What are the most unexpected endings in anime that shocked fans?

You're on the last episode of this anime you invested so much time on, and the ending blows your mind! No way in hell did you expect that to happen, your eyes are wide. Staring dumbfounded on the screen, you ever wonder if THAT really happened. Well, if you dig getting shocked like that by unexpected anime endings, this list is your friend. Be warned though, there are definite spoilers here. If you haven't watched, let's say, Neon Genesis Evangelion and Devilman Crybaby. Watch it first then come back to this list. Know you know they have a shocking ending. At least you're going to watch the whole thing figuring what makes it shocking. Watching anime always offers a different experience to avid viewers. There are those plots that you can kind of tell from the get-go how it's gonna end. Then, there are also storylines that become deceiving and end up surprising you. Anime arcs usually start in a simple fashion but it's always in the latter episodes where all the surprises come flooding in. Even classic anime shows like Revolutionary Girl Utena and Wolf's Rain have shocking endings. These anime shows execute them in different ways so you can never tell the endgame. That's what makes these anime series worth watching until the last episode.

These shocking anime will have you question your ability to predict endings. It will definitely make your anime binge-watching journey a more exciting one! Especially if you're getting tired of anime series that are hella predictable.

asked by Sabrina Rain Samson - Binge.co Contributor
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    Neon Genesis Evangelion

    Neon Genesis Evangelion is a popular anime with two endings. Both of which are also well-known and discussed by anime fans to this day. The anime has psychological elements so telling the rundown of both endings would take an in-depth analysis of the show. Viewers would better know how shocking and controversial the ending is by watching it themselves. You can find the endings in the series as well as the alternate film. Once you watch it, you will understand.

    • Sun KongWritten on December 5, 2019
      "I can't believe it ended this way. Honestly, I can't explain it you guys just have to watch it yourselves to get an idea how shocking this anime ending was!!"
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    Devilman Crybaby

    Unlike most of the shocking anime endings on this list, the Devilman Crybaby ending is one of the more favored ones. The dark anime has an even darker ending which gives room for interpretation. The main character loses all the people that mattered to him and the sole survivor is Satan. To cut the long story short, everyone passes away except the villain. This twisted ending is shocking because the hero almost always gets to live but Devilman Crybaby took a different approach.

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    School Days

    School Days is far from a slice-of-life school anime even when the title alone makes it seem that way. School Days tells the story of a high school guy who ends up hooking up with every girl in his school. Despite his crush on one girl, the guy continues fooling around. The high school anime becomes violent quick. It ends with a whole lot of murder. Yes, you read that right, the guy gets killed off by a jealous girl. The jealous girl in return gets killed by another girl. So much for a high school story!

    • Linda DuanWritten on December 5, 2019
      "WHAT A PLOT TWIST! I did not expect that man. Like???? that escalated quickly lmao this is like those yandere simulators turned into an anime, INSANE..."
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    Wolf's Rain

    If you want an anime that's complicated, Wolf's Rain might be something you'd like. The story, in general, is a little difficult to understand. Here you will see humans and animals fight each other for "paradise". Although "paradise" is not given more context. In the ending, they all die fighting each other. You'd think you heard the last of them but the world decides to freeze over. It's odd but the story starts from the beginning, and that's how it ends. Until now, fans are still trying to figure out why Wolf's Rain ended that way.

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    Revolutionary Girl Utena

    Revolutionary Girl Utena is what one would categorize as a non-stereotypical anime. The anime tells the story of Utena, a female who becomes a "prince" that saves princesses. The protagonist Utena becomes a prince because when she was a little girl, a prince saved her. Although things take a strange turn by the ending when she discovers that everything she knew is not what it seemed. The prince she thought was noble was actually the bad guy all along. Even Utena's sister Anthy ends up being someone she can't trust.

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