What are the most unusual superpowers that would be cool to have in real life?

It was always fascinating to see superheroes and what they were capable of doing but wouldn't it be cool if we, as ordinary people, could possess powers of our own too? Unusual powers that would be useful and practical in our daily lives? That is exactly what we aim to explore in this list. Check it out. 

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    Technopathy, for those who are not aware, is the ability to control and manipulate electronics with the mind, either telepathically or with a touch. This would come in pretty handy as we basically live in the technological age where machines and A.I. govern our lives and would go a long way to making things more efficient.

    • Roger WilliamsWritten on October 15, 2019
      "We live in a time where technology pretty much rules our daily lives and the ability to control and communicate with it by a simple touch is freaking cool and would be an awesome power to actually have in real life."
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    We, as humans, can only live and function properly for so long with the need for sustenance as well as other bodily functions required for growth and replenish our energy. Wouldn't it be great if we could forego all of that and not worry about it ever again? This is where a self-sustaining superpower comes that would help and solve this.

    • Virginia BurkeWritten on October 15, 2019
      "This is pretty much every girl's dream to not eat and not gain weight and still have the benefit of not losing energy to function normally every day. Add to that everything else like sleeping and you get probably one of the most practical superpowers to have."
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    Perfect Recollection

    We've all heard the myth that we are only using 10 percent of our mind's full capability and we have yet to fully unlock its true potential. Be that as it may, let's face it, most of us won't be capable of that and will have to deal with naturally forgetting things. So, wouldn't it be great to have the superpower of perfect recollection?

    • Sean YeWritten on October 15, 2019
      "This is definitely an unusual superpower that would be cool to have in real life. It's inevitable that we will tend to forget things as we grow older. Having perfect recall would be helpful not only on a personal level but will also come in really handy at work."
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    Being able to craft something out of random scraps and parts and living out your inner Tony Stark or MacGyver would be any guy's dream superpower. It would be a practical and believable modern-day superpower that would actually be useful for normal everyday situations, making it even more cool.

    • Aaron FernandezWritten on October 15, 2019
      "I mean seriously, who would not want to become a modern-day MacGyver? Having the intellect and ingenuity to be able to craft makeshift gadgets and apparatus to solve everyday problems and obstacles. Need I really say more?"
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    Dimensional Storage

    The scene in Scott Pilgrim vs The World where Ramona pulls out a hammer out of her subspace bag was truly inspired and would be nice superpower to have in real life. Who wouldn't want access to unlimited storage in the size of your typical shoulder bag? Now, that is some real storage space.

    • Yang LeeWritten on October 15, 2019
      "Who would not want to have their personal "fanny pack" with unlimited storage that you can access anytime and without having to lug anything big around with you? With that kind of power at your disposal, the possibilities are endless."
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    Empathy & Apathy

    Now, these things might not seem like superpowers but you'd be surprised that not everyone is capable of it. In a society where anyone can be judged from what they post on social media, real understanding and compassion can get lost in the mix. It also works the other way around with some exhibiting unnatural sensitivity to opinions and criticism.

    • Rachel CrawfordWritten on October 15, 2019
      "Today's society can be quite harsh and unforgiving and somehow we have lost our ability for compassion and understanding for one another. These are one of those superpowers that might not seem like such a big deal but they are."
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    Precognition goes by other terms like prescience of future sight but it all refers to a psychic ability to see future events or events that have not happened yet. We see this in a lot of superheroes in comic books to help them stop evil and prevent bad things from happening.

    • Helen CuiWritten on October 15, 2019
      "The idea of knowing what would happen next seems like such a cool superpower to have but it does take away the fun and excitement in a lot of things. Personally, if I had this superpower, it would become a double-edged sword."
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    Chi Manipulation

    Chi, in Chinese culture, is believed to be a vital driving force in all living entities. Chi manipulation is the practice manipulating the flow of Chi and practitioners believe that proper flow must be maintained for a healthy mind and body. The benefits of this are countless and range anywhere from increased mental health strength to actual heightened physical abilities.

    • Zhou ZhuWritten on October 15, 2019
      "Some people underestimate the benefits of having a sound and healthy mind and body in their daily lives. Some just push themselves physically and mentally just because they have to. Having the ability to channel our inner energy would be some help in this face-paced, stressful lifestyle that we have today."


Best What are the most unusual superpowers that would be cool to have in real life
1TechnopathyOther 20 Paid
2Self-SustenanceOther 9 Paid
3Perfect RecollectionOther 9 Paid
4OmnifabricationOther 3 Paid
5Dimensional StorageOther 2 Paid
6Empathy & ApathyOther 2 Paid
7PrecognitionOther 1 Paid
8Chi ManipulationOther 1 Paid

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