What are the most wanted video game film adaptations?

Video game characters have taken over Hollywood. We’ve seen Pikachu who became a detective trying to find clues about his forgotten life in the movie Detective Pikachu. The controversial Sonic the Hedgehog also made a crossover to the films and although receiving an initial backlash, it actually did well in the box office. Another successful video game adaptation—though not a movie—is the Netflix original series The Witcher. There are more video games to film adaptations and definitely a lot more will be made sooner or later. We can’t blame the Hollywood executives for picking up video games as source materials, I mean these games are awesome and with good storylines as well.

Because of the increasing adaptations made in Hollywood, fans can’t help but hope for their favorite games to be made into flicks. Honestly, there are so many good stories and rich fictional worlds in video games that are just waiting to be discovered. Some are even well-known but are still not adapted. I’m talking about Super Mario, of course. How about you? Do you have any favorite video games that you would like to see on the silver screen? Or are you simply curious about what the rest of us wants to be made into films? Either way, we have the list of what you’re looking for. Casting the net far and wide, we’ve finally narrowed down the top contenders of the most wanted video game film adaptations. Did your faves make it on the list?

  1. 1Super Mario


    With Mario’s popularity, it’s no wonder why he tops the list of the most wanted video game film adaptations. We’ve all played this game, we did our very best to save Princess Peach. It would be very awesome to see their love story on the big screen. It would also be interesting to see how the director and writers would incorporate the game’s elements to the movie.

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  1. 2Pac-Man


    Apparently, the general public doesn’t need a deep story or a rich fictional world for a movie adaptation from a video game. Sometimes, the masses just want to see someone familiar like the yellow ball running around avoiding ghosts. Yep, many people are actually eager to see a movie about Pac-Man. How the plot should be, we have no idea.

  2. 3 Grand Theft Auto


    Like how Grand Theft Auto took the world by storm, making a film out of this game will potentially be a big hit. Well, that is if some good director works on it. Jam-packed with violence, satire, and immorality, this game here is a gem waiting to be polished. Not to mention that it already has a huge fanbase which, one way or another, assures that many are looking forward (or maybe will be curious) to seeing this on the big screen.

  1. 4Diablo


    Getting lost in the fictional world of Sanctuary is a dream many holds dearly. We have the Diablo series to blame that for. The well-crafted world of adventure is just so alluring that several books and comics were published to explore it. Imagine seeing the town of Tristram or the rest of the Kingdom of Khanduras or the various dungeons players needed to clear. It’s so dreamy but we can only keep our fingers crossed for Diablo to be adapted to film.

  2. 5Fallout


    Movies almost always have heroes showing up at the right moment to save the world. However, in Fallout, there’s no hero. No one is there to save everyone from their demise. Set in a post-apocalyptic era, what exists in the Fallout universe are bandits, monsters, slavers, weird cults, military factions, and a bunch of regular guys trying to survive each day. This would be a good source material to showcase camaraderie and teamwork.


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