What are the most swoon-worthy moments in Crash Landing on You?

Star-crossed lovers have always been a favorite trope among fans. Maybe we’ve got Shakespeare to blame this one for. Though tragic, and in closer inspection, a bit problematic, people still enamored by the idea of Romeo and Juliet. South Korea likes this plot too but luckily, without the tragic deaths of the main characters (oops, spoiler). In an attempt to retell and redeem the classic story with a Korean twist, we got the insanely popular Korean drama series Crash Landing on You by tvN. Maybe it’s the trope, maybe it’s the actors, or even the story itself but CLOY is definitely one of the best K-dramas ever. If you have no idea what this is about, it’s actually a love story between a South Korean heiress and a North Korean nobility who happens to be a military captain as well. I told you it was in the lines of Romeo and Juliet.

The series has long ended after 16 beautiful episodes but moving on from Yoon Se Ri and Captain Ri Jung Hyuk’s love story is very difficult. It doesn’t help that actors Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin both did spectacularly well in portraying their characters. To help you with your CLOY addiction, we’ve listed the most swoon-worthy moments in Crash Landing on You. Heads up, it’s overly sweet and romantic. Please don’t be mad at us if, by the end of your reading, you’ll be wishing you had someone to have these moments, too. I mean, you’ve been warned so proceed with caution. Kidding! Let’s all have our hearts flutter once again as we go through the most romantic moments of Captain Ri and Se Ri. 

  1. 1When they reunited in Switzerland


    This was the ending we deserved to see and what the couple deserved to have. In a funny twist of fate, the couple is brought back to each other’s arms in a similar way they met. However, instead of North Korea, they now meet in Switzerland after years of yearning for each other. The look in Se Ri’s eyes after seeing Captain Ri screams so many emotions that we can’t help but feel it too. 

Keep Binging

Keep Binging

  1. 2When Captain Ri bought couple rings for Se Ri’s birthday


    Admit it, this was very heart-fluttering that even Se Ri said so. Captain Ri bought a gift for Se Ri’s birthday and her being impatient, grabbed the gift from him which turned out to be a ring too big for her. Captain Ri then told her that it was his ring and hers were on his other hand. Se Ri was beautifully surprised to see that it was apparently a pair of couple rings. Don’t you just wish you were Se Ri, too?

  2. 3That time Captain Ri kissed Se Ri at the hospital


    In episode 7, we witness one of the most romantic scenes in the series. Se Ri didn’t go to Europe and instead visited Captain Ri in the hospital. He said she should have left but she insisted that she wants to protect him, too. Being overtaken by love, Captain Ri leans down to kiss her. The glowing lights in the background, as well as the rain falling, made the scene even more romantic.

  1. 4That moment when Captain Ri tied up Se Ri’s hair


    This one’s actually a little funny but still swoon-worthy. Se Ri wanted to go around town flaunting her looks because she heard the village women calling her ugly. So as any girl would, she blowdried her hair and even ironed the ends to be curly. Captain Ri, on the other hand, gave her a hanky and said she should fix her hair before going out because it looks disheveled. Se Ri was caught off guard, frozen on the spot so Captain Ri ties her hair for her. 

  2. 5When Se Ri crash-landed on Captain Ri during their first meeting


    This lovely couple started with a very romantic and memorable first meeting as Yoon Se Ri literally crash lands on Captain Ri Jung Hyuk. Blown by the hurricane to the territory of North Korea, Se Ri gets stuck in a tree. Captain Ri, after seeing her, demands that she come down immediately. But luck was not on her side so she falls ungraciously in the captain’s arms. Isn’t that romantic?

  3. 6That time they watched the first snow together


    Next on the list of swoon-worthy moments in Crash Landing on You is when Se Ri and Captain Ri watched the first snowfall together. While this might sound unromantic, there is actually a belief in South Korea that when couples are together during the first snow, then their love will survive. This is very fitting for the star-crossed lovers.


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