder, where did Scott get his inspiration for the film? How many versions of it were filmed before it was released? And why was it called 'Blade Runner'? Well, these are things we're about to answer! On this page, we created a list of all the fascinating facts about Blade Runner you haven't heard of. If you haven't gotten around to watching Blade Runner, then we're telling you, you have to do it now. Trust us, it's worth your precious time. And while you're at it, you might also be interested in watching its long-awaited sequel - Blade Runner 2049 - through these websites!

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    Death has something to do with the film's dark undertones

    Growing up, director Ridley Scott knew little about his brother Frank Scott. At the tender age of 16, Frank had to leave his family for a job aboard a ship. He then went on to relocate to Singapore for 14 years. Still, Ridley tried his best to connect with his brother. At the same time, unfortunately, Frank had been diagnosed with cancer that eventually led to his death. Scott used this to explore the pain he felt after losing a loved one. Hence, the dark themes of the film.

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    It holds a special place in Rutger Hauer’s heart

    As of writing, Rutger Hauer can boast of more than 170 films under his belt. Yet, out of all these works, Blade Runner is one of the performances that he considers to be a favorite. In fact, he admitted to devoting his time and effort to his character, so much so that he even wrote his iconic “tears in the rain” monologue.

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    The title had several iterations

    From 'The Blade Runner' to 'Bladerunner', the writing team actually vacillated between different titles before settling with 'Blade Runner'.  Yup, as ludicrous as it may sound to some, choosing the title was no way an easy park. Well, when you come to think of it, the current one is probably the easiest to recall.

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    There was some sort of tension between Scott and Ford

    For a movie this successful, you would think that everyone on the set had to get along. Well, Blade Runner was different. Unfortunately, the director and lead actor had irreconcilable differences. Scott once expressed that the film was difficult to make, while Ford didn't like working with Scott very much.

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    Scott came to blows with his crew

    In an interview, Scott caught the ire of his crew when he said that he would rather work with English people since they were more responsive to orders. His crew retorted by wearing statement shirts that said, 'Yes gov’nor, my ass.' Scott didn't let this pass and wore his own T-shirt that read 'Xenophobia sucks.' Whose side would be on?

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    Those spinners? Yeah, they're real vehicles

    The Spinners used in the film were actual full-sized cars built by Gene Winfield. The custom car creator made 25 of those for the film. When filming finally came to an end, he loaned them out to other productions. So, if you see one in the background of a shot in “Back to the Future II, then there's a good chance it's a Spinner.

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    Seven versions of the film were shot

    By now, you've probably seen all of them. But just in case you only saw the original one, then we encourage you to watch the other six. After all, Blade Runner is pretty well-known for the plurality of its meanings and endings. This was due to the clashes between Scott and the producers that led to multiple cuts that cater to different interpretations. If you ask us, we think each one is amazing.

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    It's the most sampled film in 20th-century music

    Yup, in 2004, it was named as the most sampled film in music, and for good reason - it rules. In fact, Blade Runner's soundtrack and dialogue have been repeatedly used in songs and other media for over 700 times. Talk about iconic, right?

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    Rumor has it that it's cursed

    Coca-Cola, Tsingtao Beer, Cuisinart, PanAm, Atari, RCA, and Bell Phones. You wanna know what they all have in common? They were all featured in the movie. And apparently, that didn't end well for these companies. Some of them went bankrupt, leading others to believe that the film is cursed.

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    It has its own language

    Remember that scene where Deckard meets with fellow detective Gaff, played by Edward James Olmos, and they both speak a language that's unique to them. Apparently, it's an original language called 'Cityspeak.' Olmos created it by combining Japanese, German, Spanish, Hungarian, Chinese, and French.

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