What are the most interesting relics that Indy can look for on Indiana Jones 5?

Everyone’s favorite explorer/archeologist/college professor is back again for another thrilling adventure. That’s right! Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg’s massively popular Indiana Jones series is slated to have its fifth movie soon. It has been years since we last saw Dr. Henry Walton “Indiana” Jones—Indy for short—in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull which was released in 2008. Can you believe that it has been that long? Good thing that the gods of entertainment blessed us, mortals, with another adventure-packed movie which we’ll call Indiana Jones 5 for now. However, this time, Spielberg is passing the helm to James Mangold, the brilliant director behind Logan. Breaking the years of history sitting in the director’s chair, Spielberg will still be part of the movie as a producer. With a new director in town, we expect to see some franchise revamp. Of course, Harrison Ford will still star as Indy so no major changes there.

It’s still overwhelming to know that Dr. Jones will be back soon and we fans can’t help but theorize stuff about the upcoming movie. What artifact is he going to hunt this time? Is it something mythical? Something historic? Biblical? There are still so many relics that need to be discovered and found and we can’t make up our mind as to which ones are worth the effort. If you’re on the same boat with the rest of us, you might want to check the list we have. These are the most interesting relics that Indy can look for on Indiana Jones 5. Do you agree or did we miss something? We’d like to know what you think so leave us a comment below. Have fun digging!

  1. 1Noah’s Ark


    I don’t think there’s anyone who’s never heard of Noah’s Ark which makes it the most interesting relic Indy can look for. Handmade by Noah following God’s orders, this large vessel carried pairs of animals during the Great Flood. The ark has been discussed in the bible and in the Qur’an, including its location. However, no one has really seen it. It’s biblical, legendary, and is lost making it the topmost interesting artifact Dr. Indiana should search. 

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Keep Binging

  1. 2Golden Fleece


    Nothing’s better than a golden relic to be the next artifact Indy can look for. If you didn’t get the hint, I’m talking about the Golden Fleece. This fleece was created by the goddess Hecate from a golden ram. We know that Jason stole it and hanged in on a tree somewhere in Greece but it was later stolen by the Romans and then passed on to the Byzantines, and lastly, the Ottoman Empire. With a long history, searching for it would be fun for Indy.

  2. 3Fountain of Youth


    A universal myth that everyone secretly hopes to be real, the Fountain of Youth would be the perfect relic Indy can look for. This well-sought fountain has appeared in many literary works leading to many different locations. The Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León was the last person to have searched for it. I guess it’s high time Indiana Jones take the matter on his own and search for the fountain that grants eternal youth.

  1. 4Excalibur


    High on the list of interesting relics Indy can look for in his next movie is the legendary sword Excalibur. For those who don’t know, this is King Arthur’s sword. Excalibur was placed in a tomb in London but was eventually lost after hundreds of years. Since the sword originally came from a lake, we can assume it would somehow show up in London’s Thames River. That’s a good and touristy spot for Indy to explore, don’t you think?

  2. 5Mjolnir


    Ah, the hammer of the Norse thunder god Thor. Don’t you think it’s the perfect relic for Indiana Jones to hunt? Crafted by a pair of dwarves, this magical hammer is made with precious metals and decorated with jewels. A real spectacle to behold, Mjolnir was sought by many people including, according to rumors, Adolf Hitler. Its last known location is in Trondheim, Norway. Well, that doesn’t seem far enough for Indy to explore.

  3. 6Trident of Neptune


    Another relic worthy of Dr. Indiana Jones’ time is the Trident of Neptune. As its name says, this trident is owned by the Roman god and Lord of the Sea, Neptune. Physically, the trident appears as a three-pronged instrument engraved with sea creatures. It can be used to summon storms but can be only used once a month. The Trident of Neptune was last seen in Rome Italy, owned by a private collector. 

  4. 7Sword of Saint Joan


    Although a rather unremarkable weapon, the Sword of Saint Joan holds a great cultural value for the French people. It weighs ten kilograms, is one meter in length, and was wielded by Joan of Arc during the Hundred Years; War. With such cultural importance, the Sword of Saint Joan would be a good relic for Indy to find. Just imagine, Indiana Jones in France, awesome, right?


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