What are the most interesting facts about Weathering with You?

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You know pretty well that anime is like sunshine to a fair-weather kind of cinema! But most recently, the genre has unleashed one of its biggest thunderstorms, 2019's hit anime movie, 'Weathering with You'. Throughout its theatrical run, Makoto Shinkai's romantic fantasy film has grossed $187 million globally, proof that there's no stopping this kind of anime wildfire! So, if you're one of those fans who can't get over Hodaka and Hina's unique romance story with a twist, we totally get it that's why we have something else for you. Whatever mood you're in, we're making it rain with some of the most interesting facts about 'Weathering with You' which you might not have heard of. Scroll down and enjoy!

  1. 1The anime almost made it to The Oscars


    Well, this could be quite a bummer for you fans from the anime homeland! But, 'Weathering with You' failed to make the shortlist for the Best Animated Feature Film category in the 92nd Academy Awards. And mind you, the film was Japan's first Oscar submission for the category since taking a chance on 1998's Princess Mononoke. Well, although things didn't turn out as expected, can you just imagine 'Weathering with You' going head-to-head against eventual winner 'Toy Story 4' and other high-profile animated features? If it had been another year, the weather might have been a little different, don't you think?

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Keep Binging

  1. 2You can recreate the food from the film!


    It's not a food anime for sure, but 'Weathering with You' might give you that familiar feeling of your taste buds exploding when you watch it. Remember the scene where Hina Amano prepares a series of creative meals for Hodaka? Well, you can easily grab the recipes for those potato chip fried rice and instant ramen salad dishes online! After all, those culinary creations were in fact formulated in collaboration with cooking website Kurashiru, who has made those dishes' recipes available for the anime's fans to try themselves! Well, it's mouth-watering but it's also brilliant marketing! 

  2. 3The film shows Tokyo in full-blown animation


    If you've been longing to see Tokyo's beautiful landmarks and attractions, 'Weathering with You' would give you just that! Imagine seeing the majestic towers of Shinjuku as well as the calm Shinto shrines, all in their toon-based beauty! This is all thanks to two months' worth of film location scouting needed to create almost a mirrored version of Tokyo. Well, no matter how detailed and well drawn the scenery in the movie is, you can't avoid to see the depressing tone that director Shinkai adds to the artwork, which is all part of what he's going for in the film. Whether the movie's animation was too perfect or too damp for you, it's safe to say that you've enjoyed it, didn't you?

  1. 4'Weathering with You' had a bigger opening than 'Your Name'


    Dare we say that Makoto Shinkai is a true anime genius of our time! During the first three weeks alone of domestic release, Shinkai's latest blockbuster has already topped 'Your Name', his other hit film from a few years back. 'Weathering with You' has earned a total of $15 million in Japan within that span of time, showing a 28 percent increase from the 2016 hit film's earnings. Could it be a coincidence? We think not! So, in the future, we won't be surprised to hear about 'Weathering with You' getting a Hollywood live-action treatment, same as with the rumored JJ Abrams 'Your Name' remake. 

  2. 5Climate change inspired the movie's premise


    Well, this fact might seem quite obvious given the film's plot and title. But, apparently, director Makoto Shinkai leans to a deeper reason for the use of torrential rain in the movie, citing recent weather changes in his native Japan. And yes, you can take 'Weathering with You' for a romantic popcorn flick by all means. But if you have finished watching the movie, the anime's honest concern for climate change cannot be overlooked. Well, for sure, the movie doesn't aim to turn you into an environmentalist. But if you're able to pick up a great message from a mere hit animated film, then that makes it a really great movie, agree?


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