What are the most surprising films that predicted something about the year 2020?

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The year 2020 definitely caught us off guard! And by us, we mean 'the whole world'. A pandemic, economic shutdowns, a potential world war, and even big celebrity deaths, name it, the year has struck us with those without even reaching its halfway mark! But mind you, there are certain movies that seemed to have the foresight of what was about to come. Should we have listened to what these titles may have had to say about the near future? Well, whether these films were made by psychics or caused by pure imaginative writing, why don't you see for yourself? Here are some of the movies that predicted something about the year 2020.

  1. 1Contagion


    While 2011's Contagion didn't necessarily talk about a certain 'COVID-19' disease, it's pretty safe to say that it's one of those movies that has predicted the biggest pandemic of our times. Well, the film is about finding a cure for a certain deadly virus that attacks the respiratory system. Sounds too familiar? And oh, the movie states that the virus was actually first identified in China and has originated from a bat. Well, this film has basically spoiled us about the looming coronavirus pandemic with too many striking similarities to the 2020 situation, don't you think?

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  1. 2Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow


    Well, 2014's Edge of Tomorrow was released just a few years ago. But if you watched it back then, we bet you wouldn't have imagined Tom Cruise's robotic suit actually being a real-life commodity. Well, it seems like we got it all wrong! Fast forward to 2020, tech company Sarcos Robotics is scheduled to ship the first batch of its 'Guardian XO powered exosuits'. These robotic armors were actually designed to enable wearers to carry and manipulate objects as heavy as 200 pounds without breaking a sweat. Well, haven't you seen something like that in the movie?


  2. 3Akira


    Akira is a no-holds-barred anime movie that certainly shows glimpses of 2020. Well, it's set in 2019 in a dystopian Tokyo, one year shy of the supposed premise. But, there's no way that this motorcycle gang anime from way back 2001 should have predicted Tokyo's hosting of the 2020 Olympics, which it did! Also, the neo-modern sights on the film surely gives off a vibe from modern-day Japan. But, no matter how close to reality the movies predictions were, we should just be thankful that it got the World War III part wrong!

  1. 4Tangled


    It might be a coincidence, as it is usually with fictional movies. However, how surprised would you be upon hearing about a princess seemingly quarantined inside a tower in the kingdom of Corona? That's exactly the premise you'll find upon watching 2010's Tangled. Whether it's an unintended reference to the social situation during the COVID-19 era or not, it's quite strange to find something so prophetic in a Disney animated feature, isn't it?

  2. 5Mission To Mars


    Mission To Mars is a 2000 science fiction film that clearly saw human beings' hunger for the red planet. The movie, set in the year 2020, shows three space crew members killed upon trying to reach Mars, with a fourth one stranded without any contact to Earth. Well, the film basically predicted that people would be going back and forth to Mars. In real-life, four missions to the red planet are actually scheduled in 2020. Well at least, these actual NASA missions aim to collect samples of life from the planet and not save some stranded astronaut!


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