What are the most lingering questions you have after watching Frozen 2?

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Frozen II was finally released in cinemas after almost six years. Elsa and Anna graced the big screen yet again for a brand new adventure. Of course, with every new sequel, a brand new story unfolds. Because of the hype of the first movie, you can bet that such a hit can't be easy to top. Still, the filmmakers did their best by introducing a whole new concept. Not duplicating the direction of the first film hoping to make it work. What's good is that it moves forward when building relationships. It also addresses things that are not yet known to Elsa, Anna, the fans, or others. Even so, it still left behind a lot of unanswered questions.

Frozen 2 is set three years after the first film. The Kingdom of Arendelle faces a new threat that could destroy the entire kingdom. As the ruler of Arendelle, Elsa must do what she can to protect the people. But, she's troubled by the fact that only she can hear a siren song from across the sea. Because of this, she decides to uncover the truth behind it. Make no mistake that the film features excellent animation with all-new songs. It's an ambitious take and is darker than the first film. Yes, it offers answers and changes to the previous direction. But, it creates even bigger questions with the many revelations that it introduced. If you're still curious about the things that happened in the movie, don't worry. This list will definitely quench your curiosity. Here are the most lingering questions you have after watching Frozen 2!

  1. 1What is Elsa's life now that she's the protector of the Enchanted Forest?


    Elsa knew that being Queen of Arendelle wasn't what she actually wanted. She unlocked her true destiny when she found out that she was the Fifth Spirit. As the bridge between the magic of the Enchanted Forest and Arendelle, she's bound by duty to protect the Northuldrans. But what exactly does Elsa need to protect them from? Why does she need to if she's already unified all of the magic and the people? What's clear is that now she spends her days learning the answers to the questions that she's had in the past.

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  1. 2Did Anna marry Kristoff?


    Since the beginning of Frozen 2, Kristoff has been mustering up the courage to propose to Anna. He even felt heartbroken when Anna and Elsa left him behind in the Enchanted Forest. But eventually, he ended up saving Anna from the rock giants. By the end of the movie, he finally found the courage to propose to Anna which she gladly accepted. But, the movie never showed the two of them getting married. If they did get married, does that mean that Kristoff is the new King of Arendelle? After all the build-up in the movie, it's still not clear what happened.

  2. 3Why wasn't Elsa at Anna's coronation?


    There are a lot of climactic moments in Frozen 2 that just happened to slip by. Olaf's resurrection, Elsa's decision to no longer be Queen, and Anna's ascension replacing her sister as Queen of Arendelle are just some of them. But when Anna is announced as the new Queen of Arendelle, Elsa was nowhere to be found. Considering that everyone is dressed for the occasion, it must have been a major event. Why didn't Elsa attend her sister's big day? Even if it was just the unveiling of their parent's statue, she still didn't come.

  1. 4Are the people of Arendelle fine with Anna as their Queen?


    The movie ends with Anna being crowned as the new ruler of the people of Arendelle. But, even before that, she along with her family were responsible for a lot of things that happened to the kingdom. They're parents got lost at sea. Then just as Elsa was about to be crowned, the kingdom found out about her powers. She fled and left the kingdom with unending winter. Anna successfully retrieved her and Elsa ruled the kingdom for some time before eventually deciding that she didn't want to rule. Which then leaves Anna as the new Queen. Sounds like there's a lot to take in for the people and it makes you wonder if they're alright with the outcome.

  2. 5How and why did Elsa die in Ahtohallan?


    After Elsa arrives in Ahtohallan, she encounters ice sculptures of her past. She also learns that the siren song that she keeps hearing came from her late mother. Suddenly, she fell down into the chasm and died after she was frozen into an ice sculpture. Her death wasn't known to most fans but it's something that Olaf confirmed in the post-credit scene. To some, it may feel like she was just turned to. But she died because her magic left her at that moment. 


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