What are the most mind-blowing facts about The Matrix?

The Matrix film trilogy, by the Wachowski brothers, first came out in 1999 and it is still one of the best movies ever created and is loved and still talked about by fans across the world to this day. It was not like anything anyone has ever seen before and despite its age, there are still plenty of mind-blowing facts about it that people still don't know about. We have made a list of some of the best ones for your knowledge and pleasure so have a read below.

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    Major Anime Influences

    The Wachowski brothers drew from a lot of various sources for The Matrix films and one of them is anime. Two anime shows, in particular, provided major influences for the films. They were Ghost in the Shell and Akira which the siblings liked for their stylized fight sequences and tone. They like these anime shows so much that they even told the producers that they wanted the films to feel like a live-action anime.

    • Jessica WuWritten on October 14, 2019
      "I could actually see the inspiration as I was watching the movie and that's not a bad thing. Ghost in the Shell is an amazing anime show ahead of its time and couldn't have been a better inspiration for the movie. Cool fact indeed. "
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    Alice In Wonderland References

    Most viewers probably did not catch it but the movie made references to another classic film, Alice in Wonderland. This is evident early on during the famous blue or red pill scene while Morpheus was pertaining to the red pill and tells Neo that, "You take the red pill—you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes."

    • Janice DavidsonWritten on October 14, 2019
      "It might not seem like at first but despite the dark and sci-fi vibe of the Matrix movies, there are similarities between it and Alice in Wonderland especially from a philosphical standpoint. How deep does the rabbit hole go indeed. A truly mind-blowing fact."
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    A Big Seller

    The Matrix was not only a great film but it was also a commercial success. It came out during the time that DVDs were starting to become the standard and replacing VHS tapes. It was the first DVD movie that sold 1 million copies and even breaking 3 million sold mark, which at the time was a huge feat.

    • Paul HollandWritten on October 14, 2019
      "This was kind of expected seeing how great and unique the movie was. It deserved all the success that it got for the hard and great performances that everyone in the movie put in."
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    The Search For "The One"

    Keanu Reeves seems to be perfect for the role of Neo, but he was not the first choice for the film. The film learned toward Will Smith to be its lead but he turned it down in favor of the movie Wild Wild West. Another that was considered for the role was Nicholas Cage and the Wachowski brothers even stated the Johnny Depp was their top choice for the role.

    • Marilyn HowellWritten on October 14, 2019
      "I'm so glad that Keanu got the role in the end. He did a great job portraying Neo and I could not imagine anyone playing him better."
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    I Do My Own Stunts!

    The film heavily utilized martial arts in its fight sequences and it usually means that stunt doubles would come in for this particular part of filming the scene. This was not the case for the cast of the member during the memorable dojo fight scene between Neo and Morpheus. The actors that played these characters actually fought during this fight scene to maintain authenticity but also resulted in real bruises and injuries afterward.

    • Bruce DavidsonWritten on October 14, 2019
      "Keanu Reeves has always been an involved and hands-on actor with the roles that he takes on. Still, it's pretty cool that he did his own stunts and fight scenes for this movie."
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    Decoding The Matrix

    The Matrix's green lines of code were fascinating and mysterious to see for the first time. One would think that they were just a bunch of random and fictional characters but they were actually based on real letters and languages. It was a mix of Japanese half-width kana and Latin characters that were created by a coder, Simon Whitely, and his Japanese wife. According to him, the letters pertained to sushi recipes.

    • Tian YeWritten on October 14, 2019
      "When I first saw the movie, I was really fascinated with those iconic green lines of code in the "matrix". It is truly mind-blowing to know what they actually mean now from a funny and ironic kind of way."
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    A Close Shave

    Actors going above and beyond for the sake of authenticity or a great performance is not new and Keanu Reeves did something similar for one of the film's scenes. During the scene in which Neo wakes up from being incubated in a pod, it was reported that Keanu shaved his entire body just for this particular scene.

    • Justin WarrenWritten on October 14, 2019
      "Applaudable dedication and effort from Keanu for doing this to make sure that the scene of the movie was authentic and felt real."
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    I Know Kung Fu!

    The martial arts were prevalent in most of the film's fight scenes and action sequences but it was able to take it up a notch by creating unique and personalized fighting styles for each of the film's main characters. The Wachowskis hired a martial artist named Yuen Woo-Ping to train the actors over the course of four months to develop a fighting style just their own.

    • Yuan LiWritten on October 14, 2019
      "Even if you just look at kung fu alone, there are a lot of styles of fighting that are contained within it and I'm glad to know that this fact was not lost with the creators of the movie and created unique style each of the cast."
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    Secret Service Garb

    The film created a very distinctive look for each of its main characters and this goes for its two opposing factions. In the case of the Agents, they wanted something that would be a good contrast to the edgier look of Neo and company so for their costume design, a lot of inspiration was drawn from The Secret Services, in particular, how they were portrayed in the film, JFK.

    • Maria WellsWritten on October 14, 2019
      "It was a classic and timeless look that the makers of the movie decided to use for the "agents" in the movie and I, for one, couldn't have agreed more with this choice."
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    A Reboot Is Happening

    The Matrix film trilogy started all the way back in 1999 and fans have been hoping for a sequel ever since it ended. Now we have news of reboot that is going to happen soon with Micheal B. Jordan confirmed for the lead role and latest news also points to Keanu Reeves appearing in the film although details are still scarce as to what capacity that will be.

    • Paul ColemanWritten on October 14, 2019
      "Being a long-time fan of the films, I was waiting for some kind of sequel to the original trilogy and now we have news of a reboot. I still have my doubts but I hope they do it justice."

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