What are the rarest Batman toys that are worth a fortune?

Gotham City's masked vigilante has become one of the famous superhero models for different collectibles which proved to be a bestseller even to adults. But now, we'll take a look at the most prized Batman action figures and toys that fans and toy collectors alike might want to add to their carts. How much do you think a 50-year old Batman toy would cost in the market today?

asked by Johannes Gelilang - Binge.co Contributor
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    Ideal Batman Utility Belt

    The Batman Utility Belt by Ideal was one of the most sought after Batman collectible and perhaps Ideal's most popular Batman toy. One reason is that it comes with assorted gadgets along with the belt such as the Bat-A-Rang, Bat-Cuffs, Bat-Rope, and more. However, it is now hard to find this toy in pristine condition. The last known price for his was $16,000.

    • John BatesWritten on October 21, 2019
      "Wow, this item is really cool! I think its position on this list of Batman action figures just makes sense. Imagine owning one of this and know how it feels like to be the Caped Crusader. I should find who still owns one of these and bargain its price."
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    Mego Elastic Batman

    This stretchable Batman Toy from Mego was produced back in 1979 and today, there were only of its kind in existence. This was a special edition toy that Mego intended to release in hopes of rekindling the interest of consumers to its superhero action figures. However, Kenner filed a lawsuit against them for emulating their famous Stretch Armstrong toy. Recently, the Mego Elastic Batman was priced at $15,000.

    • Edward ColeWritten on October 21, 2019
      "I never knew what are batman figures worth, so I was quite surprised that this Mego toy was worth 15 grand. Maybe I should start looking up the prices of my toys, especially Batman Dark Knight action figures. 🤔"
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    Ideal Batman and Justice League of America playset

    Ideal's establishment in 1903 was fortified by its handling of production of the Teddy Bear, one of 20th century's first sellout toy. Since then, they are already poised to be one of America's biggest toy manufacturers. And when Batman became a success in 1966, the company released various playsets featuring tiny Batman figurines and the well-known batmobile. Most are minute by size, but this must be the biggest and rarest of its kind, as the Gotham City hero teamed up with the other members of the Justice League.

    • Hao FengWritten on October 21, 2019
      "My father said he owned this playset with a Batman action figure and Justice League heroes. He said that only if he knew how much it would cost today, he wouldn't have even opened his old toy."
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    Yanoman Toys Batmobile

    During the 1960s, tin-plated friction powered toy cars were the trend in Japan. And the lighter the tin car, the faster the speed. Thanks to the natural design of Batmobiles, it has become one of the best models for tin cars. Yanoman Toys made their version with measurements of about four inches long, two inches wide, and one inch high. The last seen price of one in working and in fair condition was around $2550.

    • Lawrence DavisWritten on October 21, 2019
      "This batmobile is one of the most expensive action figures I have seen on this list so far. Now I know that I should not just throw away any of my old toys because no one knows how much it would cost in the market after let's say 30-50 years!"
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    Mego Batman Kresge Variant

    Originally, Mego Batman featured a removable cowl before it was completely redesigned into a painted-on cowl. It was also packed in solid boxes but the manufacturers were quick to notice that kids would tear the boxes before they can actually see the toy. Luckily, Kresge Department Store had a rare '72 version of the toy with a removable cowl and on a card back. Its rarity made it more pricey compared to the original boxed Batman figures.

    • Zeng HeWritten on October 21, 2019
      "I am a collector from the group Batman action figures Philipines and me and my mates were wondering if the original 1972 variant of this is still available even for bidding. :)"
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    Corgi Batmobile and Batboat

    Corgi is a well-known line of die-cast metal toy cars from British toy manufacturer Mettoy. Originally, Corgi toys are based on British automobiles. Then, Metoy took a big leap in 1962 when one of their Corgi Volvo cars turned into a "Saint" edition (based on a famous British TV series back then). They also turned an Aston-Martin car into a "James Bond" car. Then in 1966, the Batmobile which sold millions, then the rare release of this Batmobile and Batboat gift set.

    • Larry RichardsonWritten on October 21, 2019
      "I once own batman 60's action figures include the Corgi Batmobile and Batboat, which were two of my favorites because the design in the metal die-cast is so on point."
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    Super Powers Batman

    Probably one of the finest Batman action figures in recorded history was a part of the Super Powers toy collection. This Batman action figure was included in Kenner's first batch of release in 1984. Just recently, the toy sold for more than a thousand dollars after being graded as AFA 80 by the Action Figure Authority. Even so, a similar-looking non-graded version of a toy sold for almost half the price of the graded one.

    • Harry ChapmanWritten on October 21, 2019
      "Just one of the few Batman 80s action figures which are now considered as a rare collectible item. I remember owning one of these, then lost it due to my untidiness. 😂"
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    Batman Water Gun

    It is a fact that Batman had become very famous in the United States. But, did you know that the caped crusader has also become sensational in Japan? As a matter of fact, most prized Bat-toys today are manufactured in Japan, like this water pistol. The absurd design of this toy, where Batman's crotch is the trigger to pull to make the water squirt out of his mouth, made this one of the top collectible toys from the 60s by fans that loved its uniqueness. It is also a great item for starting collectors due to its affordable market value today.

    • Aditya RodriguesWritten on October 21, 2019
      "WTF is this toy? I suppose this is a "boy-toy" and not a "bat-toy" LOL."


Best What are the rarest Batman toys that are worth a fortune
1Ideal Batman Utility BeltToys 17 Paid
2Mego Elastic BatmanToys 13 Paid
3Ideal Batman and Justice League of America playsetToys 9 Paid
4Yanoman Toys BatmobileToys 3 Paid
5Mego Batman Kresge VariantToys 3 Paid
6Corgi Batmobile and BatboatToys 2 Paid
7Super Powers BatmanToys 2 Paid
8Batman Water GunToys 1 Paid

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