What are the most memorable moments from Taylor Swift: Miss Americana?

Taylor Swift's documentary, "Miss Americana," is a compilation of home videos, old news hits, tour flicks, and new footage. What it does is give us an inside look into the life of the famous popstar. The documentary consists of a handful of touching moments where it feels like it's more genuine than you'd expect. In the film, Taylor speaks of her sexual assault case as well as her eating disorder. It's not that easy to talk about topics as sensitive as these even for a famous celebrity who has an image to uphold. Not only that, but fans also get to see behind-the-scenes of her decision to break her silence on politics. A scene shows her arguing with her father who would prefer that she stay silent on matters such as politics. But the thing that most fans are probably excited about is that we get to see her songwriting process happen in real-time. Still, the film is much deeper than just trying to know what kind of breakfast she has in the morning or what type of soda is her favorite. If you haven't yet watched the Taylor Swift Netflix documentary, be ready for an eye-opening experience. Even if the documentary primarily focuses on how Swift sees herself, there's a level of unavoidable honesty that's present. "Miss Americana" makes one thing clear: Swift isn't perfect. Who knows, maybe you're more like her in many ways than you think. Watch the Taylor Swift documentary on Netflix now and see for yourself!

  1. 1Her lack of concern towards being disliked


    Near the end of the documentary, Taylor says that she's going to express her ideas and be the person that she wants to be. She isn't concerned at all with how other people might think of her. She's more concerned with focusing on herself and making herself more pleasing towards mainstream audiences. That's an important lesson that many people-pleasers need to learn as they grow older. It's much more important to be true to yourself even if people don't like it that much.

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  1. 2The old and the new


    Towards the end of the film, Taylor conveys the lack of opportunity for older people in her industry. This coincides with the fact that she felt trapped during her earlier rise to fame and the image that was attached to her. It limited her actions and the available paths that she could take. Many young people the pressure of having their lives figured out by the time they hit 30. Some also feel trapped by previous versions of themselves and that hinders them from growing and expressing new opinions without being accused of changing. That's what Taylor struggled with.

  2. 3When she zoomed in on her own photo


    At one point in the documentary, Taylor zooms in on a paparazzi photo of herself and start critiquing everything about her image. She stops shortly after and says that it was a leftover habit from her disordered eating days. She reminds herself that health is more important than unflattering photos and puts her phone down. What Taylor did at that moment is relatable for anybody who's struggled with their body image. At least she's aware of that and is trying her best to recover.

  1. 4The making of "ME!"


    While Taylor was working with Brendon Urie on the song "ME!," she tries to explore concepts for the music video. She wants the video to express who they both are through and through as well as the things that make them who they are. Part of growing up is figuring out who you are and the things that make you who you are. When she listed down all of her favorite things, you could see the excitement on Taylor's face. It's a moment that will encourage viewers to consider exactly what makes them who they are too.

  2. 5Her fear of having a "Nice Girl" image


    The documentary starts off with a voice-over by Taylor Swift herself. She explains some of the problems that her previous image had created for her. For her, there was a fundamental need to be a good person and be praised for it. Later on in the film, she explains how those needs combined ended up restraining her due to unfair assumptions on what nice girls can and can't do. Her fears and anxieties resonate with so many viewers which are truly reassuring for fans who have gone through the same thing.


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