What are the scariest episodes of Unsolved Mysteries?

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How do you feel when watching scary videos based on real-life? Some of you may not be interested in doing so since there's a high chance it'll just make you even more scared, while some people still can't believe that such things could happen in real life so they get even more curious by watching how things are gonna end. For instance, Netflix has released another docuseries of Unsolved Mysteries. And if you're a type of person who doesn't bother watching unscripted series about disappearances, murder cases, paranormal encounters, and some other controversial unsolved mysteries that happened to ordinary people, then you may want to stream some of the scariest episodes of Unsolved Mysteries! These episodes are based on the past seasons of Unsolved Mysteries, and these aren't just about ghosts! Check out these shocking and frightening episodes and find out these series of events that people have encountered. 

  1. 1The Mysterious Abduction of the Allagash Four


    The idea of camping could mostly be described in two words: fun and learning; but the supposed to be great adventure was the opposite encounter for the four boys, Jim and Jack Weiner, Charles Foltz and Charles Rak on that camping trip in Allagash, Maine, on August 20, 1976. The four men recounted that they were taken aboard on a UFO and was cross-examined by strange four-fingered beings who have almond-shaped eyes and languid limbs.

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  1. 2Black Hope Curse


    If you want a really scary story based on a real story, this Unsolved Mysteries episode will definitely give you the creeps! Based on the story of a family who moved into a new home in Newport, this episode uncovers some disturbing incidents that the family experienced while living in their new home. They also discovered that the land was once a burial ground for African-Americans. This case was featured on the 7th episode of the 12th season.

  2. 3The Circleville Writer


    Isn't it scary when you receive letters from your mailbox coming from an unknown person? Well, on the 6th episode of the 7th season, you'll be able to witness how powerful words can be. In this episode which took place in Circleville, Ohio, what seemed to be a simple letter from a stranger has turned the life of Mary Gillispie upside down. The said communication served as an ultimatum to Mary to come clean and stop the alleged affair that she’s having with a school superintendent. There was an unexpected turn of events that caused the death around Mary’s circle, and this case is yet to be resolved since 1994.

  1. 4The Smith Home


    Another frightening episode of Unsolved Mysteries is the one where a family has just moved into their new home. It was when Mary Smith was pregnant when she and her husband decided to move into Cleveland. That's where they started experiencing unexplainable series of events such as hearing terrifying noises coming from their attic.

  2. 5The Bermuda Triangle


    You may have heard about the mysterious Bermuda Triangle in our science books, and it may have bothered you at some point due to the fact that several missing planes aren't found yet. But what is the real story behind it? The mystery started from the unknown disappearances of Navy planes in 1945. While the plot remains strange, there exists a team that continues to investigate the explanation beneath its waters. There could either be a scientific clarification or just a pure coincidence. Regardless, the investigating team still tries to get their hopes up regardless of the conclusion. 


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