What are the most memorable Easter eggs in Frozen 2?

Who can forget "Let It Go," the iconic song that people sang across the globe? For many, it wasn't a song, it was an anthem. An anthem that rendered in every bedroom, classroom, and even office. "Here I Stand" became the battle cry of every young girl and woman. The movie was so successful that it propelled Disney into industry dominance. Before, they held up their supremacy by relying on their premier franchise producers. Lucasfilm, Marvel, and Pixar were among those studios that featured male-driven stories. But now that isn't the case anymore.

With the success of the first movie, Frozen is one of the rare Disney movies to earn a sequel. The movie was such a massive hit that it earned almost $1.2 billion at the box office upon its release in 2013. It even made its way to Broadway with a musical that received three major Tony Award nominations. With the first movie reaching new heights, it'll be hard for the sequel to exceed expectations. It's a tough wall to climb but fans are anxious and excited nonetheless.

Frozen II recently hit cinemas and the long wait is finally over. Fans marvel at the fact that they can finally pick up where they left off. With feelings rushing in from all the excitement, you might have missed some Easter eggs in the film. Luckily for you, this list has the Easter eggs that you might not have noticed when you watched the first time. Check out the most memorable easter eggs in Frozen 2! If you want to see these easter eggs for yourself, you can now watch Frozen 2 online!

  1. 1Jerry Maguire, anyone?


    In the movie, Elsa decides to go to the Enchanted Forest. She's accompanied by her sister Anna and her boyfriend Kristoff. Olaf decided to tag along too. Along the way, they find themselves stranded in a reindeer-drawn cart. To help pass the time, Olaf starts reciting a seemingly endless list of fun facts even if no one was listening. This scene is an attempt to re-create the famous scene from the 1996 comedic drama, Jerry Maguire wherein Jerry and Dorothy patiently listened to Dorothy's son while he recites trivia bits.

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Keep Binging

  1. 2Her voice sounds familiar


    The original Frozen film was a huge hit earning $1.2 billion at the box office. The first film featured several iconic songs like "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" and the Oscar award-winning piece "Let It Go." When the movie was opened for a live adaptation Broadway musical, Mattea Conforti co-starred as the role of a heartbroken young Anna. When the production behind Frozen II was finalizing cast members, the former voice of young Anna in the prequel became the voice of a young Elsa in the sequel.

  2. 3In other Newts...


    Pixar Animation Studios is known for introducing computer-animated feature films into the limelight. In 2008, they announced the idea of a movie called "Newt." The movie to-be was about the world's last male and female blue-footed Newts that needed to breed to save their species. Sounds familiar, right? That's because "Rio" had the same exact concept. Sadly, Newt never came out in cinemas 'cause they went with Rio. Fortunately, Frozen II decided to pay tribute to this non-cinematic character by including him in the movie as a big-eyed magical salamander named "Bruni."

  1. 4Elsa makes dolls of Disney characters


    Remember the scene in Frozen when Elsa and Anna were still kids? Well, Frozen II opens with a flashback from a time when they were still young. Like any other normal kids, they were fond of playing with dolls. Since Elsa had magical powers, she created ice dolls for her and Anna to play with. One of the dolls was a little elephant with a long trunk and huge ears - a reference to Dumbo the flying elephant. The other doll looked like a heavy and rounded being which was clearly identical to Baymax from Big Hero 6.

  2. 5Find the hidden Mickey


    Of course, all Disney fans know Walt Disney's most iconic character, Mickey Mouse. I mean, how can you not? He's the most famous one by far. Frozen II also pays homage to the iconic character by sprinkling in a few hidden Mickeys in the movie. In one scene, Olaf plays charades and tries to act out a mouse that looks exactly like Mickey. The other instance is when Elsa sings "Into the Unknown." As she spins and leaves a trail of an ice circle in her wake, two circles appear on top of that circle and form the shape of a hidden Mickey.


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