What are the most interesting details about the new Batmobile?

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The Batman is an upcoming superhero film based on the DC Comics character of the same name. It will be produced by DC Films, with Warner Bros. Pictures in charge of distribution. This will be the 10th film to come out of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) and will serve as a reboot of the Batman film franchise. Would you believe that this is will be the 9th live-action Batman film? That's not even counting the various animated films and TV series that have come out in the past. The film will be directed by Matt Reeves, who also co-wrote the screenplay for it. A solo Batman film was already being developed as early as 2016, with Ben Affleck aka Batfleck set to write, produce, direct and star in it. Affleck decided to focus his attention on playing the role instead, so Matt Reeves came in to take over his duties.

In January of 2019 though, Affleck announced that he will be stepping down from the role. This was due to various factors such as losing his "passion" for the role, production issues with Justice League, and his drinking problem. Enter Robert Pattinson in what could only be described as a surprise role casting as the new Batman. Production is well underway and the film is set to premiere in June of 2021. Robert Battinson's (?) test shots with the new Batsuit were already teased previously. Now, the new Batmobile has been teased and has been circulating all over the Internet. We took a deeper dive into this and noticed some interesting details about the new Batmobile that we thought was worth sharing with you guys. Check it out below and share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

  1. 1Taking Inspiration From American Muscle Cars Of Yesteryear


    From the get-go, the new batmobile is obviously taking some inspiration from classic muscle cars of old. The classic muscle cars from the 1970s immediately come into mind. They are the 1969 Ford Mustang and the 1970 Dodge Challenger. This new look is a definite departure from previous Batmobile designs and we are not complaining. It works well with the kind of vibe and atmosphere that the film is going for.

Keep Binging

Keep Binging

  1. 2It Will Come Packing A Lot of Horsepower


    Moving to the rear of the new Batmobile, it is apparent that it is packing some serious horsepower and just screams "hotrod", which is just as well considering all that extra power will come handy when taking down baddies during those intense car chases that Batman will inevitably have. We think the uniform color scheme of the car and the engine look really cool.

  2. 3Taking Cues From The 1970s Batmobile


    Aside from its obvious muscle car inspiration, the look and feel of this new Batmobile also reminds us of another from the comics. It is the version of the Batmobile that was designed by Neal Adams back in the 1970s (noticing a pattern here). It was looked like an unassuming little coupe from the outside that helped Batman get around but knowing him, it was chockful of gadgetry and advanced tech inside. Good stuff.

  1. 4It Is Far Less Utilitarian In Design


    Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder's take on the iconic Batmobile was quite a drastic change from the ones that came before them but it was nonetheless loved by fans. They were less like cars and were more like utility assault - tank-like even - types of vehicles. The new Batmobile does away with that and sticks to a more "traditional" look and silhouette this time around while at the same time, paying homage to classic Batmobile designs.

  2. 5It's Going For That Retro Kind Of Vibe


    Matt Reeves, himself, said that they were going for a more noir style of film and the classic Batman: The Animated Series came to mind. Some leaks and details about the upcoming film seem to support this notion. From how the Batsuit and Batmobile are designed to how the world of Gotham (presumably) is presented feels very 90s. Some have mentioned though that the extras in the film were showed to be using smartphones so yeah, take it how you will.


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