What are the most interesting facts you didn't know about Batman Begins?

We're just gonna say it: Batman Begins is really something. Like, we might as well say that when it comes to DC Comics superhero films, it was a game-changer. Not only did it manage to give a darker and grittier take to a classic story, but it also changed the face of superhero movies we love today. Released in 2005, Batman Begins reveals the story of how a billionaire socialite turned into a caped vigilante. Of course, by the time that you're reading this, many superhero flicks from DC Comics will have successfully made significant strides in their realm, but cross our hearts, Batman Begins will still be one for the books. It was, after all, the one landmark movie that helped usher in the DC takeover of Hollywood!

To tell you the truth, though, this Christian Bale-led film was such an ambitious venture for Christopher Nolan. Turning the project into reality was hardly a bed of rose for him - studios didn't think they could make so much money out of it, putting it on hold for almost 8 years. Yup, that long. After the poor reception of Batman and Robin in 1997, it seemed nearly impossible to create a story that would strike a chord with comic-obsessed fans. Yet, here we are, having a Dark Knight trilogy every so often! So, we're glad director Nolan took the leap very seriously! Now, we're sure you're still curious about other things surrounding Batman Begins, right? Well, why don't you all check out these feel-good secrets you probably never even heard of? When you're done, you might also want to check out these little-known facts about Dark Knight!

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    OMG. Henry Cavill was considered for the role of Batman!

    Apparently, Bale wasn’t the only one on Nolan’s list. Like, would believe that among his choices were the steely Cavil a.k.a. Superman and Heath Ledger, who, as fate would have him, played the role of Batman’s archnemesis in The Dark Knight? Not just that! Cillian Murphy, who went on to play Scarecrow, was also one of Nolan’s favorites.

    • Stephanie JacobsWritten on December 31, 2019
      "actually im more surprised with cillian murphy!! really him??"
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    Val Kilmer’s Batsuit was a blessing in disguise to Bale

    When Bale auditioned for Gotham’s iconic caped vigilante, he wore the same Batsuit as Kilmer in Batman Forever. However, it didn’t fit him well, putting him in a state of discomfort the whole time. But instead of getting in the way of his performance, it helped him get in the zone. Now, Bale will be forever grateful to the suit that placed him on Nolan's radar and more importantly, in the spotlight.

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    Gary Oldman was supposed to play Ra's al Ghul

    Anyone who happens to be a big fan of Oldman knows that he is all too perfect for the role of any villain. Well, Nolan thought so, too. As a matter of fact, Oldman was Nolan's first choice for Ra’s al Ghul and Chris Cooper was chartered for James Gordon. Unfortunately, Cooper was unavailable due to familial matters at the time. Nolan decided to hand the role of Gordon to Oldman instead, which might strike the audience as a refreshing sight.

    • Kevin CarlsonWritten on December 31, 2019
      "you know what he's better off as james gordon,, at least we got to see a different side of him. Such a versatile actor!!"
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    Bale had to do some serious bulking up for the role

    Before filming, Bale had already lost some weight for The Machinist. As a consequence, he had to hire a personal trainer to prepare him physically for Batman. He gained 100 pounds in just a few months. Sadly, his efforts were rendered useless because he also had to lose so much of that weight for the Batsuit to fit him. Still, you have to admit, you couldn’t take your eyes off him the entire movie.

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    You probably never guessed it, but the Batmobile was real, and it cost a LOT!

    Unlike other Batman movies in the past, Batman Begins had its own take on the classic Batmobile. Instead of using a stylized sports car and a bit of CGI, the crew decided to use a custom built vehicle, which is made of of a Chevy V8 engine and semis and Baja racing trucks parts. There were a total of four vehicles built for filming, with each one costing over $250,000. That’s, like, $1,000,000 in sum.

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    The Batmobile looked like an alien ship, at least to some drunk driver

    One of the Tumblers, as they are known in the film, got into some sort of a ludicrous car accident during filming. While on its way to film a scene, the Batmobile was reportedly hit by an intoxicated driver on a Chicago street. When asked for a statement, the driver claimed that he was just trying to save the world from potential invasion.

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    Bale dozed off during a scene.

    Classic Bale. Remember that scene where Bruce Wayne is lying in bed while Alfred, played by Michael Caine, nurses him back to health? As it turns out, Bale nodded off a little bit while filming that. Honestly, he is all of us in real life. We can’t force ourselves to stay awake when we’re really tired, can we? We’re sure even our beloved superheroes don’t have that kind of superpower.

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    The British military designed Batman’s cape

    In case you missed it, Batman crafted his Batsuit out of military technology from Wayne Enterprises. This part is actually closer to reality than many people think it is. In creating the Batsuit, the costume department asked the help of the British Ministry of Defence to employ a military technique on the cape in a way that it can hide images at night. This makes Batman’s stealthy prowls seem more realistic.

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    Bale specifically wanted the film to be child-friendly

    No blood nor gore. Bale made it very clear that he wanted the film to appeal to younger children. Hence, it received a PG-13 rating. He expressed that as a kid, he would have wanted to see a superhero movie without too much violence involved. This was despite Nolan giving it darker undertones compared to previous Batman films.

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    Joffrey Baratheon was in the film!

    By Joffrey Batheon, we mean Jack Gleeson! Hardcore GOT fans, we’re sure you would recognize a young Gleeson at first glance when you watch Batman Begins again. Though to jog your memory, he was the little kid who had a short but touching moment with Batman when he spotted him on the rooftop. He was so unlike his character in Game of Thrones.

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