What are the most unexpected plot twists in Kingdom 2?

Warning: major spoilers ahead. If you haven’t seen the Netflix’s Kingdom season 2, you might want to steer clear from this page. We don’t want to ruin the experience for you. With that disclaimer put in place, I think it’s safe to start ranting about all the unexpected plot twists in Kingdom 2. In an interview, actress Bae Doona (Seo Bi) said that season 1 was just an appetizer and season 2 was the main dish. Let me tell you, she ain’t lying. With just six episodes, Kingdom has given us so many surprises that at one point, I couldn’t believe what I’m seeing is actually happening. I’m not the only one who feels this way, right? 

  1. 1Lord Ahn turning into a zombie


    No one could’ve predicted this so everyone was caught off guard when Lord Ahn became a zombie. The most shocking thing is, it was his own idea in order to save Prince Chang and their party. I got to say though, Lord Ahn makes one tough zombie. He was able to turn the table in their favor. And even if he died, became a zombie, and died again, his sacrifice wasn’t in vain. He was able to free them and became an important factor that convinced the royal guards to pledge allegiance to Prince Chang.

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  1. 2Jun Ji Hyun’s quick cameo


    In a very Netflix fashion, fans are teased for the next season of Kingdom by ending the show with a cliffhanger. In the last few minutes of episode 6, Jun Ji Hyun graced us with a memorable cameo. Actually, there were reports about her being cast for the third season so many knew that she’d be joining soon. However, the thing that shocked many is that she’s actually going to be a villain. Like come on, she’s Jun Ji Hyun. She’s always been the good girl in her dramas and movies. Anyway, let’s just wait for season 3 to see how she’ll spice up the story.

  2. 3Prince Chang giving up the throne


    Everyone was rooting for Prince Chang to oust Queen Cho and take his rightful throne. He suffered so much under her and her father so him getting back the throne should be a given. However, Prince Chang being a selfless human, he chose to entrust the throne to his fake brother to avoid any future conflicts that may cause another war. He then ordered the palace scholars to tell everyone he died along with the King and the Queen Consort. By the end of the series, Prince Chang is seen on the outskirts of Korea in order to keep the zombie disease under control.

  1. 4 Queen Cho poisoning her father


    Queen Cho has proven that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. With how evil Lord Cho is, one could expect his offspring to be evil as well. So when Queen Cho poisoned him after being confronted about her fake pregnancy, we could say he should’ve seen it coming. The Queen Consort is ambitious, cunning, and evil just like her father.

  2. 5Muyeong’s betrayal


    If you’ve seen the first season of Kingdom, then you already know that there’s a mole in the group who works as a spy for Lord Cho. By narrowing down the list of suspects, people were torn between Muyeong or Young Shin. Though many have predicted this, it still is shocking to see Muyeong actually betraying Prince Chang. I mean, his declaration of loyalty in the earlier episode was so convincing. I personally got swayed by it.

  3. 6The unexpected cure to the zombie bite


    We’ve been riddled with how the people became zombies and how to cure those who got bitten. Seo Bi was pressured to do her best and find a cure for the disease as she’s the only one who’s capable of. However, it’s by accident that she gets her answers. While trying to save Lord Cho from a high fever by placing him in a bathtub, she learns that worms help spread the disease and that they die when submerged in water.

  4. 7 The truth about the zombie disease


    Kingdom involves a more complicated story regarding how the disease originated. In season 1, we thought the resurrection plant caused the disease. However, it’s more elaborate than that. The actual culprit of turning the dead into zombies is the worms that lay eggs on the resurrection plant. This was actually hinted in season 1 and some fans have made the connection prior to the release of season 2. Nonetheless, no one can deny that Kingdom raised the bar high for zombie stories.

  5. 8How Lord Ahn defeated the Japanese army


    Although this has been a popular fan theory in the community sites, it still comes a little shocking. Season 1 has heavily hinted at how Lord Ahn was able to defeat the Japanese army even though they were overwhelmingly outnumbered. In season 2, we finally know what really happened, how he came up with the decision to make a zombie horde, and how he and his men feel about that event. 


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