What are the most important details you need to know about the upcoming Parasite HBO series?

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If there is one film to be considered the runaway winner for the recently-concluded Oscars, it would have to be Bong Joon Ho's Parasite. Certainly, the veteran Korean director was able to take his talents to the world stage as the film garnered four different Academy recognitions, such as Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, and Best International Feature. The dark comedy movie is something that has taken over critics in an almost unanimous manner. It is very rare to find bad reviews said about the film. This is proof of how well-made this movie is and also serves as testimony to the rising tide from international features around the world of cinema. Together with director Bong is a heavyweight cast that boasts of seasoned veterans Song Kang Ho, Lee Sun Gyun, Jang Hye Jin and Cho Yeo Jeong, plus younger actors Choi Woo Shik, Park So Dam, and Jeong Ji So.

Well, if you think that you'll have to keep rewatching Parasite on your favorite streaming services to relive its amazing story, you got it wrong. After it took over the Oscars, it was also announced that director Bong will be creating a TV series adaptation for the much-adored film. When is it going to be released? Who's going to be on it? While we can not be certain for now, all we know is that HBO will be streaming it. Also, fans can anticipate another amazing story from South Korea's best movie ensemble which is equal parts fun and mind-blowing. Here are some of the details you need to know about the upcoming Parasite HBO limited series

  1. 1The cast's return is unconfirmed


    A huge part of Parasite's success can be attributed to its cast. Aside from Director Bong's obviously great ideas, the veteran Song Kang Ho certainly led this iconic group of actors to create a rare cinematic masterpiece. However, with its upcoming HBO series adaptation in its infant stages of development, there is still no word if Jang Hye Jin, Park So Dam and the rest of its roster will be featured on the small screen. 

Keep Binging

Keep Binging

  1. 2It might be a six-hour series


    For its two-hour running time, Bong Joon Ho surely has put in a lot of mind-blowing scenes and plot twists in the movie. However, the director has revealed that there are more backstories left untold within the movie's premise. These unseen stories may be very well the subject of the upcoming limited series, The director has hinted that it could total 6 hours, but nothing is really confirmed at this time. 

  2. 3Mark Ruffalo might be part of it


    Could we possibly see The Hulk himself in this highly-anticipated TV series? While the Parasite HBO series has not finalized its casting choices yet, the buzz around the industry hints at the Oscar nominee actor Mark Ruffalo possibly gracing the show. While it is unclear what role he will play, or if he will even be on it, who isn't intrigued about an actor of his caliber joining a Bong Joon Ho project?

  1. 4Streaming services wanted it


    While Parasite became one of 2019's hottest movies, if not the hottest, little did we imagine that there would be talks of a series adaptation as soon as the start of the awards season. Well, it was recently revealed that HBO and Netflix had to enter a bidding war for the rights to air the Korean movie's continuation. At the end of it all, though, director Bong chose to go with HBO and continue its tradition of creating successful TV shows. 

  2. 5A lot of extended scenes


    While Parasite's story seems intricate and thoroughly-detailed, director Bong reveals that a lot of scenes from the movie are yet to be expounded as they have additional details connected to it. Have you ever thought of how housekeeper Mun Gwang was able to cleverly hide her husband on a bunker for so long? We can only wait for more scenarios to come up when the series is finally released. In the end, you might even find a new favorite character. 


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