What are the most shocking celebrity deaths in recent memory?

Death is a very morbid subject to deal with for a lot of people. However, at the end of the day, we can't escape it and we never know when it will come. This is why even recent celebrity deaths have got us reflecting on our own lives more than ever. Of course, celebrities, whether they be actors, athletes, or singers, are always in the spotlight. When they die, though, the attention they get multiplies threefold. Take Kobe Bryant and his recent demise, for example. We are used to our favorite entertainers being all glammed-up on the big screen or sounding larger-than-life in their records. The realization that these famous celebrities are human too, makes us value living every day better.

While celebrity deaths have not been uncommon, there are those that leave fans in pain for an extended period of time. The same could go for our folks or for older people when Freddie Mercury or Michael Jackson passed, as those people have been icons for an entire generation. When a famous celebrity death is covered with controversy, the effect for fans can be more dramatic. For us, fans, prayers can be the only way we can show support for us deceased idols. While we can relive their legacy through movies, albums, videos, and whatnot, there will always be a bitter feeling after death which cannot be simply taken away quickly. In this list, we have some of the more recent shocking celebrity deaths that have left fans speechless. If you know some others that we have missed, feel free to share it with the community!

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    Kobe Bryant

    Kobe Bryant has been the new Michael Jordan for a lot of younger basketball fans. This is why his death has left, not only Laker fans but basketball fans in general, feeling hurt after his passing. The imprint that this hardcourt legend left into the world of basketball is unparalleled after playing 20 years with one franchise and his loyalty and work ethic will always be recognized by people from all walks of life. 

    • Celia SuárezWritten on February 4, 2020
      "Kobe's death is going to hurt a lot of people in the long run. He has been a global icon that we all love! Even if you are not a sports fan, you can't deny you know Kobe and what he has done"
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    Whitney Houston

    While celebrity deaths are very common, losing someone as iconic and as talented as Whitney Houston definitely shocked tons of fans. As one of the most talented singers of her generation, it was hard for people to digest how she was found in a hotel room bathtub, despite people being aware of her history of substance abuse. 

    • Teresa HoffmanWritten on February 4, 2020
      "Amazing singer. Her death was also shocking despite her being a well-known drug user for a celebrity. may she rest in peace"
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    Chester Bennington

    At the tender age of 41, Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington was found dead at his California home, leaving his countless fans in disbelief. Known for his iconic growls and amazing singing range, he is considered one of the most influential rock vocalists of the new-metal movement that is why his death has moved many fans into tears.

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    Robin Williams

    We grew up seeing Robin Williams take on really good roles in films like 'Good Will Hunting' and Mrs. Doubtfire. Fans rarely picture him sporting a sad look because of his super fun roles. This is why the announcement of his departure in August 2014 was a tough pill to swallow especially for the tons of families that he has made happy.

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    Paul Walker

    Paul Walker went on to depart this world at the height of his fame and the success of The 'Fast' franchise. It is just unfortunate that he met his death just after a charity event and actually died after crashing his car in California. A lot of fans were also shocked that his death also came while he was riding in a car, just like what he did as Brian O'Connor.

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