What are the most interesting facts about Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure?

The late '80s brought films that remain popular to this day! One movie that stays relevant is Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure released in 1989. If you liked Back to the Future, you'll enjoy watching Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. No doubt! Instead of traveling in time with a car, Bill and Ted travel in time with a phone booth. There are cool facts surrounding the phone booth in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure! You can take a look at them on the list below! If you already watched the first film, this list is perfect if you want to learn what goes on behind the scenes. You'll also be getting fascinating facts about the characters, cast, as well as the crew! The man who portrays Bill is actor Alex Winter. While Keanu Reeves plays one of the main characters Ted. Alex Winter is mainly known for starring in the Bill & Ted movies and The Lost Boys. Keanu Reeves, on the other hand, is known for his roles in The Matrix, The John Wick movies, among many others. You might be here because you're excited about the 2020 film Bill & Ted Face the Music! Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves will reprise their roles. You can also see how much these actors changed from being goofy teenagers to matured adults.

If you can't wait for the return of Bill & Ted, you can read on these wicked facts about the first movie. You can also check out this pretty awesome selection of time travel movies while you're at it!

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    Discovered at a McDonald's

    After auditioning hundreds of actors to play Bill and Ted (including Pauly Shore), screenwriters Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson discovered Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves by accident while they were messing around in a queue outside a McDonald’s. Solomon later said the characters of Bill and Ted were originally intended to be "fourteen-year-old skinny guys, with low-rider bell-bottoms, and heavy metal t-shirts" who were despised by the popular kids at school. "Once you cast Alex and Keanu, who look like pretty cool guys, that was hard to believe!" he said.

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    Keanu Reeves And Alex Winter Auditioned For The Opposite Roles They Played

    Wait, which one's which? When Winter and Reeves auditioned for the parts of Bill and Ted, they originally intended to be the opposite characters. The screenwriters reviewed the audition tapes and decided it would be better if their roles were switched. The actors weren't aware of this decision until they were being fitted in their wardrobe.

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    The phone booth was given away as a prize

    There was actually a "Bill & Ted" video game, but it got a pretty sub-par reception. The game was for Nintendo, and to promote it Nintendo Power Magazine gave away the original phone booth as a prize. The lucky winner was Kenneth Grayson, who later said the gift turned him into something of a local celebrity. Party on, Kenneth!

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    Sean Connery was almost cast

    George Carlin was one of the film's shining casting choices, but he wasn't even called in until late in the process. "He was a very happy accident," said Winter. "They were going after serious people first. Like Sir Sean Connery, and someone had the idea, way after we started shooting, of George." Good thing, too; he was a perfect fit for the dry, comedic tone of the character. "That whole movie was a happy accident," Winter continued. "No one thought it would ever see the light of day."
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    Familiar footage

    If the backdrop during the scene where Bill and Ted first encounter Napoleon Bonaparte looks unsuitably gorgeous, that's because it's not an original location. All the war scenes in Austria, 1805, are pulled directly from "War and Peace." In a way it's kind of fitting, though; it juxtaposes the derpy characters even better.
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    Originally a 1969 Chevy

    If you thought that traveling through time in a phone booth was a rip-off of Doctor Who, you're not really wrong. Ironically, the decision to switch to a phone booth was specifically to avoid copying another popular franchise: "Back to the Future." Originally Bill and Ted were supposed to travel in a van, specifically a 1969 Chevy. Warner Bros. thought the van hit a little too close to "Back to the Future" and suggested changing it to a phone booth, thinking it would lend itself to better visuals. It's worth noting that Doctor Who wasn't big in the states yet...

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    Charlie Mange

    Since the phone booth was originally supposed to be a 1969 Chevy, there was room enough for Bill and Ted to pick up more historical figures. In the original script, this included Babe Ruth and King Charlemagne, the latter of whom the duo referred to as "Charlie Mange."

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    Son of Legend

    The film was co-written by Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson. The latter's father was legendary sci-fi writer Richard Matheson, author of "I Am Legend." Chris Matheson didn't initially intend for any science fiction elements to be in "Bill & Ted." "I try to consciously fight it, out of a desire to break away," he told Starlog Magazine, "but maybe I have a predilection toward that because of my dad." Richard Matheson was actually the one who suggested integrating time travel into what was then merely a sketch film. It was this idea that transformed the sketch into a full feature-length movie.

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    Since the original production company (De Laurentiis Entertainment Group) went bankrupt, the release date for "Bill and Ted" was pushed back a year. This made little difference, except that they wanted to change Mr. Ryan's (played by Bernie Casey) line. The actor had to go back in and dub "1988" over his mouthing "1987" in the original footage.
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    Bonaparte loved ice cream

    While not everything in this film is historically accurate (*coughs*), one thing it got right was Napoleon Bonaparte's fondness for ice cream. The famous Emperor did express a liking for the dessert when he arrived in Naples.
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