What are the most plausible Stranger Things 4 new locations according to rumours?

Sabrina Rain Samson - Contributor

“We’re Not In Hawkins Anymore…”, is the latest hint that a Stranger Things 4 teaser provides fans with. We even have other clues based on Stranger Things Season 3's last episode. What with the Hopper cliffhanger down to the Byers family moving out of Hawkins. There are many possible locations where you can see the main characters in action on the next season. Netflix confirmed that Stranger Things 4 is in the works but production is currently on hold. While waiting for everything to go back to normal, all we can do is speculate about new locations in the series. These are all based on the tidbits we got from the latest Stranger Things 4 teasers and previous season. Want to know where Stranger Things 4 will be set in? Keep reading to find out!

  1. 1Kamchatka, Russia


    In the third season of Stranger Things, viewers already got a glimpse of Russia in a few scenes. This is because it's the Russians who found a way to enter The Upside Down. You might've remembered their hidden base in the Starcourt Mall. Fans of the show can expect to see more of Russia in the fourth season. A Stranger Things teaser revealed that Hopper is still very much alive. The police chief is seen in the peninsula of Kamchatka in Russia. How he ended up there, we have yet to find out! Although it basically confirms that Hopper didn't go to The Upside Down or die in the last episode. Contrary to the theories stirring up. We will see the story unfold in Kamchatka, Russia.

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Keep Binging

  1. 2The Upside Down


    As long as Stranger Things is still ongoing, we won't be seeing the last glimpse of The Upside Down anytime soon. The alternate dimension has brought trauma and adventure to the main characters since the very beginning of the series. That's why whether we like it or not, it's highly likely that we will be seeing The Upside Down once again on Stranger Things Season 4. Audiences might finally see more scenes of The Upside Down and find out what really goes on inside that hell hole. Stranger Things Season 4 might lead audiences closer to the truth of The Upside Down. We can only anticipate what new adventures await the characters with the new season. They'll inevitably have to make a come back in that dark place soon.

  2. 3Chicago, Illinois


    We already expected this somehow but the Byers family along with Eleven are moving out of Hawkins. Where to? The family is moving to Illinois. On the last episode of Stranger Things S3, it shows the Byers packing up their belongings and moving out. It was revealed that they'll start anew in Illinois. Since they are the integral characters of the show, it's pretty obvious that we'll be following them to their new city. Although we have no idea what the family will encounter once they reach Illinois. And how they'll come together with the people back in Hawkins. It's not as cool as The Upside Down but it's still a pretty anticipated place where Stranger Things S4 can be set.


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