What are the most interesting things you did not know about A Quiet Place?

Coming in as of the most intriguing horror thriller movies ever is 'A Quiet Place'. It has been 2018's breakout flick about out-of-this-world monsters that hunt around the post-apocalyptic Earth. More than just a having a surprise breakthrough, 'A Quiet Place' actually defied odds to come out on top. The John Krasinki project racked up more than $300 million around the world from its $17 million budget. This film serves as a testament to Krasinki's genius as the co-writer, director, and star of the film has been doubted beforehand. In fact, the film became Paramount Picture's top-grossing title since Mission: Impossible from way back 2005. Together with Krasinki is a formidable 'A Quiet Place' cast which includes Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds, and Noah Jupe.

Other than being a modern horror movie, 'A Quiet Place' makes a distinction by having extended periods of 'silence' and containing almost no dialogue during the entire film. Its 'monsters hunting through sound' premise is indeed an interesting plot to build on to captivate hard-to-please audiences. With its writers Scott Beck and Bryan Woods spearheading the formation of a largely terrifying story of survival, the movie might have been bound to exceed expectations from the very beginning. Well, this is not your typical silent film but it is inviting enough to take you into a really 'quiet place' to have a pulse-racing experience. And as we await for the upcoming release of A Quiet Place 2, we have prepared this list of the most interesting things you did not know about A Quiet Place. Far from the terror, there are real stories behind it so dive right in and enjoy!

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    The writers drew on childhood memories

    When a movie has got a pair of writers that loves silent films while growing up in the rural fields of Iowa, chances are you'll understand a lot from their work. This is exactly the case for 'A Quiet Place' writers Scott Beck and Bryan Woods who drew on their farmland childhood life as inspiration for the film's haunting plot. We bet you didn't imagine country life can bring out the horror in someone, did you?

    • Gao TianWritten on January 17, 2020
      "Amazing to know! I just felt so amazed by the story and it was so good for a horror film. A Quiet Place 2 is gonna be lit for sure with the main cast returning!"
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    The cornfields were grown specifically for the film

    Talking about customized sets? A Quiet Place shows a lot of cornfield scenes which you wouldn't believe were cultivated specifically for the film. It took purchasing 20 tons of corn and some local farmers to get the job done. Also, the locations were in the farmlands of upstate New York and you wouldn't be able to tell upon watching the film. 

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    The crew had to stay extra quiet on set

    A Quiet Place is more or less a 'quiet film' but it does take silent films to the next level. As the movie's crew wanted to capture as much organic sounds as possible (as opposed to dubbed-over sounds), they took the extra mile by going extreme periods of time to stay very silent on the movie's set. Now, that's one way to stay true to your title!

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    The cast members all learned sign language

    To make things more realistic for the whole filming, A Quiet Place cast members did learn to communicate via American Sign Language. Deaf actress Millicent Simmonds also did her part by aiding fellow cast members adapt to ASL to avid monsters that hunt by tracking sounds. Dedication at its finest!

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    Emily Blunt didn't want to be in the movie

    Can you imagine any other actress playing the part of Emily Blunt for the film? Well, she almost didn't take the role prior to a last-minute change of heart. A Quiet Place's co-writer, director, and actor John Krasinski can be credited for helping the actress eventually give in and take on being Evelyn Abbott.

    • Heather RamosWritten on January 17, 2020
      "She deserves the role! Emily Blunt and films like A Quiet Place are the perfect match"


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