What are the most mind-blowing facts you didn't know about Black Panther?

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After the release of the Marvel superhero film Black Panther in 2018, it has surely taken a life of its own. From the mythical country Wakanda to different parts of the world, Black Panther has proven itself to be one of the most groundbreaking movies with its eye-opening and norm-breaking casting and cultural values. Kudos to the showrunners Ryan Coogler and Kevin Feige of Marvel Studios for bringing into life Stan Lee's comics of the same name. With its powerful and esteemed cast that includes Chadwick Boseman, Michael Jordan, Lupita Nyong'o, Danai Gurira, and many more, the film was the first to put an all-black cast in the silver screen.

Yet, despite the unprecedented popularity of this billion-dollar Marvel film, there will always be something to discover about it. Well, we hope to bring you some mind-blowing facts you didn't know about Black Panther (or at least, we safely assumed that you didn't). Discover the behind-the-scenes preparation of our Black Panther stars, from their real-life inspirations to taking actual trips to South Africa to imbibe and preserve the values and culture, to the process of creating the OST to actually weaving everything to make it an award-winning soundtrack that moved our hearts, and to the women behind the intricate, delicate, and colorful costume designs from head to toe. So, here are the most mind-blowing facts you didn't know about Black Panther. Enjoy reading y'all! Wakanda Forever!

  1. 1 Nelson Mandela inspired Chadwick Boseman


    Before getting into character, T'Challa, Chadwick Boseman really did his homework by making sure he is able to exemplify and exude the values and actions of South African icons like Nelson Mandela, King Shaka Zulu, and Patrice Lumumba. In fact, he took the time to train for Zulu stick fighting and studied the nuances of Nelson Mandela's speeches to imbibe the accent.

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Keep Binging

  1. 2Erik Killmonger's scars are legit!


    Wait, you mean to say they're not CGI? Nope! Definitely not! Since Killmonger's scars represent an Oceanic cultural ritual and are representative of his skills, they are taken very seriously. No wonder they are willing to spend about two hours to apply and another two hours to remove every single filming day! And each silicone-made scar is painstakingly sculpted on his body. Talk about consistency, right?

  2. 3No shave November? Not for Danai Gurira!


    That's right folks! Danai Gurira had to shave her head every taping day to pull off the character of Okoye. And just as how her character is depicted--one of the strongest warriors in Wakanda--she has shown impeccable strength to conquer the fear of shaving her head for Black Panther film. Truth be told, she was nervous right at the onset but she definitely rocked a shaved head!

  1. 4Angela Basset's headdresses to her white dreadlocks


    Weren't you bedazzled by Queen Ramonda when she revealed her stunning white dreadlocks? Known for her majestic and intricate headdresses, Queen Ramonda, played by Camille Friend, divulged in one of her interviews that all of the dreads were handmade. Imagine 120 individual dreads, manually rolled together! That's a lot of work!

  2. 5The Oscar-winning soundtrack of Black Panther


    Who would have thought that person behind the music composer of the billion-dollar Black Panther movie is a Ludwig Goransson, a fairly new composer to the music-for-screens industry? The Swedish composer spent quite some time in South Africa to work with local musicians to research and complete the sound he envisioned for the film.

  3. 6What if Wesley Snipes was Black Panther?


    Little did people know that even before Marvel put the spotlight on Chadwick Boseman and cast him as Black Panther, actor Wesley Snipes had begun working on a Black Panther movie back in the 90s. But for a number of reasons, the project was eventually put on hold, not to mention that Snipes was already poised to play the vampire hunter Blade in the Blade trilogy series. But really, what if he was Black Panther?

  4. 7Wakanda may be mythical but its language is real!


    While everybody knows Wakanda is just a fictional country (or at least we thought so), the seemingly gibberish-sounding language is called isiXhosa. It's one of South African's 11 official languages. Interestingly, did you know that John Kani was the one who taught Chadwick Boseman to speak in the Wakandan language?

  5. 8Black Panther took the Twitter world by storm!


    Hashtag Black Panther; The hype for the Marvel fantasy movie was so lit that the tweet volume for 'Black Panther' skyrocketed to 35 million. That's about 559,000 record-breaking tweets per day! It came as no surprise to fans since it also broke records at the box office.

  6. 9700 different costumes. Props to Ruth Carter!


    At this point, we just want to give credits to the woman behind the over 700 different costumes, intricately conceptualized, designed, and crafted. The brilliant costume designer Ruth Carter took inspiration from traditional African costumes to seasoned luxury designers like Yves Saint Laurent and Donna Karan. Fantastic lady!

  7. 10From Wakanda to Saudi Arabia!


    The power of Black Panther transcended the borders of Wakanda to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia! After 35 years, the country's movie theatres were opened again for entertainment. Black Panther was the first movie to be shown in the silver screen of Saudi Arabia since the 1980s!


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