What are the most underrated Disney Channel original movies?

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Before there even was Netflix, Disney Channel had its heyday where it came out on top of viewer's lists in terms of original content. DCOMs or Disney Channel Original Movies dominated television for a period of time and guess what? A lot of us probably feel nostalgic to the point that we wish these films were back. Oh wait, apparently you can still find even the most underrated Disney Channel Original movies on Disney+ and other platforms to this day! Well, the younger TV fans probably have only heard of the more mainstream titles, but what about we take a look at those ones that have been seemingly forgotten? Check out the underrated Disney Channel original movies that would surely leave you lighthearted.

  1. 1Cadet Kelly


    Seasoned Disney star Hilary Duff treats us to a heartwarming coming-of-age tale with Cadet Kelly. As underrated as this Disney Channel original movie is, it's a flick where you'd pick up a good thing or two especially if you're in your teens. Be entertained while learning to deal with life's struggles just like what Cadet Kelly did upon finding her true self inside a military school. 

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  1. 2The Color of Friendship


    Surprisingly, this Disney Channel original is largely underrated despite actually dealing with the issue of racial tension. But well, it tackles such problem in a lighthearted manner, to the point that it's good to go for every age group. The Color of Friendship will even amaze you with how it treats its intended young audience like mature people to share its message. Watch the film and enjoy the journey of two foreign exchange program students who learn to accept each other's differences amidst social injustice.

  2. 3Gotta Kick It Up!


    If you love those mainstream reality cheer dance shows that have been receiving much hype, then Gotta Kick It Up! will surely entertain you in the best way possible. It's just cool how Disney Channel has come up with an empowering tale of young Latina girls who struggled to find success as a dance troupe. Well, with the flick teaching viewers to believe in the ultimate 'yes, we can' attitude, it surely is one underrated title which you need to pay attention to.

  1. 4High School Musical 2


    A lot of fans have actually argued that High School Musical 2 is an overall better film than its predecessor. But as expected, all the credit was given to the first movie, which is perfectly fine. However, upon watching the sequel to the phenomenal teen musical flick, you'll see better song numbers and an even better environment with a summer vibe. Well, for what it's worth, you should go check out this film as it cemented the High School Musical franchise's reputation as arguably the biggest DCOM ever.  

  2. 5Double Teamed


    How can you not love a Disney Channel original movie which features a true-to-life story of twin ballers? Well, Double Teamed seemed to be overshadowed by other sports films as years went by. However, there's enough reason for you to appreciate the story of twins Heather and Heidi Burge as they learn to co-exist as sisters and teammates. Trust us, a flick this underrated will still touch your heart in more ways than one.


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