What are the most insane things that happened in Marvel's Cosmic Ghost Rider mini-series?

At this point, we already know Marvel’s fascination with Multiverses. We’ve seen Doctor Strange check the 14 million possible outcomes of the Infinity War between the Avengers and Thanos. Though the Avengers won in the Endgame movie, that didn’t stop writer Donny Cates to explore the other possibilities and show us what could’ve happened. Take for example Marvel’s Cosmic Ghost Rider mini-series. The premise of this story is that Thanos had won, destroying Earth and ultimately conquering the whole universe. You may wonder what that has to do with Cosmic Ghost Rider himself. Well, in this Multiverse, Frank Castle, aka The Punisher, was out there helping the Avengers defend Earth against Thanos. However, he prematurely dies when he got hit by the debris of a building that the Hulk was thrown into. Truly a tragic death and quite shameful as well. Following his death, The Punisher’s soul was sent to Hell. However, his resentment towards Thanos was so great that he signed a demonic deal with Mephisto and became the Ghost Rider. Upon his return to Earth, he was disappointed to know that Thanos was long gone and Earth was no more. Sometime after, he meets Galactus and during their adventures, he gains the Cosmic Power. And that, ladies and gentlemen, was how Cosmic Ghost Rider came to be.

Befitting a crazy start, the mini-series is filled with equally crazy events. There’s actually many of them but we only handpicked the most insane things that happened in Marvel’s Cosmic Ghost Rider mini-series. You don’t need to read the comics, we’re here to share with you all the brow-scrunching, WTF moments you need to know.

  1. 1Baby Thanos gets a beating from Cosmic Ghost Rider


    Violence is never the answer, or so the saying goes. No matter what Thanos might do in the future—like snap half the whole universe or destroy Earth—one cannot just punch a baby. However, Cosmic Ghost Rider crosses this line and gives Baby Thanos a fist on the face. This is just so crazy and should not be condoned. This is just insane thus making it the craziest thing that happened in the mini-series.

Keep Binging

Keep Binging

  1. 2Frank renders baby services to Thanos


    Ah, nothing makes babies more unlovable other than them pooping and you need to clean them. Worst is you don’t get paid doing such dirty work. Unfortunately for our guy Frank Castle, he got the privilege of wiping Baby Thanos’ rear end. Imagine hunting down the guy who destroyed your planet only for you to do such work. Definitely crazy!

  2. 3Cosmic Ghost Rider and Baby Thanos goes for a drink


    If teenagers are not allowed, babies are definitely out of question. However, in this very weird moment that would give anyone ants in their pants, we see Baby Thanos and Cosmic Ghost Rider having a casual conversation over a beer. Yes, you read that right. Beer. Just a reminder, don’t let babies drink beer even if they’re bound to destroy your planet in the future.

  1. 4Thanos becomes The Punisher


    The Cosmic Ghost Rider is Donny Cates’ journal for his crazy ideas. Making it high on the list of the most insane things that happened in this mini-series is the crazy character mashup: Thanos The Punisher. Does that sit well with you? The Mad Titan becoming The Punisher? Weird but technically, still evil. Anyway, this mashup gives hope that in another parallel universe, maybe Thanos will be one of the avengers.

  2. 5Nature VS Nurture


    Not as crazy as the rest of the list but exploring the reason for Thanos’ eventual maddening is really something. In the Cosmic Ghost Rider mini-series, writer Donny Cates tackles the difficult question of whether nature or nurture shapes a person. The heaviest question thrown in the series is that if Thanos was destined to be evil no matter what he or other people do, is he still solely to blame?


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