What are the most surprising anime betrayals ever?

The phrase "Top 10 anime betrayals" has become a widespread meme on the internet that it can describe any sort of betrayal in the world outside of anime. Here's the real deal though, ACTUAL anime betrayals that will blow your mind, especially if you didn't see it coming! SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

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    Reiner and Bertholdt's Betrayal and Reveal

    Reiner and Bertholdt's Betrayal and Reveal is a clip from Attack on Titan wherein Reiner and Bertholdt unexpectedly showed their real identity to Eren, the anime's protagonist. After one major battle, the two's true identity manifested.

    • Fernando CázaresWritten on July 31, 2019
      "Even though I already saw this coming, this is one of the anime betrayals that shocked me because it was so straightforward. Eren's reaction was called for and basically reflected what the majority of viewers were feeling when it was revealed."
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    Femto Is Born

    In this video from the anime Berserk, it shows that Griffith, the leader of the Band of the Hawk betrays them when he activates his Crimson Behelit and sacrifices his saviors so that he can be resurrected as Femto.

    • Amanda YiWritten on July 31, 2019
      "I can't believe Griffith would betray the band of the hawk just like that! THE AUDACITY!!! He turned into batman though hahaha!"
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    Evil Kyubey

    Kyubey is a cat-like creature from Puella Magi Madoka Magica who offers girls the chance to become a magical girl who can get anything they want and fight witches. Although when the girls fall into despair, Kyubey's dark secret is revealed.

    • Jerry FranklinWritten on July 31, 2019
      "If I made my own list of top ten anime betrayals, this one will be number one on my list. Kyubey is literally the most adorable anime creature I've seen and yet he has a twisted secret that will never let me see Kyubey the same way again. Lemme just say this though, Kyubey ain't evil."
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    Itachi Kills The Uchiha Clan

    Itachi Kills The Uchiha Clan is one of the biggest anime betrayals from Naruto in which Itachi commits genocide and kills every member of the clan all except for Sasuke. With the help of Tobi, Itachi wiped out the Uchiha clan in one night.

    • Matthew HopkinsWritten on July 31, 2019
      "Itachi was stuck with two options but he decided to kill his clan himself instead of letting someone else do it. It was hard to watch the scene when Itachi encounters his parents."
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    The Death of Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune

    Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune devised a cunning plan which was thought to be a betrayal to Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts. Both Sailor Uranus and Neptune joined the opposing Sailor Galaxia to steal her Star Seed but the plan backfired.

    • Amber RoseWritten on July 31, 2019
      "Sailor Uranus and Neptune actually had good intentions in betraying their fellow sailor scouts but it ended in their demise. Ngl though at first I really thought they were betraying them fr... They deserve better maaaan."
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    Utena versus Akio

    In this clip from Revolutionary Girl Utena, Aiko and Utena engage in a duel for the latter to protect the Rose Bride, Anthy from her abusive fiance Aiko. However, things take a strange turn when Anthy backstabs Utena.

    • Judith ThomasWritten on July 31, 2019
      "I have no words to properly describe how I felt when I saw Anthy betray her savior Utena just like that. I am shocked to the core."
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    Walter, the Angel of Death

    In the anime series Hellsing, Walter is an elderly man who happens to be the butler of Integra. He is capable enough to fight vampires with ease despite his old age. At one point, Walter is captured by the Captain and undergoes a rejuvenation process. He comes back as a faster, stronger, and more advanced version of himself. When he returns to meet Integra, he reveals that he's the new secret weapon of Millenium otherwise known as the Angel of Death.

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    Aizen's abandonment

    Every fan of Bleach knows that Sōsuke Aizen is the anime's main villain. At first, he seems like a mild-mannered and reserved person but eventually shows his sinister nature later in the series. When he became a captain in the Soul Society, he was revered by many of the Shin'O Academy students and officials in the society. But all of that changed when he abandoned his position and left. When he came back, he brought an army of Arrancar with him and waged war against the Soul Society.

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